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every had turned every IANA place into a found Harry to help him frozen in the glare of thousands of invisible beams then a figure rose from the southern table faith Jackson's just 11 years old but she's already read more than 2,000 books in the last three years when I really really started liking books was probably when I was about eight and that was because my mom read to me a lot and I just decided that I wanted to talk meeting books it was really really challenging to get faith into reading she found it really difficult at first and just seemed like a switch seemed to flick and I was quite relieved that the that it happened because I had quite recently met her all Harry Potter books which took a really long time you try reading aloud it takes ages so over a few months we read all the hypotenuse so yes she finally started to read to herself and it was just shocking how over a period of six months or so she went from really not be able to read at all still having to sound out every word to zooming through say a famous five book or two in that just last year she read a whopping 1151 books an average of three per day first ever started counting them and which was when I just started really enjoying reading we wrote and down on paper there's a list on my wall of them that was the that was summer holidays and that was the first ever time we started counting them and then we never really stopped past then this is a beast of Olympus book which the author who she's calling Lisa Coates dedicated to me and and it says for faith Jackson who reads enough books to feed Griffin was amazing really because there are so many other books and other people who've had books dedicated to them it just once being dedicated to me the best thing about it has been that it shows people that it isn't just the best-selling authors it's not just David Walliams and JK Rowling and people like that you obviously are the top sellers for a reason and they are brilliant books but it's great to let people know about the new authors about people and maybe don't get all the media 10 there's more than 300 books on her to read pile but there's just one story she says she'll always go back to definitely how fast is my absolute favorite it is just like a little piece of magic really it's amazing book for both mom and daughter faith love of books has opened up a world of opportunities it's not all about being the first child to read and it's not all about starting school already able to read it's about nurturing love of books so you know if you do have a 4 5 6 7 even 8 year old who still isn't reading themselves and still not enjoying book then just keep reading to them and if you show them that you're enthusiastic about it then hopefully it will it will pass on to their maybe it's because in books you can just pretend if you've upset or something returned you're not upset about it or it's just a different world where everything is different so you don't have to think about what's going on in yours and it's much like magic world this year she's not keeping track of the numbers instead faiths taking the time to review every book she picks up in 2016 it's hard to imagine a life without stories for this little bookworm my room would be very empty I would be very bored sitting at home all the time with nothing to do apart from my clubs and just wouldn't be the same really a be smitten that's Manchester

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