12 Rules for Life – Jordan Peterson – Official Book Trailer

Nos enfocamos demasiado en la idea de felicidad, el problema de ello es que desviamos nuestra atención de objetivos que podrían ser más productivos Es mucho mejor apuntar hacia el sentido que a la felicidad. 12 reglas para la vida es acerca de como vivir propiamente frente vulnerabilidad, tragedia y malicia. Una de las ideas que se presentan en “12 Reglas para la Vida” es que la vida, la existencia es útilmente caracterizada como una interacción de orden y caos; o lo conocido y lo desconocido. Siempre estás esforzándote por balancear ambos. Si lo que haces es demasiado conocido te aburres, y si demasiado desconocido, entonces estás ansioso, y lo que quieres es encontrar el equilibrio entre ambos. y eso está significado por el Sentido. Si puedes conseguir ambos adecuadamente, entonces puedes tener la tarta y comértela también. Espero que las personas puedan hacer suya la la idea de que existe un modo de ser – estar frente a la vulnerabilidad y la tragedia de la vida que es noble, poderoso y capaz de sostenerlos en los peores momentos posibles sin tornase en corruptos o amargados. 12 Reglas para la Vida, Un Antídoto al Caos. Jordan B. Peterson Disponibles en todos los lugares de venta de libros, libros digitales y audiolibros.

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  1. what would the words be on prehistoric civilasations . and we being a not knowledgeable energi source for taxiation in some form …

  2. I never heard of this guy, until I just watched some contrived video on Facebook (just now) trying to defame the man. Instead of being shocked or appalled (which the uploader of that video was going for i.e because Jordan isn't cowering down to all this artificial political correctness) I jumped straight to Youtube to subscribe to the man.

    Thank you virtue signaling SJW for guiding me here.

  3. How many liberals does it take to screw in a light bulb? Three. One to hold the light bulb and two to attack him for his divisive, exclusionary and insensitive use of pronouns.

  4. Please Jordan for the love of "peoplekind" run for Prime Minister or at least Premier of Ontario!!! Give us some hope to save our society! 😀

  5. Is Jordan Bernt Peterson Dangerous or is it the Interpretation of the Bias?

  6. I am a religious person and a Master Mason.  Your book is at the very top of – what I consider to be – the material that has most affected the way I view myself and the world for the better.

  7. Peters son from Jordan would have known better then to think he was the almighty rulers of the causmos.
    It came out of the north!
    Damned Canadians.
    With their soory ast mens figure skating with sticks. What the he'll am I watchin here anyway a old man trying to rebrand the ten commandments.
    In the image of man? Whatever happened to love thy neighbor as thyself. Do we really need this guy?

  8. I like Jordan Peterson, but I was distracted by the music—gorgeous! What is that piece/composer? Sounds a bit like a neo-Baroque piece by Philip Glass.

  9. Thank you. I just finished the second chapter of your book and it moved me. I had to take a break to express my sincerest gratitude.

  10. I love the book and I especially would like to thank you for READING the book yourself for the audiobook variant! I found the book to be a source of inspiration to me as a young man as well as a handbook for the future when I have my own kids (referring to the chapter on parenting). Absolutely golden. Thank you for writing it!

  11. The information in chapter one mirrors my own experience, as I explained in this video many years ago, long before this book was released: https://youtu.be/duPhEMzeLCA?t=26m57s

  12. Dr. Peterson could your book be translated into Hindi so that I could gift it to my non English speaking father who like you is also a seeker of truth and a classic liberal with the right touch of conservatism.

  13. As I suggested to a Peterson fan friend of mine a few months ago, the good Professor looks headed for wicked enatiadromic reversal. His endless giving-of-himself and his voracious appetite for fresh crosses to bear (did I see him offering dating advice somewhere?) is the psychic slingshot for a bad-ass Shadow reversal. He looks emaciated and on the verge of emotional collapse. The Guru always reverses, his hand invariably discovered in some verboten cookie-jar: 'have her bathed and brought to my tent for private instruction'.

