15 Prayers for Christian Writers

hey everyone this is Shelley hits hey guys I'm CJ and today we are here to have an online prayer meeting for Christian writers I've never done anything like this before and I've actually never seen it done so we're just so thrilled that you're here with us today and that you're joining us for this we've spent a lot of time preparing and I've been coaching and mentoring writers for eight years and in the eight years that I've been working with writers we have seen the obstacles that you face I could give you training after training after training after training which I do I have a gift of teaching but I've still seen people get all the training and still be stuck and so we realized that there's deeper issues in mindset there's deeper spiritual battles and so we want today to help you overcome those and help you to break through so if you're ready to breakthrough in your writing just type breakthrough in the comments that's our theme for today's breakthrough this is also the start of our series breakthrough which will be doing on our podcast right yeah you know and there's a lot of a lot of things that do slow us down a lot of obstacles we're going to be talking about several those in fact we're going to hit 15 different obstacles that we believe writers like ourselves have faced or are facing or will face and we're gonna pray through all all 15 of those obstacles yeah and we've listened to you so we've asked you we've listened to you and we are ready to help you have breakthrough yeah Theresa saying breakthrough awesome I love it so what we're gonna do is first of all I just want you to know like God speaks to me a lot of times in pictures or any of you also visual in your learning or the way that God speaks to you if your visual just type visual in the comments I am a visual learner and so God speaks to me in pictures and last night as we were praying I really got a picture for today's call for this prayer meeting and the picture that I got was of someone swimming in an ocean you know sometimes it's a writer it feels like we're in this big ocean right there's all of this stuff to learn there's all of these things to do and Amazon and all oh it's just a big big world out there right but I saw you some of you so some of you I saw that you were swimming but there was this ball and chain around your ankle and it was pulling you down and it was causing you to sink and you felt like you were starting to drown and you weren't making progress in your writing and you weren't making progress in publishing your books or finishing your books and so for some of you today what I saw is Jesus is coming and he has a key and he's coming to unlock that ball and chain around your ankle so you can swim back to the surface and start breathing again amen some of you it's just time to come back alive but I also saw another picture I saw a picture at some of you are to the surface you're in the boat with Jesus you're walking with him you're good but there's another step he's calling you right now I'm getting chills just saying this there's some of you that God is calling you to step out on the boat and walk on water in faith I saw some of you last night and God just gave me that picture that some of you are gonna start walking in faith in ways that you've never walked before with your books with your writing with your marketing and so we're just really excited to walk alongside of you and to really equip you and encourage you in this process and so wherever you're at if you feel like you're drowning or if you're in the boat and you just need to you know take that next step of faith we are here for you we're in this with you we're both writers we both published books right we have both faced all of these obstacles – absolutely and you know it seems impossible to walk on water but I know that the Lord is going to call each and every one of you out to thing that you don't think are possible yeah back you've you've had a number of things come up in your mind that prevent you from believing those things and we're going to pray through all of those obstacles that prevent us from walking on water with Jesus and the things he's calling you out to yeah so if you're ready for that just say I am ready in the comments or type faith in the confidence like I'm ready I'm ready to see God do miracles I'm ready to see the supernatural in my writing in the and it just we always pray that God would reach the right person at the right time with the right book but I'm ready to hear more of those testimonies of my books making impacts amen are you ready for that too so we want to get right into the prayers um but I do want you to know there is more for you God has more for you in your writing and so if you believe that just type there is more in the comments all right well we're gonna dive into the first topic yeah and so the first of the 15 areas that we're gonna look at is the area of self-doubt and unworthiness if this particular area is something that you are in desperate need of prayer for type out self-doubt and you know as we said we're preaching to the the ourselves here I know all of these things we've dealt with in one way shape or form how many know there is a very real spiritual attack an assignment against everything you want to do that would glorify the name of Jesus of course I mean it's not gonna just come easy there is an attack and that's why we want to have these prayer meetings yeah why we're doing this today is because we know it's spiritual and many of you are going to experience these breakthroughs today and so self-doubt and unworthiness in other words am I qualified Who am Who am I you know I might a write of a just a little peon you know you remember gideon when he was he was called you know to lead an army against the Midianites he basically was like ooh my lord I'm like the least of my tribe and he had all the excuses of course Moses you know had the same thing self-doubt unworthiness what do I had to share that people actually want to hear you know what can I write in the book that people actually will read you know and so the scripture there's a couple scripture themes that we're gonna read here and then we're just gonna get right into praying sort of along the lines of those scriptures and so the first one is Psalm 94 16 through 19 and it says this who will protect me from the wicked who will stand up for me against evildoers now I wanted to say right now when do we see that word wicked or evildoers or very real enemies you know when David's calling out these people in Scripture I want you to replace those things with the enemies that we face spiritually you know it's not a physical person most likely that you have an enemy you know like I want to beat them you know no it's it's this self doubt it's the unworthiness it's you know could be anything depression there's a number of things we're going to cover in this case I want you to replace evildoers with self-doubt and unworthiness because these are the weapons the enemy's throwing at us and it says unless the Lord had helped me I would soon have settled in the silence of the grave I cried out I'm slipping but your unfailing love Oh Lord supported me when doubts filled my mind your comfort gave me renewed hope and Cheer and that's what the Lord wants to do with you today he wants to renew that hope when doubts filled my mind it was the Lord and that's the only hope that we have is the Lord and so in the second scripture we want to look at his second Corinthians 4:7 and this is Paul writing he says we now have light shining in our hearts but we ourselves are like fragile clay jars containing this great treasure I just I'm sorry I have to interrupt I just am like so excited because there's so much treasure in each one of you so this makes it clear that our great power is from God and that's key right there is from God not from ourselves Paul says and so shall I think you had a picture yeah you know CJ is the one that researched the scriptures and then I just pressed in and ask the Lord for pictures and we're actually just gonna pray through these so instead of reading them out I'm CJ will actually pray the scriptures going forward and I'm gonna just we're just gonna start praying and CJ will start praying and then I'll pray the different pictures that God has given me to pray for you so yeah so Lord we come to you right now and we we ask that you would vanquish yes these self-doubts this feeling of unworthiness if there's anyone listening or watching right now live or even those who are going to be watching the replay Lord we ask that you would just speak into their situation and we ask Lord that you would be our hope your that you would be our comfort that you would renew our hope and our cheer as the psalmist says and Lord we just we ask that you would flood that light into our hearts as as Paul says in 2nd Corinthians even though we're fragile Lord we ask you to be our strength we ask you to remove all self-doubt all unworthiness any of these things that the enemy has thrown at us has drug us through the mud with that we've allowed him to do Lord we ask that you would remove those things in Jesus name and we ask that you would replace all of the self-doubt all the unworthiness with a sense of hope yes and that I am worthy in Christ I have been called upward higher than I could lift myself I've been lifted up by God Almighty to proclaim this message whatever message God has put on my heart and I pray for each one of these writers Lord that their messages would get out to as many people as possible that you