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he deserts Elly and welcome back to my youtube channel on my youtube channel I promote books and I encourage people to read more books in this video I'm going to recommend 11 books for people who are beginning reading or are readers but do not read a lot so they can read these books and these books are bound to make you fall in love with reading reading is such a good habit but sometimes people just don't start off with the right book and they think that reading is not just their thing so the book that I'm going to recommend are both that are very easy but intriguing and amazing at the same time the books are from all genres and they are for all types of people so regardless of whether you are under 13 if you are a romantic if you like trilling nor birds or if you like methodological novels these books are the best recommendations that you can ever get so get ready to watch this video and get ready to add these books to your Amazon wishlist the link to the Amazon site is right there in the description so as soon as you see this video and you find a book that you want to buy and read you can just go to the description click the link and add that book to your list easily and grab those books ASAP and start reading again so the very first book that I want to recommend is Immortals of Meluha by commish so this book is the first book in a trilogy and I have not completed the trilogy as yet but the writing style is so amazing ameesha has been praised by so many people across the media so many people love amines because of his beautiful writing style inclusive of me it's very easy but intriguing his writing style has that thing you know you just can't put it down and that same thing happens with you when you read Immortals of Meluha in his book Shiva is retold or rather reimagined as a man who was a Tibetan immigrant living in the age of Indus Valley Civilization while you read it while you're reading this book it'll be good if you do not think of him as the god Shiva because that will just hinder your reading experience just grab this book and start reading it and I bet you'll love this book so much the next will be the namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri now if you watch my channel regularly you know this book features in almost all my top 10 or top 11 videos because this is a favorite book of mine this book is about a boy named Gogol Ganguly who is living abroad in America with a name like Gogol Ganguly so everybody makes fun of him but eventually he learns to accept his name and I really really love this story because it introduces you to so many new things it has that Indian connect it has that Indian living abroad connect it has so many things in just about three hundred pages which is absolutely amazing Champa ladies writing style is also so brilliant that once you read Champa lady you just can't stop reading her I love Jhumpa Lahiri's she's one of my favorite authors and I definitely recommend The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri but in case you don't want to read the novel you can also read interpreter of maladies by Jhumpa Lahiri which is a collection of short stories and I even love in case you don't want to read this novel because it's 300 pages long you can pick up jumpin' iris interpreter of maladies which is a collection of short stories which is equally brilliant if you like reading romantic novels if you're a romantic person yourself then I think Janus periods nine chambered heart will change your views on love life forever this book was one hell of an amazing read and when I did it I just couldn't stop crying this book portrays one woman from the perspective of nine people whom she had loved or who had loved her the love plots have been explained so beautifully but feeling completely at the same time which just keeps you wondering no names have been mentioned no places have been mentioned this could be just about any time anywhere this could be the story of your life this could be the story of my life this could be the story of everybody's life and I just love Jannis various writing style you can also pick up Janie's periods seahorse it's also really really good in case you don't want to read short stories and novels either you can just buy unhurried tales by Ruskin Bond this is a collection of novellas novellas are very short novels so they are not short stories not novel there's something in between and I really enjoy novelas this collection also has one of my favorite novelist from Ruskin Bond that is time stops at Chumley it's an amazing tale about a man who meets his long-lost lover in Chumley and it's absolutely beautiful because she needs her after she is married and it's very poignant and moving and I don't know I cried a lot so the stories in this collection are time stops at Chumley bus stop people Nagar the last Tiger angry river the blue umbrella night of the leo pod steals our Costigan's so yeah these are the stories that are there in this collection so it's a really good deal because you get a hardcover I've just 500 rupees and so many novel as in it to children books recommendations the first will be black beauty by Anna Sewell this is not really a children's book though I enjoy this even as an adult now and the thing is I have really great connect with Black Beauty so basically this was the very first book that I ever read in my life time when I was in classified we got this project to read the book and the options well Black Beauty Wind in the Willows something by n is written and something else I just forgot those two the thing is I picked a black beauty my father brought me this book from the library I did not have a library membership till then I'd read black beauty and I was so moved I just couldn't stop trying that was the 9 or 10 year old me just crying away her heart because of this pretty and beautiful horse and all the hardships that she had to face I just loved this book and I asked my father to enroll me in the library so Black Beauty has a really really personal story with me and I think that this book is one of those books that move every and if you're an animal lover then this book will just tear you apart because it's absolutely beautiful and the next time you see a horse out there waiting to be door de pod I think you will avoid it and the next is a little princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett this book is about this girl who lives and this book is about a rich girl who goes to a boarding school but then she loses her father shoes so she becomes extremely poor but the mistress cannot do away with her because now she's her disability she has no living people to take care of her so now the mistress takes advantage of her and she makes her do all the maid walks in the place but she takes this pretty positively and she does her work very well and I really love this book because it gives the message that no matter what hardships come your way if you tackle them with a smile only good will come to you later on and that's why this book is so moving so good and so beautiful next will be letters from a father to his daughter by Jawaharlal Nehru I really love this book because of the illustrations in it it has some great illustrations with just complement the reading experience so in these letters Nehru has written to his daughter about several things about the planet which we study in lower classes and I absolutely love the beautiful father-daughter relationship which is portrayed in these letters the closeness between them I just love this book I this is one of those books that I give to every child comes to my home today it is enjoyable and informative at the same time in case you want to start with my ecology you can need in case you want to start with mythology you can read Norse mythology by Neil Diamond this book is amazing basically it's not a story it has many events from the Norse mythology and the thing is if you read such kinds of books you can know about a lot more things then you probably know now you definitely know about Thor already but there are so many characters in Norse mythology worth knowing about and this just increases your knowledge about the things in the world that you are still of so this is the kind of book that I want to recommend to anyone who's looking for both that will enrich their vocabulary and their knowledge in case you have enjoyed books like Harry Potter and divergent series you can pick this young adult book series called an ember in the ashes by Sabaa Tahir it's one of my favorite young adult book series and I absolutely love it although the book series is not completed yet only two books have been released and the third one is set to release this year only but I really enjoy this it's about a girl called liya meets Ilias and he leaned also loves this man called Ilyas Ilyas is a fighter he lean is a fighter too and I absolutely love the character of Helene even though she is not really the main hero in in this novel and I really wish when the series ends Helene ends up with Leah's but that does not seem to be happening but I really love Ilyas and he leaned together this is one of those books that just keep you on the edge and you just enjoy these books so much these books are only for the people who just want to read for the enjoyment of it and if you want to begin reading with some great books that will shock people around you that oh you have read such great books I recommend Franz Kafka's the metamorphosis metamorphosis is an amazing story by Kafka which is based on the theory of absolutism so basically there's this man called Gregor Samsa who wakes up on one morning and he realizes that he has been turned into an insect and the thing is this is not real but this this genre is called magical realism and the thing is as soon as it becomes an insect everybody treats him as a burden and basically the message is that when somebody just loses their abilities when somebody is no more worth it people just stop caring and that's so true and that's the real face of the society it's moving it's poignant it's just heartbreaking at the same time and last but not the least Murakami's men without women you know Murakami definitely Murakami is one of those authors whom every literature student just has to read but even if you are a beginner you can start reading origami with men and without women it's about men who are living without women obviously it's a collection of short stories it's very sad moving and amazing I absolutely love this collection of short stories and I just flip through it once in a while I love the stories in it and I love Murakami's writing style and I definitely think that you guys will love it too once you're done reading this books I think you can move on and try reading other books by the same authors if you like any of them and you can also move on to the same books in the similar genres that you have liked so these are all my recommendations for beginners I've also made a video last year on ten book recommendations for beginners it was not that good and I know that the quality of that video is not as good as this one but it's worth the watch I guess in case you are looking for books for beginners so I'll link that video down below and somewhere around here so that you can check that video out and I hope that will help you pick up the next great read in case you want to read more books in case you want to be an avid reader I have made videos for the same topic as well they will be all linked in the description down below and in case you enjoyed this video give this video a big thumbs up don't forget to comment below if you have read any of these books already and like them and in case you are not subscribed to my channel yet please make sure that you're subscribed to my channel because I post every week and you'll get some great reads to choose from if you stay it you into my channel then till my next video bye bye so and in case you enjoyed this video make sure that if you give though these books are pretty easy simple and amazing books so these are the kinds of books that can get you get ready to watch this video and get ready to add these books to your Amazon wishlist the list e now this book is a trilogy