    This isn't an ad hominem on Dr. Peterson. It's the retracement of a timeworn archetypal trajectory. Stop ministering to us Dr! It's killing you!

  14. I love you so much. I'm not saying you're a prophet, but you have helped me so much with my coming of age throughout the 2016 election and helping me think for myself without telling me well "jesus is the son of god, shut up and read your bible" ….. so that's my perspective on how I've felt about all of this (I've read the bible), especially with the internet where chaos is right in my house, sometimes uninvited. Anyways, I just really appreciate the philosophical and psychological perspective that has helped me find my own thoughts and guided me to my own version of my own reality. It just makes sense to me and of all the knowledge and wisdom I have obtained in this life, im 25, yours was there in a crucial point in time. Thank you, I don't imagine you will read this but whatever.

  15. Jordan, you have changed my life for the better. I started following because of the C-16 bill, but your life advice has changed me. I was the one clinging to the life raft when the rescuers were trying to save me. While I still don't have it all figured out, I do know that I can find my own way. I have the strength inside of me that will carry me through this life. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  16. Thanks for the book, sharing your talks, and fighting for the truth!
    So you're saying my daughter should just give up and play with her Cindy dolls?

  17. Customer Questions on Amazon are turned off it appears. I just want to know how young of a reader could understand this book. 13? I'm thinking it's too late to ingest this material at adulthood – or at least, it would be better to ingest it much earlier.

  18. Dr. Peterson. I couldn't find or be sure about the proper way to contact you but I have a question that I would really appreciate you answering, and it stems from your interview with Russell Brand. The two of you touched on the exponential growth of success, and you categorized the phenomenon, as – how I took it- a side-effect of the nature of success itself, something that is possibly consequential to human quality. I agree with this, as it only makes sense. You also mentioned this by proxy when you spoke of the Canadian tribe with a tradition of literal physical wealth distribution due to the fact that, the successful got more successful, inevitably leaving a large impoverished demographic. Do you believe there are viable modern equivalents? I ask also, because you had mentioned that Russell Brand most likely had more opportunities than he could take or would want. You were right. So, do you believe this same rule applies in the realm of socioeconomics? Why not make up for the >60% productivity/wage gap by reimbursing a sizeable percentage of that gap to workers and consumers in perhaps the form of a state wage or possibly by paying workers the same one would get for a 40 hour week and give them a 20 hour week? I know you're a stickler for gaps lol and so am I, but with the particular set of nuances in mind, I still tend to agree that there is, even with the current rate of waste, the faculties to implement regulations or government subsidization programs similar to the ones I mentioned. I'd really like to know how you feel about this. Thanks!

  19. I think the 7,000 likes and 64 dislikes pretty much sums up how many people are against Dr Peterson – almost none. Such a small percentage that they should just go away.

  20. one of the rules of life is being honest when apologizing and not weave in "Sub plots" to justify your position trying to maintain shutting someone up at the same time.
    "the thing about jordan peterson"

  21. Dr. Peterson, I am from Slovenia ( as Slavoj Žižek:)). My country has been one of the republics in Yugoslavia. Almost 30 years we are independent but still can't overcome socialistic mind. It seemes it becomes stronger not weeker. I understand you study the Bible from your professional aspect. Would you conssider to listen to dr. R.C. SPROUL? I would like to hear your upinion on him. Thank you and wish you all the good in your professional and personal life.

  22. Received the hard back today. Can’t wait to start reading it. You are one of the most needed people in our current time. Thank you for stepping up!

  23. I have two question.
    How do you apply the 12 rules with someone who has illness such as vertigo and fibermalysia were the day to day is battle?
    Are there other books that can help battling normal life and the above illness?

  24. The ancient Greek goal, as spoken of by Aristotle, was Eudaimonea – meaning the good state of the soul. This has often been poorly translated as "happiness," which is associated with a feeling of pleasantry; a sensation that is not always equivalent to your well-being.

  25. Peterson's book has wise advice for any age. Buy one for a relative who is "stuck in neutral". Incremental change does work, as Peterson recommends

  26. ~1/2 kids today don't have a father. God bless you Dr. Peterson for being an authoritative and competent figure to say HEY! CUT THE CRAP! You're a hero to my generation. Thank you.