want to bless with their message and encourage and any of this obstacle of unworthiness or self-doubt we command you to leave in Jesus name thank you lord yes and lord I just thank you that you are bigger and then our doubts you are bigger than the you know just ungodly beliefs or the lies that of the unworthiness and the enemy wants to hold us back and there's so many ways that he does that and the picture that you gave me is that each one of us is we're like a garden hose and if we're not connected to the spicket head to the water nothing's gonna happen but when we're connected to the spicket we turn it on that's like being connected with you Father God and then your Holy Spirit is like the water that flows through us and then your water your Holy Spirit is able to write through us that then those books water and refresh and help many people but it's not us it's not about the hose it's not about us we are simply the vessel we are just simply the jar of clay the treasure is you the the power comes from you and so it's not about us and our worthiness it is all about you and who you are and allowing your Holy Spirit to flow through us and so we just allow you right now we just give you permission Holy Spirit to flow through us fully we turn on that spigot full blessed in Jesus name and allow you to flow through us to bless many people through our books and Jesus name we pray amen yes all right if that blessed you just type I'm blessed in the comments and if this is blessing you please feel free to share with those that you feel would would benefit from it yeah so the second area or the second obstacle that we want to break through is just that obstacle of comparison hmm and what we mean by this is you know it's already been done how is what I'm writing any different than what's already been written before right you know looking at bestsellers and seeing their stuff as like the standard you know that your book is supposed to be as well and so it's just this whole thing of comparison and looking at others and of course we even see this dynamic multiplied with our social media so you know this whole thing of comparison I'm gonna read a couple scriptures here let's just go ahead and have you pray through those oh yeah yeah I can do that we'll just well just pray the Scriptures have you guys read that book by Beth Moore praying God's Word it is powerful when we combine God's Word with prayer it becomes like a dynamite and so that's what we're doing today with these scriptures that CJ has come up with so let's go ahead and do that so Lord we we are coming to you with Galatians 6 4 and 5 and which we're asking Lord that we would pay careful attention to our own work yes for then you will be be able to get the satisfaction of a job well done and you won't need to compare yourself to anyone else and Lord we ask that that would be us as well we wouldn't need to compare ourselves to anyone else but we would always look to you as our standard and also to you as the the giver of any content or anything that we we write and as chapter or as verse 5 says for we are each responsible for our own conduct and so lord I ask that each of us would truly be able to rest in the fact that we're responsible for our own conduct yes that we aren't to look to the left or to the right at other people and and try to copy or try to you know compare ourselves or even feel ourselves slinking backward because oh you just don't measure up to this author or this bestseller and Loretta spray against that whole spirit of comparison and even in the spirit of Hebrews 12:2 which is basically keeping our eyes on Jesus the author and the perfecter of our faith and so lord I ask that each of us would fix our eyes on Jesus to such a degree that we we don't even sense a need to compare we just have our eyes fixed on you and we are coming to you for all of the inspiration that you want to give us in terms of what you want us to write subject matter stories whatever it may be we come to use our source and we don't look to human beings as our source you alone so we ask this in Jesus name yes we just take authority right now over that spirit of comparison we break it off each person listening right now in Jesus name begone comparison in Jesus name and I just pray God you would flood each person right now with a joy and an excitement of what you have called them to specifically do in their writing and the picture that God gave me is that we are each a different flower we're each a different plant we are each a different color a different variety and there's a quote by zenshin that says a flower does not think of competing to the flower next of it next to it it just blooms hmm and so I just saw each one of you each one of us just blooming in the gifts in the abilities in what God is doing through us with his spirit and just just blooming and enjoy in joy having joy and enjoying the process so Lord we just thank you that we can we could just bloom that we don't have to compete there's no competition in the kingdom of God it is about collaboration and we're all on the same team or thank you that we are all in the same team and we just pray this in Jesus name Amen yeah so if you've ever struggled with this whole thing of comparison go ahead and type in comparison in the in the subject box and tell me what your favorite flower is like if if you if you got to be a flower and that was the flower that God allows you to be to bloom share that in the comments too I'd love to hear ya so the third obstacle that we're looking at that we're going to pray through is this obstacle of fear this is a biggie but we're focusing on just one area of fear yeah there's layers and layers right that's all really the specific area of fear that were looking at today is the fear of sharing your story you know just this whole idea that you know I'm not too scared to share the details or share or my story doesn't really matter I've heard that a lot of people you know my testimony isn't isn't that exciting you know maybe some of you thought that whatever it is you know this whole fear factor and we're gonna pray in the spirit of second Timothy 1 7 and 8 and so Lord your word says for God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity but of power love and self-discipline so Lord we ask that you would remove all fear in Jesus name the fear of sharing our story or the fear or the the minimalizing that we do of our story that it's not that important or that we're just fearful to share it and and get that out there Lord we come against that in Jesus name we pray that you would instill how a spirit of power of love of self-discipline and as Paul goes on to say so never be ashamed to tell others about our Lord and don't be ashamed of me either even though I'm in prison for him and with the strength God gives you be ready to suffer with me Lord I ask that you would give each one of us the strength to stand in the face of an enemy that wants to beat us down with fear wants to intimidate us wants to get us to shy away from sharing our story we come against that in Jesus name and we ask for power you have you have given us power and access to that through your Holy Spirit and we ask that you would download that into each of us who have a story to share in written form or perhaps in spoken form and talks whatever it might be lord I pray that you give us a holy boldness to share the story that you have given us each of us has a story to share and I pray that you would use that to the maximum degree and that the enemy would be on the run constantly because of our story and also in the spirit of Revelation 12:11 which says and they have defeated him by the blood of the Lamb and by their testimony and they did not love their lives so much that they were afraid to die and Lord we know that one of the ways we can overcome the enemy is sharing our testimony sharing our story getting that out so that you might be glorified through what you've done in our lives she took us from this to this and I ask that you would give people boldness to share that and as we do that we thank you Lord for the promise that we overcome the enemy the enemy knows you can't overcome the blood of the Lamb and that's why he constantly works to ruin our testimony and to even dry fear into us and so we speak against that in Jesus name we thank you yes and when I pray for fiction writers for nonfiction writers for children's book authors right now those of you that are listening just type in what type of genre if you type multiple type you know just write multiple but whatever your story is whether it's your testimony whether it's a fiction story whether it's a children's bookstore a young adult we just pray right now that you would run swiftly Lord through these writers to help them to have the courage to share their written stories whether it's for entertainment which is still it mean it is so powerful to share your gospel and truth and in fiction or if it's nonfiction where we just pray that you would run swiftly and the picture that I had was that each of you as a writer you're right now like on a battlefield and you know there you're on the edge to where you're not really on the front lines but you know you're you're being asked to go to the front lines and you're scared but I see like God as being your shield like he's like this big shield and you're just walking behind that shield one step at a time going up to the front lines and you're not having to worry though because the shield is so big it covers you completely God is your shield he is your refuge he is your safe place and he will protect