10 Worst Types of Writers

hello everybody today I'm gonna talk shit about writers to an audience filled with writers I'm stupid if you're involved in the writing community you'll know there are a lot of special little gems out there and they can be interesting to do a per your request I'm breaking down the ten most annoying types of writers you'll meet on your writing journey don't blame me you asked for this video quick trigger warning I will briefly be using language relevant to sexual abuse because apparently that's really popular in fiction these days fuck my life that said if you've met any of these writers I empathize and if you're one of these writers don't get mad just completely change who you are number one vo Letus you know what's the best genre in the world whatever the genre we just is writing and you know what's the worst literally everything else pathetic if the category ëletís is writing young adult fiction then adult fiction is so boring and so not trendy and if they're writing adult fiction then every other category is so immature there are so many different types of writing elitist publishing elitist style elitist educational eita it's great to be proud of yourself confidence is important in this industry but unless you have quality work to back up that ego no one's impressed number two the delusional writer this writer is the elitist on steroids they're not just a capable writer they are God's gift to literature I'm going to be one of the great a guaranteed bestseller everyone needs to read my book it will change lives it will change the world this is more than a novel it's an epic one that will go down in history holy shit calm down if you're such a literary genius you shouldn't have to convince anyone your work should speak for itself number three the genre denier there are lots of writers out there who are ashamed of their own genre I understand that some shun regret from time to time but if you're passionate about it own it your book is about werewolves and vampires it's not contemporary it's paranormal your book is literally nothing but boning from start to finish not an action-adventure it's an erotica labeling your book in the wrong genre is just going to attract wrong audience if people are expecting an action/adventure they're going to be pretty pissed when the only action available is of the penis variety number for the writer it's not hard to label yourself a writer all you have to do is write but this person can't even manage to do that don't get me wrong they have big plans for their career and you're going to hear all about it so obviously I'm going to sign with one of the big five of course but only if they offer me at least a $500,000 advance I mean I'm not a peasant oh and Emma Watson is going to star in the movie but then when you ask for evidence of their work suddenly their delusions of grandeur fade to silence so how far along are you in terms of writing I mean define writing now sometimes these writers do actually write for a day every three months give or take a year you know you're never going to get that movie deal with Emma Watson if you don't write the fucking book number five the sex I'd drop out I'm gonna be real here this writer is usually female she's gonna include a lot of sexual shit in her books with some significant issues one the anatomy is all fucked up too the relationships are catastrophic she's gonna call the male lead and alpha but what she really means is a sexual predator he's not raping her he's just forcing her to accept her feelings for him sounds like something a rapist would say but you can't rationalize with the sex I drop out after all she doesn't understand how sex or relationships work number six the douchebag last point was about the ladies this one's for the dudes this is the guy who swoops in with unsolicited writing advice the either asks to see your writing completely unprompted and then tells you how to rewrite it according to his standards or he just invites himself into your writing discussions to bestow upon you his grand wisdom all of this is annoying in itself but what makes it worse is nearly every single time this dude isn't even an author he has zero credentials or experience hate to break it to you but you're not exactly qualified to bestow any of your non-existent wisdom if anything I should be helping you but I'm not going to because you're a dick number seven the self inserter it's fine to have a few things in common with some of your characters but there's a big difference between having the same sense of humor as a character and actually being the character my characters the same age as me the same ethnicity as me the same dress size as me we have the same birthday hobbies shoe size pets family everything typically when people write self inserts the character is hotter all-around better version of the writer and that makes me sad hey buddy why are you so down on yourself you're perfect just the way you are you don't have to rewrite yourselves but on a serious note self inserts usually make for pretty crappy characters so please don't number eight the regurgitator this writer starts off as a huge fan of some fandom somewhere that's not a leave there writing a book that is exactly like the one there a fan of I understand that you love Harry Potter but that doesn't mean you should seek to duplicate it imitation may be the highest form of flattery but it's the lowest form of creativity and all you can manage to do is copy existing stories maybe you got to ask yourself why you want to be a writer in the first place number nine the writer who is controlled by their characters my characters have a mind of their own they won't do a single thing that I say so finally I was like okay you win I'll go get Starbucks and not write anything silly characters can you hear yourself you're scaring the children look you're not fooling anyone we all know you're pinning the blame for your shortcomings on meet belief people it's the adult version of spilling your cheerios and blaming your imaginary friend it's not your characters fault that you did an outline it's not your characters fault that you're struggling with the plot and it's certainly not your characters fault that you didn't write today why because your characters don't exist and you know it and number 10 the writer who cannot handle solicited feedback you sign on to be this person's beta reader or critique partner and instantly regret your existence pink you're MC is kinda two-dimensional how dare you there are a lot of issues with the structure of your plot that is a lie I will smother you in your sleep criticism can be hard sometimes but if you don't want feedback why'd you ask for it maybe in the future you should specify that you're exclusively looking for empty praise and bonus option number 11 the cyborg writer she has a YouTube channel where she sits around making fun of other writers what gets her the right she also gives out free writing advice but like is she even qualified she says the f-word every other fucking sentence that's not fucking ladylike and I heard that when middle-aged men asked to buy her three-day wear panties she doesn't even respond that disgusting bitch I think she's worse out of all of them it's just my opinion there you have it those are the extra special writers you'll meet throughout your writing journey we're a strange fun but at the end of the day none of us are perfect we all have our faults because we're all human well most of us don't forget to subscribe to my channel I post new videos on Wednesdays got my book available on Amazon right now you can also order a signed copy the links are listed below if you have any questions be sure to tweet me at Jenna Morrissey bye