  27. Two rules, in no particular order, and one opinion about the notion of an absolute reality (my two cents).

    Reality Rule:
    Reality is exactly whatever you “honestly” think it is. When new information causes you to change your mind about reality, then reality becomes, again, exactly whatever you honestly think it is, it’s the best you can do.

    Life Rule:
    Your life is the willful animation of You, and you do it in effort to accomplish one and only one thing. A goal that is exactly the same goal for every single one of us and if you achieve it, you simply will no longer animate (this may sound trivial but, as a support, I think this concept was touched on with the human experiment done in the movie “Serenity”). The goal is simply to get rid of all of your stress. “All” of it, including all stimuli coming in through your nervous system. To be more clear, there is no such thing as an act that you commit that has nothing to do with you getting rid of your own stress. To test this, think of what you do, then think of how you will feel overall, if you don’t do it. I’m pretty sure that you will determine that your overall state of being will be more stressful if you don’t and that is exactly why you do it. If I’m wrong, please share your example.

    Opinion on absolute reality:
    I don’t have much concern for the concept of absolute reality because I can’t see how any one of us can be justifiably certain that we are accessing it. Given that you don’t know everything, new information has the potential for changing up to everything you do know. So if you change your mind today about what you thought was absolutely real yesterday, who’s to say you won’t change your mind tomorrow about what you think is absolutely real today? All you have is your best guess, any assertion beyond that is the ordinary person’s wishful thinking and the manipulator’s wet-dream. The only generally beneficial use for speaking in absolutes is for efficiency of communication, not assertion of truth.

  28. I hear you. My gender is female, my son is male. I am a widow. However, the grass is green and flowers bloom in multi colors. LIfe is Good, why muck it up with confusion?

  29. Mr Peterson if you ever come to Greece to do a talk or some other business I would love to make an appointment with you. I will pay you as much as I can, even two hours I think could help me tremendously. Wish you all the best.

  30. Hey Dr Peterson! THANK you for being an actual vessel of truth in these times. I was once a typical bleeding heart liberal but over the course of the past 4 years after everything I have seen with my old party, I can't be part of that vitriol and petulance. Your book so far has been an exceptional read and I look forward to more from you. Thank god you exist! Have a great Monday!


  32. I bought the book, I'm enjoying it so much… I'm in chapter three, and I feel I have to go back again and again to make the most of this jewel. Thank you Doctor Peterson.

  33. Sir Jordan B Peterson can have your mailing address please? I will be overwhelmed if you can make it possible. Thanks

  34. Just another ''intellectual'' trying to sell the disenfranchised snake oil tonics and potions. Chaos is not the enemy, the enforcement of a singular order is our enemy.

  35. Please Mr Peterson, refer to males and females by their chromosomes XX and YX this will shut us all the people who believe they are in between as there is no scientific human chromosomes beside the XX and XY wit the exception of few hermaphrodites, 0.000000000001 % of world population. .

  36. Do you think that social media makes it harder for people to get over a relationships falling apart because you are surrounded by what they do? Without globalization, people would hardly see/speak to their previous significant other, as it would be too hard. These days, social media makes it readily available for said people to check up on everything they are doing. I feel this manipulates the grieving process.

  37. Keep up the great work Jordan. Would love to hear more of your perspective regarding creativity and the role of the artist in modern society. Fascinated by the statistics you touched on regarding the top 5% creating 80% of the art, music, etc.. and how that pattern can be found throughout many fields. Any ideas why those patterns exist? How can those monopolies be better distributed?

