170516 DAY6 Composer, YOU Lyricist SINGING CUT

10 thoughts on “170516 DAY6 Composer, YOU Lyricist SINGING CUT

  1. Ahh they're all so talented !! Dowoon sounded so sweet and adorable, Sungjin's transition from singing to rap was smooth af, Jae sang those beautiful lyrics so gently, Wonpil's had a catchy and lighthearted feel, and Brian's voice was as suave as ever despite the other members silliness 😉

    God I love all of them so much it hurts

  2. AW THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR POSTING THIS. In every episode of Day6 composer, you lyricist one or even all of them sings some good songs. really love them so much

  3. Young K changed his hair again :3 Jae seems like he'll be stuck with blonde for a while now, not complaining though XD <3

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