you as you step out as you go to the front lines as you say yes to God and say yes I will publish my story I will publish this fiction novel I will publish this children's book he's the one that's protecting you he is the one that is your refuge and so allow him to be your shield and to deflect any arrows that the enemy may send your way and we just pray this in Jesus name Amen and so the fourth area that we're looking at is this whole area of people pleasing and so type people pleasing if that's ever been a struggle for you and a big one for me I know and what we mean by this is just the fear what others will think were afraid of criticism of being judged and so we just sort of you know keep it on the low we don't ruffle too many feathers we don't you know try to stand out in any way even if the truth is at stake we just we just want to please everyone and you know so I'm gonna pray in the scripture of Galatians 1:10 Paul says obviously I'm not trying to win the approval of people but of God if pleasing people were my goal I would not be Christ's servants O'Lord right now we come against this whole spirit of people-pleasing which if we admit it is absolutely impossible we cannot please everyone we're always going to I mean if the Son of God could not please everyone who are we free humanity you know going to please every single person so we come against that even that I just picture people being enslaved there's almost like you know a noose around our necks and we're being dragged around by the enemy of people-pleasing and here and there it's just jerking us left and right we even have neck problems you know because we're just constantly jerked based on pleasing others and so we come against that as Paul did as he said obviously I'm not trying to win the approval people but of God and so Lord we mask that we would go after your approval alone and we do thank you that in Christ we are approved of yes we thank you for that promise and we just we just want to be your children who want to please daddy we're gonna help hop up on your lap we want to do cartwheels for you and then we want to run around the playground and say look at me daddy look what I just did and lord I just ask that we would find our approval alone in you and know that our Father God is looking at us and that he's pleased and he loves our creativity and he has birthed something new in each and every one of us to share and that you alone I pray that each and every one of us would have God as our only audience even though our books are going to go out to perhaps even masses for some of those that are on this this call or this this prayer meeting some of your books will go all the way around the world yes and they will bless so many people groups and your books would be translated into multiple languages and they're going to have large audiences but Lord may you be the only audience that we truly write for yeah and then we watch you encourage others through our work so we thank you Jesus name yes and Lord I just sense that today is a turning point for some of these writers listening right now if they're live or the replay I just I just have a sense that today is gonna be a stake in the ground type of a day like something changed in me today and that's something is your spirit working through them in prayer and so we just again declare breakthrough right now in Jesus name for writers and for each person listening and the the picture I got people-pleasing is like being in a classroom and you know being graded on your work whether it's a test or an assignment and you know really it's the only person's opinion that counts is the teachers no other student can give you a grade they can criticize you they can make fun of you they can say things but the only thing that matters in the end is what the teacher puts on that that great card at the end and and that's in a way the same way it is with us you know we the only person that matters right now is the approval of God is pleasing God he's the one that that matters it doesn't matter what any one else thinks and we are only responsible for what God is calling us to do and we're not responsible for how other people about us how they judge us how they what they say about us the reviews they give us our responsible Lord is for for doing what you called us to do and I just pray there would just be a joy welling up right now just knowing that you are pleased with us yes all right I just feel like you want each person listening right now to know that you are pleased with them they are your son they are your daughter and you are pleased with them and you they are accepted 100 percent accepted 100 percent approved 100 percent loved 100% validated by you their father and we thank you God for that love that approval that validation about acceptance and we pray this in Jesus name Amen and I even thought of Colossians 3:23 which many of you are familiar with and it says you know in everything you do work at it with all your heart as if you're working for God and not men so you know ultimately that's all that matters you know God is our employer you know we're working for him we're pleasing him we're doing everything to lift his name up on high and after that it'll all take care of itself you know as we do that for the Lord yes oh the fifth area that we're looking at is the area of insecurities insecurities and what we mean by that is is my writing good enough do I have what it takes do I have the skills that I need to be a writer so if insecurity has been one of your struggles through the years go ahead and type in insecurity and we're going to pray in the in a spirit of first John 4:18 such love has no fear because perfect love expels all fear if we are afraid it is for fear of punishment and this shows that we're not fully experienced his perfect love and so lord I ask that we would jump into your swimming pool of perfect love but we beasts around in every aspect by your perfect love and just drive out any insecurities drive out any fear Lord may our security be found in you alone and I even just think of John 1323 which you know it says now there was leaning on Jesus bosom one of his disciples whom Jesus loved and six times I'm reminded Lord that John wrote those words the disciple that Jesus loved the disciple that Jesus loved he was known as the beloved disciple and Lord I pray that every one of us would find our security in those words I am the disciple that Jesus loves may our security be found completely in that love and would you just drive out all insecurity right now in Jesus name each one of our writers that are watching that are praying along with this if insecurity has been their issue I pray that you just drive it out dissolve it in Jesus name that they would find their full security and Worth found in Christ alone we thank you Lord for what you're going to do in terms of our identity and how we are identified yes as the disciples that Jesus loves and then to move out of that identity we thank you Lord yes in the picture that God gave me is that many of you have written many words and it's as if you've crumpled them up and put them in a trash can maybe you've deleted them maybe they're still unfinished on your hard drive somewhere but you never published them you just discarded them and you just feel like it's not good enough not good enough not good enough and I just saw a picture of God and it's gonna make me cry but he went into the trash can and he started retrieving every crumpled paper and he began to make a scrapbook from your writing and it's not so much what you write mmm it's that you write that you're creating with God that you're writing that you're using your gifts and I just saw that you know God was just just again just wanting you to know like he it he is validating you he is so proud of you and he is retrieving those crumpled pieces of paper and yes it's a learning process yes we grow as a writer but he sees you and he loves you and yeah he he is just he's just so proud of you and so pray this in Jesus name Amen yeah and I'm just this is not a scripture but I just sometimes picture you know God walking around heaven with a big wallet and he's got your picture in there and he's also got a huge refrigerator with a lot of food in there but your picture is on his refrigerator you know and and he thinks if you every second of every day and it blows our minds away we can't conceive of that but but that's that's true he loves you you're you're always on his thoughts and you are secure in Christ so the next obstacle that we want to break through is procrastination and I raised my hand on this one I have been a procrastinator yeah much of my life it's been something I've struggled with I still remember specifically in college when I had 20 page papers do for my sociology major I remember this guess guess when I started those papers shall we the night before the night before we started dating his senior year and he had these huge papers and I'm like what in the world like that was stressing me out but he just he got it son playin all-nighters and I actually had a friend of mine bless her heart she would type up my papers after I wrote him al and it didn't matter if you had to start at 4:00 in the morning or three in the morning yeah she would do it bless Monica's heart and I pay her a little bit for that but procrastination is something I can relate to so what we mean by this specifically concerning writers is I need to learn more before it can start or you know I'm just not quite ready yet and we could go years by rephrasing those things over and over again