17 Cures for Writer’s Block

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  1. Hey, i have a request – please try to make more videos of 5 to 6 minutes.. it's easy to listen them even while traveling. I appreciate all your video's. I listen to all of them just i found out that i hear on repeat only those which are short ones. Thanks for reading.

  2. What got me tripped up was going back and forth between 1st POV versus 3rd POV.
    When I started writing, in 1st POV my thoughts flowed and It was excited. Then, I wanted give 3rd POV a try just to see which still works for my story. I realize they both work, but I perfer 1st POV I want the reader to connect with my characters.
    I realized I just need to continue to write, be confident as a new writer, and have fun.

    Rereading my favorite author who writes in 1st POV.

    Thank you so much for this video!

  3. My tip to get rid of writers' block is to think of how great the outcome will be and how close I am to finishing, I imagine the story and then I let it out on pages. I also recommend listening to upbeat music to get your creativity working, for me, I find it difficult to get creativity out when I listen to slow music because it dulls my creativity and it tires me. I think it depends on who you are. Although, I do listen to studying music from time to time.

  4. Thanks for writing this piece….been writing with a mock up of all my main characters with their own twitter accounts… and quite frankly feel semi Skizo… it's like method acting via typing…. gud thing I'm drawing the Profile pictures ass well. well.. ( believe it or not the drawing is intact my down time to absorb the characters.. and really illustrate the emotions …… Pictures can relay 100 words.. .. heheheh……
    check out the project…
    #okomhet on twitter…..


  5. There is one way. Write. It's work. If you're waiting for inspiration or have some romantic idea of what writing is, don't bother writing. It's work. You punch in you punch out then you read, repeat.

  6. Hm, somehow I don't really find myself in this anywhere…
    I mean, I have been writing for the amazing length of time of ten years or so… sarcasm and I have found ways to work around my writer's block most of the time.
    Sometimes my disorder messes things up, but that's not really what I'm thinking about…

    I'm the kind of person who'll plan ahead a lot.
    Like, while I'm writing chapter 37 of a story, I can already tell you what the second child's job will be, when the first one isn't even born yet. He'll be a soldier, btw.

    I also have an effective way of keeping my ideas and thoughts organized. I don't actually write down notes or anything, unless I'm 90% certain I'll forget them otherwise (things like specific scenes that I want to include in that exact form).
    By doing that I keep my mind busy, and I also have a way to sort out less interesting ideas. Because my mind will hold onto ideas that are interesting, that need re-thinking or have depths that need to be explored, while shallow flukes will just come and go.

    What I struggle with, despite all that, is often the execution of something.
    I'll know exactly what needs to happen, but my fingers just won't move to write a thing.
    I'm a very mood-dependent person… I try to set the mood with music most of the time, but sometimes that won't work either.
    Sometimes I'll just be stuck…

    I then like to talk to a good friend, or fellow author, and ask them to role play the scene with me. It's often easy to get stuck in one's own mind, so inviting somebody else inside can help…
    Sadly even then, I'm often stuck…

  7. I'm thinking of a fantasy series. I have a slight idea of what I want, but when you mentioned how ideas come when you need to sleep, that hit me right between the eyes. Unless I learn to write in my sleep, I fear I won't get very far.

  8. I'm currently writing a story about north and south korea. She's a trainee to become a bodyguard for the president of south korea and her fathers a diplomat. One day she follows her father to the boarder for a political meeting. There she meet the son of a north korean diplomat. The two fall in love and all hell breaks lose

  9. Thank you for the tips.I'm writing about a woman observing the life of an autistic prizefighter during a hostage situation in a semi-dystopic universe. The woman broadens her view of her local society as the prizefighter adjusts to the dilemmas of rescuing her grandson.

  10. I appreciate the variety of suggestions provided! I'm not the most complex of thinkers, but I can't help thinking there's got to be something in here for just about anyone. There were a few things in here I've made use of to decent effect. Though this video is a bit on the long side, I think it would've been beneficial to include why 10 items should be listed, like you did in… one of your other videos. I think it's more important to know why something is than what something is because every rule has exceptions, and you can play around with it more if you understand the underlying reason.

    I've been in a deep depression for years, and it's sapped my will to do pretty much anything. The thought that maybe writing is just something that I used to do has been growing ever louder in my mind. A couple weeks ago, though, I stumbled across a song I forgot I'd attached to my favorite character in my "current" project. That rekindled an ember of interest. I started dredging up old ideas and details. I re-read some old writing. Eventually I started generating new material, filling in details I'd left unfinished or unanswered the last time I found myself interacting with this stuff. I started branching out to other characters, other parts of the timeline, and even world building. I wrote new scenes to test out new characters, writing more than I think I have in years–not that the bar is high. Maybe I'm just particularly tired lately, but I feel like this manic little phase is waning. I'm not sure if I care enough to fight for its continuation. Maybe so since I'm telling you this?

    My "current" project has a working title of "War for the Sun." It's an epic fantasy following aging heroes coming out of their prime and ushering in the next generation. With the wounds of a crippling war between nations still mending, war again rears its head and promises cataclysmic change among mortals and immortals alike. The God of Forgiveness is tired, weak, and must find a replacement before it's too late. As she tests her chosen successor, another endeavors to usurp her mantle and claim what he believes is his rightful place among the gods.

    There came a point where my ideas and skills had so far surpassed where they were when writing the majority of the first book that I just broke down and started rewriting the whole thing. Unfortunately The Great Rewriting stalled out when I got to a point where I couldn't make a decision about something. Maybe I'll try one of your suggestions here to figure it out.

  11. I use music from epic movies and video games to set my mood. With the right music, the story flows.

  12. I'm working on what started as a simple friendly challenge to complete NaNoWriMo last year, and has become a demon that haunts my thoughts and demands an entire SAGA to put to page before it will let me rest. I hope to finish the first draft of the first book this year. ^.^;

  13. I'd begun writing in august, but soon left it… now I reread it n realised its not at all what I initially considered it to be!!! I'll either polish it, as you said, or write something new… 😐😐

  14. My current project is a fantasy short story, so I use the music method with lots of German & Russian music (both old and new) so that I can capture lots of feelings.

  15. I'm writing a fantasy novel that might be considered YA. I'm currently working on my fifth draft of the story, and there will three more to come right this one.

  16. My tip to stop my writer's block is to write and edit on different days because, if I did it on the same day, I'd be second-guessing and undermining my creativity. Another thing I do is tell myself that I just need to have ideas and then I can judge them later. In the end, even though I have way more bad or non-helpful ideas, I have enough remaining good ideas.

  17. I have been stuck on the same short story for about three months now. I'm hoping that using some of the tactics in this video will help me

  18. Your videos should get more attention, you have great content! I would love a podcast from you. Btw what's your opinion on starting with short stories against going all in with a full novel?
    Maybe you can use calm music on the background, kind of like how Ted-Ed's channel does 🙂


  20. I get stuck in a loop of re-reading and rewriting inevitably changing the scenes that follow etc. This causes trouble with actually progressing my story. Any tips of how not to fall prey to myself?

  21. The bit of advice at around the 4 minute mark about jumping around when you write and connecting it later is definitely true for my process too. I keep separate documents for each scene and sort them by which character's pov it's from and which act it takes place in. This lets me see my progress at a glance and makes it easier to just write whatever scenes come to me without worrying about the order they go in.

  22. I am finding your videos very helpful! Thanks! Working on my first book, good or bad I plan to keep writing!

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