22 thoughts on “11 Books for Beginners || Book Recommendations For All Types of People

  1. i believe khaleed hossaini bestseller are also good for beginners.
    the kite runner, and a thousand splendid suns there is one more not for beginners though it's "And the mountains echoed " by the same author.
    and thanks for all the suggestions.

  2. I'm quite astonished that you didn't mention The Alchemist at all. It should be the best book for beginners alongside with Amish. I mean that's how I started my journey …

  3. let me ask you a question. Why do people real fiction? for me it is a complete waste of time, I'd rather read non-fiction to improve my life in every direction. I don't know what people get reading fiction than entertainment. @Helly care to help me change my mindset towards fiction

  4. My favourite books…. Siddharth by Herman Hess
    The call of the wild
    Black Beauty..
    Uncle Tom's cabin
    The white tiger
    Cry, the beloved country
    The kite runner
    Yagyaseni by Pratibha Ray

  5. Madam ji I have lot's of time 4 practice I m very interested to be speak English something I speak but not going improve for a back long time..how I can I catch u your initial tips..4 the improve speaking.

  6. List of books she mentioned:
    Immortals of Meluha
    Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri
    Nine chambered heart by Janice Pariat
    Unhurried tales by Ruskun bond
    Black beauty by Anna Sewel
    A little princess
    Letters from a father to his daughter
    Norse mythology
    An ember in the ashes
    Men without women

  7. Hi Helly. I have been watching your videos for a while now and read a few books based on your recommendations and I can't thank you enough. I have read some great book reviews and recommendations from you. Big thumbs up 🙂 Keep Up Your Great Work ♥️

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