10 Scariest Stephen King Novels

I'm sure we can all agree that Stephen King's influence on the horror genre is incalculable from intergalactic space turtles to inanimate objects committing murder there's something for everyone in his back catalogue as well as being a massive formative influence on generations of writers king's body of work has also had a huge impact on screen horror with a staggering 66 movies and 29 TV shows based on the author's worked so far with plenty more on the way with 58 novels 10 short story anthologies plus several works on nonfiction to his name any readers new to Stephen King can be forgiven for being not quite sure where to start but if there's one thing that brings readers to King it's not the detailed descriptions of orgies and sewers but the promise of some good old-fashioned bone-chilling scares with that in mind I'm ash from wot culture and these are the 10 scariest Stephen King novels but before we begin don't forget to subscribe to stay notified ding-ding done 10 Christine like a lot of Stephen King's novels Christine has a premise which seems far too preposterous to take seriously namely a possessed car terrorizing teenagers long-suffering teen Arnie Cunningham faces physical and psychological torment at the hands of bullying thugs and uncaring adults who an Arnie discovers Christine a severely battered old Plymouth Fury and sets about fixing her up he finds himself imbued with a newfound strength and self-confidence alas Arnie's and overcoming his demons he's falling prey to all new ones ones that honk pretty aggressively and it's scary and it sounds Kings portray of the cruelty of adolescents will doubtless ring true to many of us which helps make our knees down with spiral into vengeance and insanity all the more chilling plus you'll never look at a trash car the same way again which is especially sad for those of us that can't drive or I pee my car 9 Gerald's gained 1992's Gerald's game boast a premise that might lead the reader to expect something a whole lot trashy er struggling married couple Jessi and Gerald head out to their remote holiday home for a dirty weekend away in the hopes of rekindling the spark between them instead the old geezer gets a bit too excited and drops dead leaving his wife handcuffed to their bed men amirite as the bulk of the novel recounts all that's going on in Jesse's head the result is an immersive and increasingly unsettling read which delves into the protagonists subconscious as long repressed traumatic memories come to the surface but of course Jessie struggle also has very real physical consequences and her efforts to get freely to one of the most wince-inducing passages King has ever composed 8 Salem's lots our hero Ben returns to his childhood hometown Jerusalem's lot created from another king short story for the first time in decades and much of the early part of the novel is devoted to building a sense of the place its history and character and so once it becomes clear that the town is full of vampires there's an eerie plausibility to it all wonderfully atmospheric and compelling King himself as in the past declared Salem's Lot to be his personal favourite of all the books he's written and it certainly stands up alongside the likes of Bram Stoker's Dracula as one of the very best vampire novels of all time 7 carry the one that started it all 1974 scary remains a watershed moment for horror literature yet for all the screen reinterpretations say nothing of the many books films and TV shows to its influence Kings original novel retains a tremendous power all of its own carry and aligns that key truth about horror which genre devotees are along understood the supposed monster is almost always the character most demanding of our sympathy whose deplorable deeds are rooted in their own pain as the put-upon teenage outsider treated with cruelty at every turn until a telekinetic powers developed to the point that she can no longer hold them back Carrie White is at once one of the most terrifying yet inherently sympathetic characters in horror history 6 Cujo what can only be described as a heck in bad dog initially a beloved family owned st. Bernard with a friendly nature things turn south the Cujo and his owners when the dog is bitten by a rabid bat driven mad the diseased pet becomes violent killing his family then heading out in the direction of nearby neighbors the Trenton's given that it both shows a family dog turned feral and that it features a young child coming under threat Cujo is bound touch a nerve with many readers and the titular antagonist will inevitably come to mind anytime reports of a fatal dog attack make the news 5 misery one of four novels the ever prolific author published in 1987 it centers on an author Paul Sheldon who following a car accident awakens to find himself in the care of a woman who proclaims itself to be his number one fan however on reading the manuscript for Paul's next novel the latest in a series centered on romantic heroine misery Chastain Annie is more than a little upset to find that misery's killed off and furiously demands the bedridden author to rewrite it in accordance with how she thinks the story should go given how often we now see over enthusiastic fans acting like the world has ended when a work of fiction doesn't adhere to their wishes but last year I misery feels more relevant now than it ever has and Annie Wilkes remains one of Kings most unnerving antagonists for the stand eight hundred and twenty three pages long in its first published edition and later reissued in an extended version reaching a whopping 1152 pages the stand is a bonafide epic in any form it was also in some respects the diversion from his existing work as it moved into shades of mythic fantasy as would be explored more deeply in the dark power series the early part of the novel explores in lingering detail how a deadly virus spreads throughout the world eventually wiping out the bulk of the population as if that wasn't enough we then see how the lucky few to be immune face up to a grim post-apocalyptic world under the shadow of another of Kings scariest antagonists Randall Flagg a character revisited as the dark towers man in black 3 The Shining the novel takes us to the Overlook a sprawling hotel up in the Colorado Rockies with a long and colorful history some of it much like me in the morning is not very pretty into this place comes Jack Torrance a recently fired teacher recovering alcoholic and struggling writer who accepts the job as that overlooks caretaker taking at residence with his wife and child was a hotel is closed for the winter however with the cold and the isolation come deeper disturbances as a dark force in the hotel seeks to Zess its new residents the trouble jack proves susceptibles their influence but unbeknownst to him his young son danny has a much better idea of what's going on thanks to his latent psychic ability this long been some divide regarding the shining given that stanley kubrick's acclaim 1980 film adaptation took significant liberties with the text but no matter what anyone says it's quite alright do you think both versions are excellent because they are to it it encompasses just about everything we might associate with the author a fictional small town in Kings beloved Maine heights of unspeakable horror mythic weirdness are more than a hint of perversity it is one of Kings most vital work as it delves in far greater detail into the key thing that unites more-or-less his entire biography fear itself though best known as the sewer-dwelling Pennywise the clown that otherworldly antagonist is in truth and nameless ageless entity from beyond a dimension which feeds on fear and embodies whatever its victims most dread whether that's a spooky painting or a disease-ridden zombie or you know even glutton nothing is impossible for our lovable dancing client well not everything in the gargantuan novel holds up too well I mean the underage group sex sequence is really pushing it but the cosmic giant turtle thing too far at its best it gives us King at his most chilling unmemorable one Pet Sematary 1983's Pet Sematary gets closer to the bone on this and arguably anything else King does ever written the author himself has called at his most frightening work and for many readers it can be a very difficult read the book follows the Creed family as they move into their new home befriending new neighbor Chad Lewis we'd soon learns that beyond the pet cemetery at the back of the house is an ancient burial ground which brings those buried there back to life but not quite the same after resurrecting their recently deceased cat Lewis comes to face every parent's worst nightmare when a truck hits his son and things only get worse when he chooses to bring him back Stephen King doesn't get much darker and bleaker than this hello there you've made it all the way to the end of the video as part of my designated 18 hours of community service I'm here to tell you that we have a number of other channels available to you to subscribe to you as well as other slightly possibly not related videos for you to 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32 thoughts on “10 Scariest Stephen King Novels