I'm still not ready I don't I don't have you know I need to learn a little bit more I need to take you know two more courses and then finally I'll be ready and I think many times we just keep procrastinating and what God has called us to do and get started on and so we're gonna pray in the spirit of proverbs 3:5 and 6 trust in the Lord with all your heart do not depend on your own understanding but seek His will and all you do and he will show you which path to take and so Lord we come without that Scripture and we pray that for ourselves for all of those watching and listening and we ask Lord that our trust would be in you alone not our own abilities not our own hangups with procrastination or our delaying you know what probably should have been started already Lord I pray that we would just continue to seek you with all of our hearts and then watches you guide watch as you as you as you lead us and I just actually got a picture of some of you might recall the Indiana Jones movies and you know there was one particular scene where Indiana Jones had to cross a large chasm and there was like a bridge there that he couldn't see but one of the things he had to do was take that first step in faith and just step out and as he did that and he put his full weight into that all of a sudden there was this this bridge there appeared and it was almost like an illusion you know you could see it just blended right in with with the landscape but he took that first step as was directed you know in the little map or whatever he had and I picture a lot of us we just need to take that first step and as we do that in faith the Lord is going to come through in ways you never expected and we thank you Lord my goodness we many of us could look back and say there was no way that could have gotten finished unless the Lord like met me where I took that first step and Lord we ask that you would just drive away our spirit of procrastination or anything that's delaying the message that you want to speak through us and write through us and bless the world with so we just thank you Lord that in you we can achieve one day at a time your will and we see your face above all else and we ask this in Jesus name yes Lord we just pray right now that you would punch procrastination in the face it would be a goner when it sits in the ring with you Lord that you would just overcome it right now breakthrough whatever it is whatever the deeper think is typically with procrastination there's something deeper there's a deeper reason that you're procrastinating so ask the Lord ask him what is it why am i procrastinating what is image that fear is it Dow is it something else is that I need more Skills is it you know what is it what is the root and the picture that God gave me is that you're driving along in a car and that cars you're writing you're writing of books and all of a sudden what fear or doubt or something something comes up you lack of skills something comes up and all of a sudden it's like you're pulling the emergency brake and it's like you know it causes you to like stop and to stop moving forward and so we just pray right now that you would you would lord help each of us to take off that emergency brake and I just want to give just a moment of silence for you to ask God ask him what is that the route what is it that triggers my procrastination and if you're comfortable post it in the comments we're just going to give you a moment to ask God what is the route what is the trigger for me and if you need more time we just pray you would just spend more time doing that later but we just pray this in Jesus name yeah amen amen and you know this next one the seventh area that can be an obstacle that we want breakthrough on I believe can be in it in my own case has been connected to procrastination and that is perfectionism so this can be actually a route yeah a progressive nation and what we mean by that is my first draft needs to be perfect we have sort of a paralysis of analysis we just keep looking over the details and and it's just not quite right or I just you know I've got to take this course or do this or that before I'm fully gonna be ready and we just we want perfection instead of sort of a working piece that continues to be refined and that's really what those first drafts are all about anyway you know you just write it out get that stuff out of your heart out of your mind get it out get on paper on your computer or whatever method you use and then after that we can go back but no one's first dropped it's very pretty you know even though Stephen King's of the world you know that's right and you know the the spirit that we want to pray in comes from Ecclesiastes 11:4 farmers who wait for perfect weather never plant if they watch every cloud they never harvest so Lord we we don't want to be farmers or writers who are always waiting for the perfect conditions we know that we live in an imperfect world and yeah you somehow take our imperfections and you do wonders with those things that we would have never even imagined and so lord I want to pray against that spirit of perfectionism that really sometimes paralyzes us prevents us from really moving forward because well unless I can do something just perfect I can't go any further lord I just pray that we wouldn't be afraid to just throw out our sloppiness out there get it all out and then allow the process of refining to take place I pray that even if people have to just start dumping stuff on paper in all kinds of weird jumbled ways and then go back and rearrange some of those thoughts I pray they'd be able to do that and to look at that paper as a glorious work of art in process not as something that has to be perfect right now and I'm praying that for myself as many times that has been a connector to procrastination and just wanting to really be just right and and I don't want any errors and I want to put something just in the right way and and tweak it perfectly and I just pray that that we would be people that would be instruments in your hands even though we're imperfect we are perfected in Christ and in your hands we know you can do wonders through our lives things that we'd never be able to do on our own and so we thank you for this in Jesus name Jesus name and the picture I got was of a transformer toy and the reason is because I just really sense that many of you have a certain expectation of what your first draft should be your final draft should be you have a perspective especially that your first draft needs to be perfect and God right now once to transform that expectation into something completely different just like a transformer toy is maybe a car and then it's you know a transformer person or whatever it gets transformed into that he is actually like changing things like in your mind in your expectations and changing the way you see things so that you just take the pressure off like there is no pressure and we just claim that no pressure in Jesus name and this is a privilege to be able to write it's a privilege to be able to share what God has given us to share our gifts with the world and so lord I just pray right now that there would just be click after click after click after click after click review just right now transforming expectations and perspectives so that that whole lie of perfectionism just falls away and it's not even an issue anymore in Jesus name yeah and so the eighth obstacle that we want to break through is this whole idea of a lack of boundaries and specifically you know things like I don't have time I just don't have time any of you ever said I don't want time to write on time to figure out you know through the publishing on time I don't have time yeah that's something I think we could all say we've set at one time or another right yeah and you know we're just gonna pray specifically in the spirit of Matthew 6:33 which says seek first the kingdom of God above all else and live righteously and He will give you everything you need and so Lord we are asking yes that we would have our hearts completely devoted to you seeking you above all else and as we do that we even see that our time is arranged differently we even see that we do have more boundaries we have times of just sitting with you and your word meditating praying really just uninterrupted time with our Father and I ask Lord that each one of us would have implanted just a desire Lord even just as David it was a man after God's own heart I pray that each of us would be men and women writers after your own heart and as we seek your heart above all else you're going to then bless us with things that are inspired from your heart and then we're also praying in the spirit of Ephesians 5 15 through 17 so be careful how you live don't live like fools but like those who are wise make the most of every opportunity in these evil days don't act thoughtlessly but understand what the Lord wants you to do and I'm even reminded that in another translation I believe the New King James King James it talks about redeeming the time Lord we know that the enemy wants to kill our time we know there's a real enemy that wants us to waste time on fruitless endeavors even many times some of our social media habits can be wasted time of you know maybe looking at others and their achievements but then we kind of wallow in and maybe some self-pity of woe is me you know why I can't do that or this or that lord I just want to pray that you would redeem the time in us anything that the locusts have eaten in the lives of these writers and our lives lord I pray you restore just as your Word says and we