1356 A Novel By Bernard Cornwell

26 thoughts on “1356 A Novel By Bernard Cornwell

  1. The reading is quite good, but where was the voice director? He or she failed to correct such mispronunciations as “risible” with a long “I” instead of a short one, and “bishop’s crosier” pronounced in error to rhyme with “frowsier”.

  2. Thanks for the upload – I enjoyed all the three books of the Grail Quest and this fourth book about the Archer.

  3. Plot
    Go with God and Fight Like the Devil.
    A fascinating hero and the pursuit of a sword with mythical power – this is the remarkable new novel by Britain’s master storyteller, which culminates at the Battle of Poitiers in 1356.
    Thomas of Hookton, a veteran of Crecy and many other battles, is the leader of a mercenary company of bowmen and men-at-arms who ravage the countryside east of Gascony …

  4. Absolutely fantastic reading! Such a pleasure to listen to. Great combination, great story and beautiful reading! Thank you very much for uploading this!

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