10 ways to read more books

My reading routine is not particularly complex. I simply try to read every single day, even
if it’s just one or two pages. Whether this happens in the morning or in
the evening basically depends on my mood. I don’t like the idea of having a fixed
time of the day to read because it automatically feels like there’s an obligation to do it,
which basically destroys the pleasure I get from reading. 1. **Switch genres dramatically**: My trick to
be consistent and read a lot of books is mixing up genres. I’ve talked about this in a previous video
but it definitely makes a lot of difference for me. For instance, while reading a classic can
be incredible, the type of writing is usually dense, complex and the books are usually quite
long. This means that after I read a classic I will
pick up something much lighter, like a self-help book, a small romance or something of the
sort. If I switched to an equally complex novel
I would probably feel tired and leave the book unread. 2. **Blind date with a book**: I’ve been such
a great fan of the Blind Date with a Book website. I’ve been recently ordering a lot of books
from them and they come wrapped so you only know what’s the book when you unwrap them. While you’re browsing the website you are
able to choose the topics of the books you want to order or the genres of the books and
they all come wrapped individually. 3. **Find a buddy reader**: My buddy reader is
my dear friend Mary, which edits my videos and has an awesome YouTube channel which I’ll
link down below. Each month we unwrap one of these books together
and then have one month to read it. If you are struggling with your reading habits,
buddy reading a novel is a great way to keep accountable for your reading. You can create your own rules, grab some coffee
and discuss the novel from time to time. You get a lot of interesting insights out
of this discussion and it’s also a great way to end up reading some books that you
didn’t chose and some of them can end up surprising you. 4. **Try reading challenges:** there are some
awesome reading challenges out there, like the O.W.L. challenge which basically requires
you to read a book corresponding to one of the subject’s covered in Hogwarts O.W.L. Exams, or the readathon which is an intensive
period where you read more than it’s usual and set a usually unattainable goal to reach
and in this particular case I think that unattainability is part of the fun. I’ll link down below the master list for
2019 reading challenges, which of course you can reuse in 2020. 5. **Join a bookclub:** this one is classic,
but joining a bookclub will give you part of the buddy reader experience by providing
access to book recommendations, insights, reviews and comments that you wouldn’t otherwise
have access to if you were reading alone. You can do this traditionally or join an online
bookclub. There are hundreds of them in Goodreads and
you can find Bookclub featuring specific topics, genres and interests, whatever your Herat
desires. 6. A **book edit or yearly reading list:** I’m
now a fan of having a yearly reading list, and that’s basically a list of 12 books
that I promise to read in the beginning of a new year. My goal is to read one per month but you can
come up with a different way of doing this and set a different number of books and read
them by quarter, season, semester, you name it. I think that a yearly reading list sets the
mood for the year and allows you to reflect on the type of readings that will dictate
your year. If you’re curious about my Reading list,
I’ll link a PDF with all titles and authors down below. 7. **Come up with random ways to pick books:**
when you’re feeling like you can’t select a new book to read, just find a completely
ridiculous way to pick a book. I remember a couple of months ago I entered
the bookstore with the clear purpose of purchasing a book with a golden cover. Actually that was a very nice book and I ended
up delving into a very specific genre that I had never explored before. 8. **Swap books with a friend:** challenge a
friend to pick a book from their bookshelf for you to read and do the same for them. The only rule is picking a book that your
friend hasn’t read before. 9. **Pick award winning books:** instead of having
to find ways to chose the books you’re going to read next, just commit to reading the books
or authors who won prizes. There are many to choose from, including the
Pulitzer, the Hugo and the Nobel but you can choose other prizes, like the Goodreads yearly
choice awards. 10. **Consider reading as a full-fledged hobby:**
formalizing my habit of reading was the main reason why I became so incredibly consistent
with the habit recently. I did small things that (despite seeming meaningless)
changes my mindset towards this habit. First of all, I got a lot more involved in
the community, participating in forums, searching for recommendations and learning more about
new trends. The other thing I did was spending the time
to list all the books I remember I ever read in my Goodreads account, create a reading
challenge for myself and started doing regular updates on my reading progress, and I try
to commit to write reviews, although a lot of them haven’t been made public yet. These small actions create a routine that
allows me to feel accountable for the habit and to keep exploring new things about books and
new authors.

55 thoughts on “10 ways to read more books

  1. I was about to read when I got this notification. WHAT A TIME!

    Love your videos SO MUCH! I’m a small YouTuber (plus a full time teacher) and you really inspire me.❤️

  2. I’m looking forward to watching, I’m struggling to find a way to read for leisure consistently!! ❤️ I have so many new books I haven’t even opened yet

  3. I always read more than one book at the same time. It helps me so much because depending on my mood I can choose what story I want to come back to. I like a classic, which is always a bit “harder” to read and some kind of YA novel for when I feel a little more tired or have studied a lot that day☺️

  4. 4:50 oh Beartown! I'm currently reading that right now. I would definitely recommend it if you're looking for a complex contemporary dealing with heavy topics

  5. My tip for reading more: get yourself a e-reader you can take them anywhere because they are light and you can read thousands of books for free by linking your library card on the app libby 😉

  6. It's like you know what I'm up to! Lol. This year I started reading again as a hobby rather than a chore because of university, and even though I had a rocky start because I read a classic rather than something easier, now I read everyday, even if it's just 10 pages. Thanks for another amazing video Mariana!