just pray that as we look at our schedules as we arrange our time that we truly would seek after you with every ounce of our energy and that as we do that things are going to rise to the service that are most important and we're going to have healthy boundaries of what to do what not to do how to arrange our schedules and I pray that you would squeeze out the most amount I even just think of you know juicing and how are you trying to get the most juice out of that lemon or or that lime or whatever it might be like previous is the juice the the sweetness out of us Lord that would bless the world and that we would make the most of the days that we have here on this planet we ask this in Jesus name yes and as I was praying about this I just felt like the Lord really just said that most of you it's not that it's not that you don't want to and it's you know it's like you're just over committed hmm and the picture that I got was you know of you standing there and you have this backpack on that's pretty heavy and then you pick up a bag and you put it over your left shoulder you pick up another bag you put it over your right shoulder you pick up a bag and you hook it into your elbow you take another bag and you hook it in your elbow you grab several you know have you ever done this trying to bring all your groceries in in one trip you know several bags in your left hand and several bags in your right hand and you're standing there and I come up to you and I ask you if you can roll this big suitcase which is your writing you know then do that and you literally look at me and you're like no of course you can't you have no no free hands you just are so committed to so many things and so I just saw that you began to look more closely at every single bag every single thing that you're carrying and you begin to actually give some of those bags to other people and allowed them to carry them and you begin to consolidate some bags you begin to take some things out of bags they were as heavy and then you put you you were able to get it to where everything was just on your backpack and the one arm which freed you to now pull the the suitcase which represents your writing publishing marketing and you're able to have that time and so Lord we just pray right now that you would give each person each one of us CJ and I included wisdom in in what it is that we need to actually let go of what is it we need to give to someone else what is it we need to maybe just take you know do less of or consolidate and lord I just pray that right now you would give each person insight through the Holy Spirit and we're just going to give you just a few seconds of silence just to ask God what is it that that you could do even today to free up some of your time hmm and go ahead and post in the comments if you get to get a revelation so Lord we thank you that you are the author of time we thank you that you can do more in one moment then we can achieve in an entire lifetime of struggling and trying and so as we also think about our time we just thank you that there is such a thing as supernatural productivity that there is such a thing as you know your favor and your your spirit just doing things through us that we could never even just imagine accomplishing in our own strength so we thank you for that and we pray in Jesus name Amen so the ninth area that we're looking at that has been an obstacle for many of us that we want to break through is the whole area of writer's block you know go ahead and type in writer's block if that's been something every one of us write could could write that one in there you know I'm stuck and nothing seems to be flowing and you just sort of sit there and I recently you know saw a blog post where the person was was talking about one of the worst things to do you know when you have writer's block is just stare at a blank screen there's a blinking cursor there's not a whole lot that's gonna happen there other than you know the continual spiraling you know if you have writer's block is just a practical thing just you know go for a walk get out and just just spend some time with the Lord maybe maybe an activity you really enjoy outside of writing this isn't a practical you know session that we're gonna give you a whole bunch of practical tips but those are coming in the next six weeks we're gonna have 12 podcasts and live videos so if you're enjoying this make sure you are either subscribed to our podcast writers kingdom writers or to our Facebook page Christian book Academy because there's lots of goodness we're gonna give lots of practical tips today is mostly about prayer but all of that practical stuff is coming so stay tuned if you're excited about that just I've excited so psalm 45:1 we're gonna pray in this scripture which this is the NIV a lot of the scriptures I've been reading by the way have been from the New Living Translation with the exception of a couple that are NIV or New King James but this is NIV and it says my heart is stirred by a noble theme as I recite my verses for the King and I love this part my tongue is the pen of a skillful writer and Lord we ask that our tongues our thoughts our you know pen Lord we pray that it would all be that of a skillful writer of you speaking through us or I pray that you would just capture the minds of each one of these writers of our hearts Lord I pray that you would bring that flow that when we do find ourselves stuck that we would be able to get unstuck with your help Lord that you would allow that dam to be opened so to speak so that the river can just flow and I even pray that it would flow at flood stage that each one of us would overflow into the lives of other communities not in a destructive way but that all of the goodness that you want to bring about through our lives yes all of the inspiration I pray it would just flood not only our own communities but lives that are around the world with the messages that you birth in us and so we are praying that our tongue is the pen of a skillful writer and that there would just be flow and I'm even reminded that Jesus even said that you know there would be rivers of living water that would flow you know out of us and and that you know he's referring to the Holy Spirit you know being in us and overflowing but we're asking Lord that as we set our minds to write that that you would just allow us to flow and have those times of flow and we just look back and say thank you lord thank you you are the one that gets people unstuck and we just ask this in Jesus name yes I just pray if you're able right now that you just raise both of your hands and just receive the flow of the Holy Spirit right now for your writing just receive it in Jesus name well come Holy Spirit common Jesus name mated a be a turning point that that things would be different and we just thank you Lord for that and the picture that God gave me is like some of you are just in a dark room and a dark room can be kind of scary it can be kind of you know just leads to these negative you know feelings or emotions or you feel and you feel alone and uncertain and all of these things that come up but God steps in to that room and he right now through his Holy Spirit flipping on the light switch yes he's flipping it on in Jesus name Holy Spirit is there with you he Holy Spirit is gonna give you what you need and the words and the inspiration and the God ideas and the book ideas and the things that you need right now and Holy Spirit is going to be the wind in your sails right now some of you are like a ship just stuck you're not going anywhere and there hasn't felt like there's been any wind there's no motor and you're just sitting there but the Holy Spirit's coming in right now breathing fresh life into your writing breathing fresh life into you and into your life and and he is the wind in your sails and he is now propelling you forward he's moving you forward and we just thank you for this Lord in Jesus name Amen yes Lord and so the tenth area that we want to look at and see breakthrough in is that whole area of regret mmm you know in other words I miss my chance you know I feel behind and what's the use you know I have to admit and I'll share my own testimony that that has been me I hadn't published a book since 2016 and the last time I published a book was my latest movies forerunners book so it was geared toward runners and I went through a period where I really got busy with running coach business and I was putting all my time into my own training as a competitive runner and really just got into a good groove there and I enjoyed it was a great season but I I kept feeling like there's something else that I know God wants to write through me and yet when I said about to begin on the next book which is about ready to be published it's a book on prayer i sat there and i thought and shelley even you know heard me say some of these things i said man you know what i think i missed my chance there was a window there where you know i probably let pass and i'm just i'm not gonna be able to to write anything really significant anymore it was almost like I was kind of putting myself out to pasture he's only like what 40 46 46 I'm already forgetting I'm like yeah 46 he just had a birthday he's like when he's bacon I'm done I have nothing more to give nothing more to contribute yeah and so kind of crazy but now I'm feeling like the Lord has opened up more flow in my life and and also helped me dismiss this regret of man I wasted some time that I could have been practicing the writing process but anyway there's no regrets you know in Christ you