  1. The stand was mounting horror . The mist was mounting horror. Those were my second and third favorite. But the shining was AWESOME!

  2. The bear scene in the shining is the scariest movie scene I have ever seen, it just feels so extremely out of place and bizarre

  3. I'd probably say. IT, Salems Lot, and The Shining,The Stand or Pet Semetary are top three. (The last three are interchangeable) Pet Semetary probably freaked me out the most though.

  4. Sissy Spacek really did that role. Scared the beans out of me back in the day. I still remember the first time that ending jump scare got me, I fled the room lol. Then again, I always fled the room on scary jump scares and also whenever I heard Thriller coming on.

  5. Why in the world did you show the pretentious Carrie remake? The only Carrie worth watching is the original Sissy Spacek classic.

  6. For me, the novella "In the tall grass" was the scariest of his that I read. It really unsettled me. I heard a while back it's getting made into a film.

  7. After reading almost all Stephen King books, my conclusion is to never go to Maine

  8. If you're going to show scenes from Carrie please use the one from 1976 and not the 2013 one it's trashy remake sorry not sorry

  9. When you were talking about the shining were you talking about the movie or the book? The movie is scary the book is more emotional

  10. cosmic flying turtle holds the world on his back and is one of the most powerful beings in Kings universe…

  11. You’ve clearly only watched the movies. And you only did ones that had film/tv adaptations. Good video but try again 😂😂

  12. It's funny they were talking about the 1970s Carrie movie But was showing the 2013 version. And I didn't know they made a movie about that Barnes & Noble lady screaming about those Misery books.

  13. Salem's Lot was not a novel. It was called Jerusalem's Lot from a collection of short stories. Night Shift, I think.

  14. Say what you want or be as smug as you want. The last Jedi was awful. Pet semetary was definitely one of my favorites. Too bad the new movie sucked.

  15. What about "The Mangler" short story? "Night Shift Collection" It became a movie. Robert Englund's and Jeremy Crutchley's characters look alike. I liked Mark's character. He worked in a laundry as "undergraduate" as did Mr. King(time not known), I have a hard time understanding how Sherry Ouellette's mom had her if the mother was murdered in the "industrial ironer" the "Mangler." by Bill Gartley (Mary Anne Gartley was Sherry Ouellet's mom) Sufficiently gross. Watch out for refrigerators with bad doors, things die in them, and the one in the film hits Sherry…and contain a "demon." I understand Mr. King did not enjoy working in the laundry. Don't watch it near meal time. But it's a great movie, otherwise. The plot is odd, but it works.

  16. The street was renamed Bethany Road, decades later, part of the area with a field in the middle. "Pet Sematary" was frightening to read, living next to the cemetary, on a Saturday morning, under the covers and with a flashlight in my hand. Monson, MA, I loved that area of town.

  17. Mr. King. I got hooked on your books, movies. I grew up on "Spruce Lane" in Massachusetts, and later lived with my maternal grandparents, next to a person's cemetary, which was peaceful, calm place.

  18. Isn't christine loosely based on James dean haunted car "little bastard" that killed James Dean the doomed car killing & maiming those who have the misfortune to transport the little bastard's car parts

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