17 Interesting Facts About Classical Composers

39 thoughts on “17 Interesting Facts About Classical Composers

  1. When you imagine you present facts the world however never knew about before you mentioned them? The things about Mozart for a start is such a piece. I bet not even Mozart knew about his fetish. Stop lying to make outdated music more interesting by inflating it with no-facts.

  2. I have heard on a KidsHealth page(I think it was one about Tourette's syndrome) that Mozart died from Tourette's. Unless he physically hurt himself regularly, that makes no sense at all.

  3. Hello! Just a thing : maybe I don't understand what you mean but when Erik Satie write that he only eat white food, I think that he's not really serious… He was very poor and quite has never lived Paris so writing that he used to eat coconuts was more a kind of humour. A lot of things he wrote were ironic or, very often, absurd. In a text he explain the day of a musicien, telling he's inspired every morning betwin 10.14 and 11.02, etc… A title of published articles of him was "the memories of an amnesic". I don't know if these things are translated in english but they are very funny.

  4. My only famous composer story is that …Russian composer Serge Prokofiev slept near a ticking metronome .

  5. Wonderful music lessons …thanks ! And the trivia on composers makes me feel at home with many of my musical friends habits.
    My only strangeness is that I love to compose after mid night.

  6. Wasn't there a story about Mozart where he was going to play for someone and he stopped in the middle of the piece he was playinh because he got distracted by a cat running across the room

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