know we in the spirit of Philippians 3:13 it says no dear brothers and sisters this is Paul I have not achieved it but I focus on this one thing forgetting the past mm-hmm and looking forward to what lies ahead and also first John 1:9 but if we confess our sins to him he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all wickedness and so lord I I just pray that if there's anyone out there dealing with this whole thing of regret and they've been sort of in their the quicksand of regret they just can't move they're just stuck and they just find themselves sinking into that mire Lord I pray that they would reach up and you grab your hand yeah and allow you to pull them up out of that that regret and I even just picture a city you know you if you're going through the city of regret don't stay there you know keep moving forward you don't want to stay in that city too long because it's just paralyzing city and lord I just pray that you would allow people to walk in freedom to rest in the truth that we can forget the past and we can actually move forward in the calling that you have for our lives and that again as we've said previously you can redeem the time you can restore what the locusts have eaten and Lord I even just pray regarding the previous one the writer's block and I connect it to first John one night if there's anything that's between us there's anything we need to confess if there's anything that's just not allowing a smooth flow of your Holy Spirit between us and you that connection if there's a disconnect in any way lord I just pray that you reveal that to each of us and that we would be able to just to confess that get it out but then move on in freedom and the cleansing that we have in Christ and so I just pray for each and every one of these writers that if they've been in that city of regret I pray that you'd allow them just to move out of there and move into their calling and excitement that that brings and we just ask this in Jesus name yes Lord the picture that I got is that some some people that are listening or it's almost as if they've had they received an envelope and they know there's a coupon inside but it's been years and years and years and so they are 100 percent sure that that coupon has expired it's done they can't use it anymore so they don't even open the envelope to see they don't even open it but what they don't know is there is no expiration date on the coupon type that in the comments no expiration date and that it is now time to open that envelope it is time to claim that coupon it is never too late now is the time and there is no expiration date on what God has for you he can do more in one moment than we can do in a lifetime he took Joseph from the prison to the palace in one day he can do more in one day than you can ever imagine and so just because it may have been months or years that have been passed and you haven't been marketing your book or writing your book or doing anything there is something there still for you so take that envelope right now and open it and claim that coupon claim what God has for you and move forward today in Jesus name Amen so we're down the homestretch and as we mentioned we've got 15 areas or obstacles here with us it's been an hour and I knew this was gonna be kind of webinar style which I tend to do about 90 minutes in webinars so and this is a no pitch video we won't be you know selling you anything but it's probably gonna be about 90 minutes but thank you for hanging in there with us if you're enjoying this just let us know in the comments and we would love to just hear your feedback on this yeah so again we've got 15 of these and we're now on number 11 so again the home stretch and the 11th obstacle that we want breakthrough in is that whole area of shame yeah and what we mean by that is you know if my book doesn't become a best-seller I'm a failure you know you start saying I am a failure in your living again that's another city you don't want to visit very long is that city of shame and wallowing in shame and Romans 8:1 so now there is no condemnation for those who belong to Christ Jesus and so Lord we ask that you would free us from the bondage of shame we come against shame in Jesus name and we proclaim the truth that there is now no condemnation in those who are in Christ Jesus that we have been set free Footloose and fancy-free and we don't have shame that we're chained to you know almost like a dog chained in the backyard can only go so far the lord I just pray that you bring freedom let freedom ring Lord in the lives of every single right Christian writer that is proclaiming your message and glorifying you and we also pray in the spirit of proverbs 24:16 the godly may trip seven times but they will get up again but one disaster is enough to overthrow the wicked and so lord we we claim that that we are part of the godly in Christ Jesus we are those people who can rise up over and over again with your help with your strength as you're holding your hand out and saying come on son come on daughter get back in the race we're not finished yet and I just pray that that Shane would just fall off of each and every one of us who endeavour to write and that we wouldn't wallow in any kind of failure or any kind of sense of shame we just thank you Lord that till we're no longer condemned and that we stand clean as blood by citizens of heaven and we thank you Lord for that truth yes I just feel like some of you have been just breathing in like toxic air and it's time to get out into the woods into nature and start breathing in that fresh air again and you know God is the one that he gives you your identity he gives you that freedom from the shame and I also got this picture that you know the whole thing of like if I don't if my book doesn't become a best-seller I'm a failure you know what God calls us to is obedience amen to god success is obedience and I got this picture like when I was a physical therapist I worked in that career for 12 years before you know we start our own business full-time in 2011 and if I showed up for work and no patients came that day I still got paid right because I showed up and whether you know you're it's a retail store and if you come to work and nobody shows up you still get paid because you showed up if it's a restaurant whatever I mean you may not get as many tips but you still get your pay and God was just showing me it's like the the issue right now is that we show up and leave the results to God that we release that need for a certain result that just obedient to do the work that he's called us to do and to leave the results to him so I just pray this over each person listening in Jesus name Amen amen so the twelfth obstacle that we're overcoming and seen breakthrough is that whole area of overwhelmed feeling overwhelmed you know I feel overwhelmed with what it takes to self publish my book and so we start seeing like this big monster growing almost and like it's just too big you know what I can't face it and I can't handle it I'm just I'm overwhelmed and we're gonna pray in the spirit of Isaiah 41:10 don't be afraid for why and with you don't be discouraged for I am your God I will strengthen you and help you I will hold you up with my victorious right hand and Lord when I picture your right hand I'm picturing Jesus right there yes and we are in Christ who call ourselves Christians and we have access to your strength and so lord I pray against the spirit of overwhelm that sometimes causes us to be intimidated and we start making excuses like I can't do this or it's just not gonna work out or it's just too much or I pray against that and I pray that you would give us the right perspective I pray that we would even see through your eyes and I even think of the story I believe it was you Elijah and his servant that we're actually looking out and and his servant you know as they're looking out at this army you know he's just overwhelmed he's just like oh my goodness you know there's just so there's just so many and it was it was like II like Elijah then prayed Lord show him show him what's really out there open the eyes and as he did that there were angel armies surrounding that earthly army mm-hm and they were they were ready to to boy that the earthly army and Lord I just come against any principalities any earthly type of overwhelm that wants to intimidate us and I pray that you give us that perspective that in Christ we're able to accomplish anything yes there is nothing too big that you can't handle and I just pray that we'd stay connected to you and that as we do that we have the perspective of looking out and seeing you defending us seeing you go before a scene you strengthen us and so Lord would you do that with each and every one of us would you just remove that spirit of overwhelm and replace it with a holy confidence in our God who is easily big enough to handle any obstacle thank you lord thank you the picture God gave me is that it's like you're a jar you have all this water in it but there's this mud and it's like you shake it up you know and that's you know like the overwhelm it's like the shaking it up and it's like ah and then what happen is what happens right it's like that gets all muddy and you can't see through the water and everything it's you're just stirred up and right now I just feel like the Lord wants to allow that to settle we just ask God that you bring your peace yeah over this in Jesus name yes just you know just right now open your hands and just even if you can just outloud say I receive your peace take a deep breath deep deep breath almost