39 thoughts on “10 Worst Types of Writers

  1. Have to call you out on 3:50 it's an argument from authority fallacy. Point out the flaws in their arguments instead of deflecting.
    If they don't Know what they are talking about, then they will crumble under scrutiny.
    Besides if you post in a public forum, don't be surprised when people invite themselves into the discussion.

  2. I was a ‘regurgitator’ but I’m trying to change that. I’m working on a sci-fi book completely from my own imagination, though it’s not very good. I guess I just need to keep on practicing, and watching your videos of course, until one day I become a good author.

  3. I hate it when I tell someone I’m working on a novel and I get, “oh cool, I have a lot of cool ideas and funny scenarios want to hear them?”

  4. Me, as a writer: fuck me, my fingers are pudgy.
    Also me "the writer": lets get drunk and write the fiction and turn this shiz into a subpar movie cause hollywood is desperate for shit
    3 months later…
    My friend: wheres the book?
    Me: fuck off

  5. I remember reading this one work that had an author insert, but it was only for 2 scenes in the entire story (the character ran a Wicca shop, so that was cool) if the author only does an insert for like a cameo appearance, I think that can be excused, otherwise just no 😑

  6. Woah… I am none of them… I just do me, but I do get flattered when someone takes an interest in my writing, if they ask to see some of my stories I ask them which one because I've many 😂 it's all one big frame story and I try my best to be accurate for the real world in different eras and I try to add more detail everyday. I research things and I go deeper into the story when I tell their age and what year they were born. I'm hoping to publish my book by the end of the year 2020

  7. Personally I'm a none fiction writer (a beginner anyway) who's currently writing a book (or I should say typing a book on a computer) about 1111 useless facts about various subjects about math, different fields of science, history, food and other things that would keep and trivia persuer intertwined for hours with educational tidbits that you can debate about the praticallity of them.

  8. This is so me! Just make the laptop a sketch book. I Take it with me everywhere, but almost never actually draw in it. But the one time I don't bring it, I want to sketch in it…

  9. Well… number 9 is kind of me and not? Of course the characters are not real and I know that. But to be honest… many, many times I experienced it and it's true. Actually it's a good sin if you're able to bring your characters to life. (You can call me crazy but all my characters are like my children). Sometimes it can get frustrating… But most of the time it contributes to the story I create in my head. Because it has much more colour, much more life … it's better than having characters that feel like they are copied from any other book or boring.

