15 Books Warren Buffett Thinks Everyone Should Read

32 thoughts on “15 Books Warren Buffett Thinks Everyone Should Read

  1. Hello Aluxers, Which of these 15 Books have you read so far?

    Get any of them for free when you sign up at: https://www.alux.com/freebook (Thanks to Audible)

    15 Books Bill Gates Thinks You Should Read: https://youtu.be/a47dqygseGo

  2. Buffett got started as a child reading a book called "1000 ways to make $1000", cheap little book is really good.

  3. Lmao, all those books are EXTREMELY difficult to comprehend. I've bought the audiobook and the hard cover of The Intelligent Investor and it's still difficult to get through.

  4. Great List of Informative, Helpful Books & Her Voice Is Very Pretty & Feminine. Excellent Combination!

  5. When I told my daughter about this list she said, "I have no time for ultrarich people who have time to read 500 pages a day because they've got everybody else doing everything else for them" None of these books is about developing more effective interpersonal relationships. It takes more than stock market to be truly rich.

  6. What about How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie? That’s the book Buffet repeatedly sites as one of the most influential in his life, so it’s an insult that it’s not included here – yet, books by Buffet or about him are.

  7. I have just one question for you and that [ Is that femal voice made/told by AI as u r too decicated and up to date with a new video everyday ,it is hard for a person not to be sick and if u r sick someday then that pitch and frequency of your voice would be hard to maintain.] So conclusion: 1)Either u keep yourself tooo good.
    2) AI helps u

  8. Read The Richest Man In Babylon, The Millionaire Next Door and The Intelligent Investor! Stop Living Rich and Live Like A Millionaire. Google any of these books and download the free PDF file version. 😉

  9. I think in future it is good to have a bachelor degree to master all those influential books b'se our education system is so tough 😢 in such a way that I don't have free time to study all those book which are the most important in my life.

  10. For me my first read will be INTELLIGENT INVESTOR by Benjamin Graham. I would like to know by the way, how to properly read books effectively, sometimes I get struggled trying to understand deeply on comprehending them. I would like to hear a video, specifically on just that. Thank you @Alux.

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