10 WWE Stars Who BURIED The Writers

[Applause] hello everyone out of you from what coaches here and this is a graphic representation of what it's like to do wrestling content on the Internet before the job opportunity yes great stuff I'm very lucky etc but here's what it's been like after the Jon Moxley interview yes all gone quiet now haven't you lads and for the record our coverage of WWE pay-per-view was almost always positive gushing in fact you see that jaw-dropping talk is Jericho episode incinerated the WWE creative process a process that us and all your other favorite wrestling youtubers have been saying for years is fundamentally rotten the talent is not the issue the talent broadly is exceptional it's just that it's tethered to the whims of a pure I'll tyrant on Mondays and Tuesdays and that's the only person the writers are really working to appease the smocks had a lot to get off his chest and trust me he wasn't the only one my name is Adam Cleary and these are 10 WWE stars who have buried the writers contend jon moxley yes we might as well start here since it inspired the list that specific moment in the pod when he recounted a typical day of his life in the follower Moxley awoke to read a message from a writer he didn't know who asked him to say some unspeakably lame pooper-scooper unicycle nonsense that night on Raw he then spent the remainder of the day in an anxious panic attempting to hide this copy from Vince McMahon then a throwaway line of something like a gas mask actually inspired creative to physically give him one Moxley understandably was mortified this work dread affected Moxley so badly that he started to feel physically sick every Monday morning he even told Vince McMahon this and given his depiction of the CEOs track record of wildly misinterpreting the Dean Ambrose character and the man behind it it's genuinely shocking he wasn't repackaged as the new drawers number 9 the big show so hated TV days as well it seems long useless time wasting bullshit days where you sit around all day for some freaking idea that absolutely sucks he called them we all have that look on TV we walk on baffled going why the hell are we doing this and show had good reason to express his contempt for the process being as he was a schizophrenic incontinent tearful wisecracking giant his character arc was so inconsistent that he became not the next Andre the Giant but a living meme since he had an ironclad contract dating back to 2012 when he said all this it wasn't as if WWE could just release him though they did subsequently demand he knock out Daniel Bryan and dusty rose so yes same number 8 p.m. punk Charles Montgomery Punk quite literally told the creative process to shreds when he revealed that he was once handed a scripted promo only to tear it up in front of the poor sap who had written it I love this story for the benefit of those who haven't seen the best in the world DVD a helpful Punk made certain to bury WWE's flagship in the early years of Ross through our era he referred to it in the middle of that very ring as dismal but it's 2014 art of wrestling podcast appearance was where he really went in on the pubes you've been charged with putting words into his mouth there's 26 writers and you don't know who they are and they've never been in a real fight in their life imagine imagine being told you have to write promos for CM Punk an experience I imagine is on a par with having to tell the rock you're going to chew all his meals for him and then Babybird them back into his mouth number 7 Lana yes so Lorna here pictured relaxing on a rare day off is what other girls referred to as a a messy bitch who loves the drama yes that's it long story short she simply lives for social media cat fights and loves subtweeting creative when they treat rusev as an afterthought for this we love her Exhibit A May the 20th when she wrote that she just loves watching shows and seeing stories I wrote and pitched given to other people this might be the 10th time this has happened in the past year the 10th time now precisely why you'd want to point WWE's TV product and proudly proclaim that yes me I wrote that is beyond me but still credit where it's due number six Colt Cabana colt cabanas creative has nothing for you show was a marvelous ironic indictment of just about everything wrong with WWE's writing department just to let the bass back to that statement sink in a wrestler wrote a far better show about wrestling than the people who write shows about wrestling toying with the writing staff total inability to understand the product Kabbalah exposed the rank stupidity and hypocrisy by heightening the satire in episode 59 the on-screen writer referred to the people as disgusting so often that it was essentially a word-for-word dramatization of the production meeting they would later result in Dean Ambrose's 2018 heal character as well as of course that viral video of the Scottish mother interrupting her two daughters because one of them doesn't know how to flush the toilet when named hi – this Thursday in episode 44 Capanna highlighted WWE's fondness for both America's type of woman and puns this was uploaded to YouTube in 2012 but by 2019 Charlotte Flair was saying ken doe stick while Lacey Evans is pushed far beyond her ability level bull and deeds I vibe Daniel Bryan never ever ever ever ever allow the brilliance of Daniel Bryan's he'll run to distract you from the fact that he literally had to ask for the turn because WWE somehow bought is Magic returned from retirement Brian played sidekick – Shane McMahon at WrestleMania 34 valiantly failed to elevate a big Cass and reformed team hell no in a brief but sharma sequel within months the magic was gone WWE had removed the rabbit from the Hat and then beat it to death key moment in all of this ahead of Bryan's dream program with the Miz he was asked by James dello of the gorilla physician podcast if he could see it extending to WrestleMania 35 Bryan laughed jubilantly in the man's face he literally laughed out loud at how bad WWE's booking is on a podcast that he knew they'd seen laughed number four the revival as burials encounter go WWE creative versus the revival is really one of the best views they've done in years many prefer the scintillating drama of the revivals philosophical two out of three Falls epic against DIY but no this is better the bottom line here is that the revival are on their way out and WWE are burying them in the process scooting ass humiliations burning genitals and jobbing out to Hawkins and Ryder coincidentally the raw tag team division has disappeared almost entirely post WrestleMania but this didn't stop WWE Twitter from dropping a video claiming the Bryan and Rowan had and I quote big plans for the Smackdown equivalent Dawson's response to this the words of good luck and a cry laugh emoji these people who work for the company are literally laughing at the booking in public now that's where we are number three the club anymore subtextual burial Carl Anderson and Luke Gallows were asked by busted open radio to defend their chronic 2017 ringpost itis segment and you remember that don't you oh you've suppressed it oh well then let's Drudge that one back up the club cause played as doctors and diagnose biggie with ring post itis then stuck a couple of eggs in a jar to convey to the WWE Universe but yes they were big E's testicles thankfully though that was as bad as the segment got and oh god no actually no there was the worst joke ever the good news is biggie can now hit the high notes when he attends choir practice but her anyway yes when asked about it Anderson said some of the stuff was silly and a couple of things didn't stick and they weren't funny I'll just run that through my wrestler translator there for you quickly and yes what that means is all of the stuff was horrendous none of it's duck and has aw formed yet number two big aid only February 26 2017 episode of Monday Night Raw Big E on a live mic said we have to take the shine off the shining stars before quickly adding in I didn't write that big a live mic we have to take the shine off the shining stars I didn't write that he buried his own line before it had even reached the back of the arena imagine working in a cafe handing someone their coffee and quickly reassuring them you hadn't made that then imagine the face of the person you had when they definitely definitely heard you say it number one Steve Austin this planet and its civilization is so monumentally stupid that we have collectively hurdle to a low point at which we no longer believe experts like every major bad thing that has happened socially and politically over the last few years was predicted but nobody cared because experts and facts are boring anyway though in a completely unrelated point Stone Cold Steve Austin exploded the industry as a result of his just awesome hilarious promo game nobody could ever replicate Austin's run but everybody should still take in direct spiritual inspiration from it he is the preeminent expert in the field of connecting with the audience as the truest most balls-out version of himself he is the template for pro wrestling promo success WWE obviously does not listen to this expert versed he has spearheaded a years-long crusade to rid WWE of this kind of bollocks on his podcast he constantly makes the salient point but clearly fake scripting undermines an industry it was built on hiding the artifice from the public he says this almost every week burying the writers and yet WWE do not listen to him for one second it sink swim or be left behind as he famously said and well when they compete with Vince McMahon and the writers pretty much everyone sink to these days so there you have it those are 10 WWE stars you've buried the writers and I'm not gonna say a single thing against that was because I'm fairly sure this was a stage with article and the market area to let us know what you made of it in the comments below and of course to forget to like share and subscribe but in the meantime though thank you so much for watching I've been Adam Cleary and I'll see you soon

