$1000 From One Book In One Month! (Low Content Book Publishing)

what's going on stackers so in this video I want to share how I've made $1,000 from one book in one month now if you new here my name is paddy and every single day I like to bring out videos teaching you how to make money with nothing more than your internet connection and your laptop so go hit subscribe and hit that little bell icon so you can be notified for any further videos also if you're serious about low and no content but publishing then check out that link in the description below to go to print in profits this course lays out everything that I did step by step to hit a thousand dollars per month within three months you can also get there by going to print in profits calm with no G so one thousand dollars earned in one month just from one book now this is the best that a book has performed for me I don't think I have actually had a book do so well in one month before now if you've been watching any of my previous videos you will know that I had oh I've had a notebook or a low content book sell really really well here in the UK it had a ranking in between 300 and a thousand for a couple of weeks and was bringing me in quite a lot of sales which you're going to see in a second so if we go to all-time and then we go to this month let that load up so so far this month I've done two thousand three hundred and seventy three dollars which I'm extremely happy about you can see my earnings per day just here so my best day I did a hundred and eighty seven dollars then it was down a little bit hundred and four seventy seven back up 234 and today so far just twenty dollars now if we rolled down a little bit further just to hear here is the book now with this book I'm not too sure if I'm going to do this I've had a thought recently about a different course that I could create now this is only if people want to see this and I think that quite a few people would like to see this and what is that well me doing case studies on all of my best-selling books so you could see my books my titles my covers my niches my pen names absolutely ever think about my bestsellers now this is just an idea at the minute I'm not too sure if I will actually do that but what do you think about that is that something that you would be interested in if it is leave a comment down below letting me know so anyway this book right here this is my best-selling book for the month and just this month alone I've sold over six hundred and four units almost half of my complete sales and that has made me 1040 dollars so I'm completely blown away by this now with this one this has started to slowly slow down with the sales because this is a seasonal notebook so it doesn't really sell all year round well it actually can but it's going to sell best round about this time of year then right below that is my absolutely best selling book to date this sells every single day this sells anywhere from 1 to 20 copies a day consistently pretty much since I've been since I've published this book and this month that's sold two hundred and seven units and made me five hundred and sixty-seven dollars see when it comes to publishing all you would need is a couple of books like this consistently bringing in those sales to make a decent income it all comes down to testing those niches to find those winners so if we scroll back up to here like I said really good month for me this month if we go to all-time let that load up for a second I was kind of hoping that this month would be the last month there's still another week or so a couple of weeks left so I might be able to break that if not I'm still extremely happy about this 2,300 to date this month then last month was my best month as you probably know with three thousand one hundred and sixty seven dollars earned in royalties now I hope you enjoyed the video if you did don't forget to give me a thumbs up also go hit subscribe and hit that little bell icon so you can be notified for any further videos that being said I've been patty this been stacking profit and I'll see you again soon

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  2. Yes and No. What I mean by that, is of course I want to know what sells, but that would mean everybody else would know too. I know you said that you aren't concerned about competition, but I don't want to see you lose all of your sales. Since you said that it's a seasonal thing, wait until the season is over to show us…

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