    I get the same feeling when I read a really good books. Something about the characters feels different. You can relate to them, their life and their story (even if it's fantasy or they are part of a fairy tale which is unrealistic). As an author you need to be able to create this feeling. At least this is my own opinion.

    On the other hand… It's true that it's just an excuse if you blame your writing failure mainly on fictional characters…. Sometimes creativity is moody (and very, very mean. I've been there…).

    For the other points I totally agree with you.

  10. The: “I can’t help what my characters do or say.” in line of #9. I usually tell this writer—‘Of course you can douchebag, you’re the fucking writer.’ This was very funny, I enjoyed it. 🙂

  11. #10 – definitely. As a word of advice, if you ask a site or single reviewer to review your work don't expect an automatic five star in exchange for your book. Most legit writers know this but some 'writers' get downright abusive and threatening over a perfectly good, solid three star. Thank Cthulhu most writers are sane human beings and know that reviews are subjective. Obviously I'm not talking about review trolls but legit reviewers who take their work seriously

  12. im pretty sure im a little like the self inserter. only im not trying to make my characters a better me. in my book im trying to write a romance. i want the mc to be goofy fun to be around and not the brightest of the bunch , i myself well i have no friends… i mean i do just in another state. and i struggle with giving characters a personality. i started writing because i wanted to make my own stories instead of just watching anime

  13. Number four is me… I am trying to get through college first and my classes worked wonders for my ideas (for example, drawing helps with character design for descriptions) but it does not change my status from a "writer" into a writer.

  14. I think the sex Ed drop out if usually a female but when it’s a male it’s 10x worse. Male sex ed dropouts will directly say it’s rape but then sexualized it as much as they can.

  15. 5:10 I've seen some fanfics in the HP fandom that generally tend to have the OC follow Harry around and have the exact same achievements as him. In most cases they seem to be newer/younger authors and seem to think that writing the exact same story as the original will make people want to read their works. Spoiler: yeah, no, you're probably just gonna get a lot of people complaining that your story is the exact same as the original

  16. Gosh… a GIRL saying f. at the beginning of this video, I think – I think but I am not sure coz I was not prepared for any expletive use by a GIRL – but soon afterwards I was horrified to hear her say "of the p. variety"! My gosh! She said the full form of p. in this PUBLIC video when I Myself, The Biggest Macho Guy Of All Time, hesitate to write the full form of p. – G

  17. Now that I watched the video, my Character has the same birthday as me. She is an alien, so…. I guess that's different?

  18. I watch these types of videos to make sure that I'm not "one of them." If I see that I am, then it's time to reevaluate my life.

  19. That's you calling worst?
    OK, real story:
    The boss of my sister noticed that I love science fiction and fantasy.
    "Oh, I published a book by myself. Here it is!"

    It's a 1:1 from his pen&paper Role play, the shortstories are scenes from the sessions. Randomly picked, with no connections.
    With chapters between the stories, which explain what's before and after in the P&P-Group. (And the stories have still no connection. )

    And you know, he'll ask for your opinion. And you'll smile, because: He is your sisters boss.

  20. Sex ed drop out: Then she twists his pensi and he evacuated. His mayones oozed out of his pensi and then his pensi winked at her and smiled.

  21. nailed me with the "the writer" one. I've written internet successful books but it was years ago. Now i never finish more than five chapters and still have MAJOR plans. Funny af

  22. Hey I'm the "Writer" type 😀
    I promise you guys by books is gonnae be the best. I watch so many youtube channels that talk about writers and writing

  23. “It’s not your characters fault you didn’t write today. Why? Because they don’t exist!”

    Me: excuse me! My chars tees all exist, park jimin is a real life angel and it is his fault I didn’t write today!! It’s because I was busy drooling over him.

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