32 thoughts on “10 WWE Stars Who BURIED The Writers

  1. Hey WWE its my birthday and a good gift would be listing to everyone in and around the pro wrestleing industry when they talk about the writers not being former wrestlers and writing crap because of they are not wrestlers they are entertainers which means WWE is now equal with the worst of WCW and TNA the brands they make fun of alot

  2. I was at #3 in the video and I thought “how could he forget when Big E said he didn’t write something on live TV?” and then……..

  3. Smack Down has become the Shane McMahon show . Damn I don't think Management should wrestle . The wrestlers should have a open form for fudes and stories at least some creative feed back

  4. Moxley’s interview with Jericho happens days after Double or Nothing……..this list, TWO MONTHS LATER……..😒Seriously. I’m sorry I’ve seen five or six videos like this one uploaded a week after Moxley’s interview. This is kinda sad guys, at least don’t mention Mox inspired the list. Otherwise good list

  5. Or you just put out some really bad videos and people have moved on……maybe this intro can illustrate what I mean better than words…..everyone knew their creative was shit, you just seem to wish you were the only ones saying it. Notice none of the others are bragging about it.

  6. This list is all over the place!!! Some of the entries that are earlier on the list should be ranked higher & vice versa

  7. U guys are running out of good material clearly might unsubscribe like many other you have become the WWE of wrestling you tube bar simon miller ups and down which are funny

  8. Whatculture guys what do you think about Roman Reigns becoming the new Undertaker? not necessarily taking on the moniker but rather the characteristics, think abt it….athletic big man, strong presence, it could work

  9. Jon moxley or should I say Dean Ambrose did great promos and I really think he was getting held back in that particular area but his in-ring work really hasn't changed. I know people say that WWE was holding him back in ring wise but I don't see that… Is match against juice Robinson was the same crap just more edgy

  10. I feel sorry for the writers. I'm very sure there are some talented storytellers among them and the one to blame is vince.
    it must be depressing to get crapped on by the internet for the mistakes made by your boss. and there's nothing you can do about it

  11. why do wrestling fans in UK all look like the daintiest of Soy Boys?

    someone should test their testosterone level.

  12. Jon Moxley became sick having to deliver scripted WWE lines… just like people who watch these marks on WhatCulture.

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