  38. I found your work to bridge the gap of what I understood spiritually. What you are recognizing about human cognitive function in the current environment is the mystery of lawlessness described by Paul in 2 Thessalonians 2. It’s only going to get worse as this generation is one of clicks and instant gratification. I could go on Tinder and never understand that the crux of love is sacrifice. That’s where Islam fails. Between abrogation and enforcing a political religious ideology that supports jihad and lying, you will never reconcile it. Just like esoteric philosophy. These are all lies. I spent time running a reverse Hegelian dialectic examining biblical prophecy. In fact, it was three years of deep meditation. When you remove the leaven of these ideologies you find the truth that you discovered. Unfortunately the spiritual side is much harder to digest than the human condition. It’s like the debate on gender pronouns. If you give credence to such nonsense, you give credence to no understanding and confusion. Yet liberals cannot understand it’s a damning ideology. I enjoyed what I’ve read and heard from you. I’d encourage you to go through the thought process if the pre flood conditions were like the Mideast religions of old. No spiritual veil. Then you’d understand how the children of God in isolation couldn’t work as a cohesive unit. There were those that obeyed and those that rebelled. I recognize that the last generation that was wiped out was tribalistic and violent. But God provided Noah to redeem those willing to accept their fallen nature and impending doom. Which by nature defines a loving God. However, like the Job dilemma, humans focus on God testing a righteous man, rather than God knowing that he would overcome the test and be able to establish the hierarchy necessary to produce Christ and reconcilement from the Fall. These are things lost in doctrines and moral codes established in modern Christianity. As Christ said in Matthew 22:36-40 and John said in Revelation 5:3-4, no one but Christ was able to reverse the fall but the one who could love God with all his heart and man like himself. Just trying to push your thoughts further, as you genuinely research and vet ideas.

  39. Dr. Peterson,

    It seems to me that society as a whole is "lagging behind" our knowledge. We know what is needed for a productive and satisfying life, yet there are many people who fall far short of this. Life is more complicated than this; however, just the postive striving towards a better life is a step in the right direction. So, with the proper education and implemention of our current "basket" of available information would be an improvement.

    We know, for instance, what it takes to make a poor uneducated person no longer need financial support from a government and become independent, yet millons of uch able-bodied people remain poor. Politicians know that only throwing money a this problem does not work, but the money continues to flow and with no mention of substantial efforts which can actually help. The only conclusion I can reach is that such politicians want people to remain poor.

    This and other example of society lagging behind our knowldge makes me think that this lag is at least partially intentional for reasons of political and financial control. If implementing our knowledge intelligently would create more peace, why not do this?

  40. Mister P. pickup arts is the solution to the war on men. It is not manipulating woman its about manipulating ur self to be a better men. Subsequentially the women like u more. Give the most pickup artist a chance that they are just trying to increse emotional and social inteligence in men.

  41. Hello, i like your work very much, but i was wonder if any of your books are translated to spanish. Greetings from Argentina 🙂 .

  42. Clean up your room is so essential Dr Peterson. Please focus on how to explain this topic to our younger generation. They are taught they should deal with political policies, climate change and constantly encouraged that they can bring the change in our society. It’s like trying to run without learning how to walk.

  43. JP's 12 rules for life:

    1. Plagiarise and reheat Aristotle and Nietzsche and pass off their ideas as your own. You'll get away with it, because millennials probably won't have heard of them and certainly won't have read either.
    2. When faced with a counter argument just rebuff it with: "there's not a shred of evidence to support that view… " Doesn't matter if there is evidence or not, just keep saying it to any response you don't agree with.
    3.Never smile. Ever. Always look mean, moody and po-faced.
    4. Repeat these 3 rules until you get to 12. Millennials won't get past number 3 anyway, before being distracted by a WhatsApp message or the latest cute cat video on twitter so you'll be fine. No one will suss you.

  44. Dr. Jordan Peterson's lectures and book have helped inspire me to change my life for the better.

    I recently saw him speak in Philadelphia and I want to thank him from the bottom of my heart for the positive difference he is helping to create in the world.

    He is a role-model for all.

  45. If no one is translating in Korea yet, I would like to. I'm curious about the difference of international edition.

  46. I’m your admirer from a far land of Indonesia.It’s been a pleasure and an “eye opening” journey to watch and hear your lecture these past week (God bless for internet). I can relate to your lecture in so many ways despite of my cultural and religion believe differences. “So it must be the truths” so i thought. Thats why i decided to dedicate some of my time to study and think more about what you said (especially about the usefulness of self-awareness and telling the truth).