picture yourself breathing out overwhelming yeah just it's you're breathing it out you don't need it yes part of your story mm-hmm it's putting our trust in you lord and what I saw is that as you receive this piece it's like you can just set down the jar and then you're not shaking it but it just starts to settle and all of a sudden the the mud settles down to the bottom and clarity comes again and that clarity then gives you the ability to see what is your very next step not what are your next 100 steps what is your very next step it could be a five minute task it could be a one hour task what is your very next step and so it removes all the things that are not for now from clouding our view and we just see what is the very next thing what is your very next thing and then we have that piece to hear from God to hear his voice and so I just pray right now that you would receive that clarity we're gonna give you just a few seconds to ask God what is my very next step and if you feel comfortable post it in the comments yeah Jesus name we pray amen and I've just reminded that Chinese proverb that we're all familiar with a journey of a thousand miles begins with what one step and that's what we're about one step at a time and we're gonna be able to look back at this journey and see how God led us step by step to accomplish the work that he put on all of our hearts and so the thirteenth obstacle that we are desiring breakthrough for is that whole obstacle of scarcity having a scarcity mindset in other words I don't have the money to invest in writing and publishing a book and so we sort of you know have that that scarcity mentality instead of you know the abundance mentality that says according to Psalm 50 10 through 10 and 11 for all the animals of the forest or mine yes and I own the cattle on a Thousand Hills I know every bird on the mountains imagine that every bird and all the animals of the field are mine and so Lord we pray this scripture for our own lives we believe that you are bigger than any need that we have you're able to accomplish anything that we need you're able to provide you are our Jehovah Jireh you are our provider and so lord I ask that each of us would have the confidence to know that that it's you alone you're our sustenance you're our source and that we we begin to take our eyes off ourselves in our situation and begin to put them on you and keep our gaze fixed upon you and what your you're doing through us because we know that impossible things are go to happen through us with your help but in and of our own strength we're essentially gonna accomplish things that might be good for a little while but there's not as much eternal value and Lord we each want to be about eternal mindset and eternity and in the things that we write yes and that's why we call ourselves Christian authors you know Christian writers writers Kingdom writers of all kinds and fiction nonfiction poetry short stories essays you name it we want to glorify your name with our writing so lord would you remove this scarcity mentality that says I'm limited by my own resources by what I can do Lord would you expand our vision to realize wow there is nothing I mean the God who created the universe and every galaxy and every planet and put every star in place that same guy is certainly big enough to handle what it takes for me to invest in my writing and invest and what it takes itself published my book and so Lord would you give us a bigger perspective would you just blow our minds and allow us to have that view of where you are and how you see things and really just know that hey my daddy's certainly big enough and Lord would you just beat up every scarcity bully that the enemy tries to throw our way and and we just asked this in Jesus name Amen the picture that I got when I was asking the Lord about this topic is I got a picture that many of you are standing in a room but you have these really big blinders on that limit your view you don't have any peripheral view and you just see what's right in front of you in the table right in front of you and there's a few coins just a few not much and you're – starting to freak out like how how god how I don't see it because you don't see it in that very limited view but then I saw God coming and taking off those blinders hmm right now he's taking off those blinders and all of a sudden you see and you realize you're actually standing in a room of treasures it's like I almost think of like that movie like The Goonies or some of those pirate movies like where there's this big room of just like jewelry and gold and you know just all diamonds and treasures and you're surrounded by treasures that guess what they are yours and they've been there the whole time and that yours you're standing in this room and the that you're finally able to see and realize the abundance that's available to you in Christ and so we just pray right now that you would take off those blinders of scarcity and trust God if he's called you to it he will provide do you believe that if you believe it just type I believe in the comments and we just pray this in Jesus name yes amen so moving on to the 14th obstacle that many times slows us down that we want breakthrough on and that is distraction distraction you know in other words I have so many ideas it's hard to focus or know where to start first and anyone else have like a million and two ideas yeah by the way right those ideas down where you're gonna find them and see them and maybe the Lord will revisit those but I found and I know Shelley's found that we do our best work we when we do focus on one thing at a time and I've learned before there's really no such thing as you know doing something really well when you're trying to multitask it really takes focus there's even research on that yeah but Isaiah 30:21 is how we're gonna pray your own ear we'll hear him right behind you a voice will say this is the way you should go whether to the right or to the left and Lord we ask that we would hear your spirit leading us and giving us that laser being focus knowing which direction to take one step at a time I just pray that more than anything we would be focusing on you and allowing you to lead and guide our writing ministry and Lord that anything that would serve as a distraction lord I pray that you you would just remove those things and help us to really again be able to prioritize and focus on one thing at a time and really to seek your clarity on what it is right now yes it is want us to focus on you know July 6 2009 teen what do you want right now from me Lord whatever date you're listening to this yeah and Lord we just ask for not only that focus but really ears to hear and eyes to see where you're leading us and that we would be a people that would follow you that we wouldn't just follow every little you know I almost just think of a dog who is running loose running wild and their their nose is just taking them from one tree to the next or one bush or one smell to the next and they're they're having a great time they're all over the place but I almost just picture you know us you know we we want to be focused and we want to yes enjoy the journey we want to be about that but we want to focus on the things that are most important in in terms of what you want to accomplish through us Lord and so I pray that we would be able to overcome any spirit of distraction in our lives and we ask this in Jesus name yes and Lord as I as a creative person as a person who's creating what ever here it is you're creating many times our superpower is having vision and having ideas and we don't we don't want those ideas to stop we don't want that vision to stop that is actually part of the gift and the strength that you have given to us as creators as creatives as writers and so continue to pour out your ideas but Lord we pray for wisdom and discernment right now in Jesus name of which are for now which are for later or which are just a discard and I just got this picture of like that each of you each of us it's like we're shopping with God in a jewelry store and we're walking by each of the display cases and you know discussing each of the options this ring this watch this you know if you're a woman earrings necklace you know whatever it is and God eventually stops and he points to the one that you will get today and is gonna be different for every single one of you amen it's gonna be different but you excitedly put it on and you can't wait to show her everyone because you know you have that peace that God has said this is the one for right now this is the idea to go forward with this is the book to do right now this is where to market right now and you have this peace because you can come back to the same store for the next item later the store will still be there it's not going anywhere and so you just have that peace that passes all understanding as you start to just work on that one thing that God has shown you for today and we just thank you for this Lord in Jesus name Amen amen and so moving now to the very last obstacle the fifteenth obstacle that we want breakthrough in is physical pain physical pain and when we're talking about physical pain were talking about health issues you know I we sometimes might say I can't concentrate on my book because I'm in pain and if any of you have a health issue or pain share that specifically in the comments and begin praying for one another too because we really believe that we serve a God who heals yea he is a healing God and so we want to pray over each of you if this is something that you're you're dealing