  7. This year I have only read one online book and it was a worthy story. Right? I'm not a good reader but when I come across a good book, I try to be good at it.

  8. Estou no 12º ano e no inicio de 2019 (ainda estava no 11) decidi trazer de volta o habito de ler (pois por esar muito ocupada no secundário o tinha deixado). Tinha o objetivo de 15 livros. Já vou em 30 e tem sido omelhor ano de leituras da minha vida! Descobri o meu autor favorito de SEMPRE. O grande Haruki Murakami simplesmente por ter visto um livro dele na feira do livro e reconhecer o nome de um video do pewdiepie. Que sorte tê-locomprado e lido… Kafka à beira mar foi o meu começo nele e não parei mais. A grande maioria dos meus livros favoritos deste ano são dele e as bibliotecas da zona estão cheias de pedidos meus para mais e mais! Também reli Harry Potter que foi uma experiencia FANTÁSTICA e adorei fazê-lo, para além de ter descoberto o booktube e entrar numa readathon e ter encontrado pessoas maravilhosas por isto!

  9. Ever since I went to university I've been dealing with so much studying and mental work that even when I do have time I just cannot read for the life of mine. My mind is so tired that I cannot do any mental activities even if they are hobbies like reading or writing stories/poems. I have gotten into a community ( I have bookstagram), I've got a reading buddy, lists, goals and mostly everything in this video, but have no energy to actually read- I would read (or write) 1-2 paragraphs and my mind will drift away making it mentally draining to continue. Has anyone dealt with this and do you have any tips as to how to overcome it? (PS: audiobooks don't work with me, I drift into my own thoughts when trying to listen to one)

  10. Finding trusted book friends with common interests, either through blogs/BookClubs/social media groups, is a good way to bring Goodreads to life, because you’re then able to read a wider range of reviews and recommendations from “goodreads friends.” Try to have friends who read a diverse range of genres, to broaden your reading. Don’t discredit the fun books: genre fiction. These are a lot easier to read in your downtime, and more fun, than “prize winning literature”, which can be heavy (boring).
    And secondly, audible changed my life with reading, especially if they have a cast of narrator’s. Stick to recent narrations, as older audible titles don’t have such great narrator’s – they have got so much better. And thirdly, Your library may have several apps available to read books for free, all you need is a library card and a device for reading. These several apps should have ranges of both ebooks and audio’s – or just borrow a physical book😊

  11. I hate reading a books , I like watch your videos then I start reading a books but I missed your videos even I get notified so sad……………………,,,,

  12. I'm a medical student and I can't find time to do my favorite things. Especially reading. I love to read books but I don't have time for it. Watching these kind of videos makes me feel guilty and sad because I'm miss reading books. 😭😥

  13. Acho que, de uma forma ou de outra, já aplico a maioria das sugestões que deste, mas ainda assim, gostei bastante do vídeo. E descobri o "Blind date with a book", que me parece uma ótima ideia! Boas leituras 🙂 Beijinhos

  14. I've always read a lot, usually around 40 books a year, but this year I started Goodreads, watched Booktube and made an effort to read whenever I could – I have read almost 80 books so far! 😀

  15. My personal tip is not to engage yourself in too many hobbies. If reading is one of them yet you have 10 other hobbies, make sure you either organize your hobbies, or simply only pick a few 😀

  16. Oh my god, you have Aristotle and Dante! It's my favorite book of all time. I read it many times and love it even more each time I did 💙💙

  17. I would like to applaud you for your videos’ thumbnails. They don’t have a picture of yours. May be it’s just me but i don’t like seeing the youtuber’s face in every single video doing all kind of fake over-exaggerated facial expressions to draw attention. It irritates me. So thank you for not doing that!

  18. In colleage I stoped reading books for fun, causing this horrible habit of reading only books for my career… once i graduated i stopped reading books altogether… I bought books or ebooks but never ended up reading them… 2019 I chose to stopped doing that by subscribing to audible… I started listening to harry potter and that sparked the light of enjoyment that i used to feel… after i read one or two books per month I started reading a book that I knew i loved since i loved the show so much, good omens… and that was it… i knew that i love to read a lot… obviously i listen to audiobooks way more than i read books but now i know that i love that shit and i won't let myself be stopped… a tip for me is listen to an audiobook and reading a book at the same time…I have a very short attention span and i get distracted very easily, so that allows me to change my focus on two books and keep it going. I'm going to make my reading a formal hobby now…

  19. I really like your videos and I find them very helpful and it’s such a good thing to put English subtitles because I’m foreign and sometimes I don’t understand a word or a sentence and I feel an urge to look at the subtitles so thank you for that u r really inspiring

  20. Thank you for sharing these tips, some of them I am already doing, and the other I find them might be helpful and decide to try doing it. Could you share some tips about how to read a book written in a language that is not your mother tongue/ you are learning? Thank you !

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  22. What helps me is reading multiple books at the same time. I read heavier stuff during the mornings and afternoons and lighter stories at night. I also listen to audiobooks when I’m too tired to read.

  23. I read around 100-150 books per year 🙂 I also keep switching genre's and only read one big book per month (+ 1000 pages) to keep myself motivated. I also read like 3 books at a time. Because I can be in the mood for fantasy, or romance or something more serious going back to thrillers/horrors etc. Keeps reading more easy.

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