    For some background about myself, i am a 24 years old useless, burden of my society, complete waste of space, and a disgrace to my family man. My own father almost killed me couple of times, completely abusive, and my mother is more or less the same. So my childhood is somewhat rough (but im survive and im thankful for that). I was a very agreeable man and always do what my society want me to do. That happened until i went to a graduate school (i went to the united state for college, which not for very long cause i decided that i have no “meaning” there. Therefor i have no will power to finish anything that time). Not until long ago that i decided to find meaning so i can break free from my own prison mainly because i was starting to think kind of suicidle. And i thank God that i stumble upon your video that explain the important of “clean your room”. Implementing that, i started to experience somewhat clarity to my path. Thats a summary for my background.

    I decided that my ultimate purpose of my life is to help others to find a way like i did. But at the same time make a legacy for myself for doing so. Im just a high school graduate. Here in Indonesia its imposible to get in to any graduate school after 23 years old (so far that i know of). So i am mostly self thought. In your opinion, where ahould i start? When should i start to think that i am capable and worthy enough to “tell other”? What is the most fundamental idea should i learn about “being a decent human being” first?

    I know it’s unlikely that my post will be answer by you (or even read for that matter). But if for some goddam miracle you did read it i just want you to know that i am really grateful you exist and we might never meet but i just want you to know that i always pray for you and your family well being and streghtening your power to spread more “common sense” to more and more people.

    Thank you

  47. Thank you for being so inspiring! Your integrity is such a great teacher. Thanks a tonne & know that you are making the world a better place with your genuine, honest & compassionate teachings Sir. 👍👍👍👍💐💐💐💐🤗

  48. Just bought 4 of them to my friends and family. Smartest thing I have ever done. Now they have booked tickets to his tour, with their friends. Influenced about 15 people with those book gifts!

  49. 1 Stand up straight with your shoulders back
    -Say that to Stephen Hawkins!
    2 Treat yourself like someone you are responsible for helping
    -I prefer to treat me with a bit of sense of humor

    3 Make friends with people who want the best for you

    -I´m a bit of a misanthrope 
    4 Compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not to who someone else is today
    -I don’t compare myself to anyone, not even my yesterday self!

    5 Do not let your children do anything that makes you dislike them
    -Nothing would make me dislike my sons

    6 Set your house in perfect order before you criticize the world
    -I have people that do that for me

    7 Pursue what is meaningful (not what is expedient)
    -That would make life just boring

    8 Tell the truth – or, at least, don't lie

    -I don’t need to lie

    9 Assume that the person you are listening to might know something you don't

    -I don’t assume, I size that up

    10 Be precise in your speech
    -Sometimes you need to be vague to stablish a point
    11 Do not bother children when they are skateboarding
    -That will depend on where are they skateboarding on

    12 Pet a cat when you encounter one on the street


    Well, life is to short!, why don't we add a rule, the 13º rule: Don't take anything to seriously…

  50. Read the Bible – Start with John in the New Testament. The Bible is GOD'S Love letter to everyone. Revering the Lord is the Beginning of all Wisdom.

  51. You guys know where I can find it, but in Mexico? I have been looking for it 3 months and I haven't been able to track it.

  52. Thanks for ur inspirational words u made me feel like there's still hope n wat I feel is more normal but fixable. I hope the are audio tapes of ur books I feel they with help me understand myself better and improve

  53. Thank you Jordan for this book.
    I have suffered over 20 years with mental illness and was recently diagnosed with border line personality disorder.
    I did DBT therapy to help and reading your book has spoke to me in so many ways..
    Seeing the middle ground.
    Radical acceptance.
    treating myself better
    This is helped me in so many areas of my life ..
    I thank you Jordan

  54. I laughed hard skimming the book. Similar in age, background philosophy to Bill Maher in life, except 100% disabled. physical disability changes perspective, if someone doesnt agree, they havent much experience with disabled lives. His book is amusingly ablest.

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