with yeah you know Paul he had what he called this thorn in the side hmm and it says in 2nd Corinthians 12 8 to 10 3 different times I begged the Lord to take it away yes and each time he said my grace is all you need my power works best in weakness so now I am glad to boast about my weaknesses so that the power of Christ can work through me that's why I take pleasure in my weaknesses and in the insults hardships persecutions and troubles that I suffer for Christ for when I am weak then I am strong Lord we we give you all of our physical issues we give you anything that we're dealing with it's been painful and lord I just ask that if there's anyone out there who is feeling physical debilitation and you desire to heal them lord I just pray that you bring healing in Jesus name but lord if there are others of us who might be dealing with an issue and man we have prayed for years and yet you have specifically told us no son no daughter I am going to use this for my glory I am going to use this out of your weakness out of your ailment there are going to be glorious things that I bring about in order to reach a lost and dying world that can identify with that pain that can identify with that struggle Lord we give you all of these physical ailments I even give you mental issues or emotional types of distress any any of those things Lord we ask that you would bring healing if you will be more glorified in that but Lord if you will be more glorified in any of these weaknesses just as Paul have lifted up how he begged three times and you said mate sunlight my grace is sufficient you're going to make it if that's your answer for us Lord then I pray that we would accept that with grace and peace and that we would be able to operate in such a way that we rise above that in order to accomplish what you're wanting to do through us so Lord would you just do supernatural things despite Jesus in spite of any of these physical ailments or obstacles that have come our way but Lord would you bring healing to the person maybe even on this broadcast right now would you be glorified through any healing right now that someone is dealing with and has dealt with for a long time and we speak that healing in Jesus name and we thank you you are the great physician and we do thank you for for men and women who are or doctors we thank you for all of them and yet we also know Lord that you can bring about a supernatural healing if that's what you desire as well and so we just we lift your name up on high in spite of anything that we might be dealing with and we ask this in Jesus name yeah Lord we pray for healing for Pamela who has the occasional migraine or that you would just remove that you would get to the core of what might be causing that you would give wisdom to Pamela to any doctors and God that you would just break that cycle that it would end in Jesus name and pray for Rebecca who has head neck back and shoulder pain and also Jennifer that struggles with as well where we pray for for from the tops of their head all the way down there the neck the shoulders in there back there to be healing God in that lifts the pain Lord almost like there's like a cloud and you just remove that cloud and we just pray God that you would even give them wisdom if there's any economics any changes and there you know Workstation anything you know anything that they need to do but Lord we just ask for healing in Jesus name we pray for Larry who has pain in his back hips feet in hands but that his greatest pain is in his heart so we do pray Lord for the physical healing as well as the emotional healing for Larry right now and yes yes we know that you heal the brokenhearted and you set the captives free and we know that you are the healer and so we just ask for you to heal Larry right now yes and let me pray for Gwen who has some pain and her neck and shoulders and makes it difficult to write on the computer and we just pray Lord that you would just be through whatever is the issue that's holding her back and that's causing this pain and we just pray that you would bring healing to her in Jesus name and I just got a picture as I was praying about this one and it was like each of you are in a race and maybe those of you that that do have some physical pain it's it's you know it's like you got injured in the midst of that race and you're thinking I can't finish I can't finish what I started you know I can't can't do all the things that God's calling me to do now you know it's like I'm done and all of a sudden I saw Jesus come up and he started carrying you and he carried you yes across the finish line yeah and he through his power is carrying you right now mm-hmm whatever you need wherever you're at he is there for you and so we just thank you Lord that you are our healer you are the one that gives us what we need to cross that finish line and wherever rachet and we pray to us in Jesus name Amen yeah amen well we have covered 15 and what I'll do is I'll just quickly recap every single one of those for those of you watching on Facebook all of this is in the description of the video for those of you listening on the podcast it would be in the podcast notes a list of the things and then the list of the scriptures yeah so all of these 15 obstacles we covered first one is self doubt and unworthiness the second is comparison the third is fear the fourth is people-pleasing v is insecurity the sixth is procrastination seven perfectionism eight lack of boundaries nine writer's block ten regret eleven shame twelve overwhelm thirteen scarcity mindset fourteen distraction and fifteen physical pain you know these are just fifteen obstacles that we've sensed in our own lives that can be hindrances to what God wants to do in through our write writing and that he wants to bring breakthrough in one way shape or form it's the most common things that we hear from you yeah so you know we've had author ideas Academy now for over four years moving into Christian book Academy been mentoring writers in some capacity for over eight years and so we've heard these same things from you over and over again so if any of you felt that you got a breakthrough in a certain area we would love to hear tell us in the comments share a testimony of anything that you felt like was like an aha moment maybe it was a picture that was shared or scripture that was shared what is your takeaway from today what kind of breakthrough did God bring to you because I am truly believing that whether you're watching this live today or you're watching the replay 5 years later that the Holy Spirit gonna work and he's going to flow through this prayer meeting to bring breakthrough for each of you in a certain area and I know that for some of you this is going to be a turning-point moment for you yeah and so we would love to hear your what was your takeaway what what kind of breakthrough did you feel like you got today through this time this is gonna be living forever on our Facebook page and on our podcast so you can listen to it over and over and over and I will put timestamps on it so that you can go back to that specific prayer for that specific thing if one day you're feeling self-doubt you can go specifically right to where it is and in the prayer meeting and so this is a resource that you can come back to over and over again you can share with people and we want you to also join us this is the kick-off for our breakthrough series so we're actually going to go through it's gonna be the first 12 that we covered today we're gonna be going through those in more detail we're gonna be recording them here on Facebook live and then the recordings will go to our podcast kingdom writers and so set your calendars for Wednesday and Friday at 1 P 1 p.m. Mountain 3 p.m. Eastern we're gonna be coming and bringing you more detailed like tips and training on each of these obstacles so that it's gonna be more practical today we just want to get in there and like you know get the initial prayer and the breakthrough and then we're gonna like you know really go through each one in more detail so it's really exciting the next six weeks are gonna be jam-packed with helping you to really move forward as a writer tell the Christian writers you know it can be any genre fiction nonfiction children's book poetry bloggers I mean it can be any writer tell them about this series and so that they can also get that breakthrough and again let us know in the comments share this with your friends thank you guys so much for being here always is so fun one of my love languages and I think CJ's two is quality time and so just to be here live with you and then to interact with you on an ongoing basis as you watch the replay on Facebook is so fun and its really been a joy to be here with you today and I just want to reiterate that the reason we started off with this this whole prayer meeting is we really believe prayer is the key that will unlock those stubborn doors Amen that just need to come open and that the Lord wants us to walk through in terms of our writing and every one of us have dealt with these obstacles that we listed but I just want to encourage all of you just keep praying keep coming to the Lord and keep mentioning your prayer requests and we're we're a team we're we're all we're all on Team Jesus yes and we want to fight for one another or comrades in battle and with prayer and with us allowing the Lord to go before us nothing nothing can overtake us and so god bless you guys and we're excited for what's ahead all right thanks guys bye-bye bye-bye

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