10 Rules for Creating Content as an Entrepreneur

so listen whether you're an introvert or an extrovert the introverts are kind of like I don't know if I want to create content I'm kind of like the private guy to myself I kind of watch everybody I'm more observant I don't want to really put my life out there you're the extrovert you like to put your life out there you post pictures of you without a shirt on drinking party and you're in Rosarito Miami you're so comfortable in your own skin but the types of content you create isn't necessarily helping you advance on life whatever it may be today I'm gonna break content down in a way maybe you haven't heard before one why you ought to create content to the types of content to create the audience the platform and last but not least 10 rules for creating content so by the way before the video ends I'm going to make another recommendation on a video to watch that has to do with everything I'm talking about today but let me get right into a number one why create content one of these is probably going to describe you let's go through the first thing is influence you want more influence you want influence amongst your family amongst your community amongst your people you do business with your peers it doesn't matter you're looking to have more influence number two SEO purposes let me explain what I mean by this before I started creating content on by attainment I used to just create content on our company's website to give it better SEO because an article would be shared then they would go on the company's website I would say oh my gosh this is an interesting company what do you do then I'd get a lead and somebody would contact me about wanting to do business with them that's another reason to create content or it's personal you have a website you create content it gets shared people say wow who is this guy who is this gal I want to get to know more than they go to the about you section they read up on you then they follow you on twitter follow you on Instagram see the pictures you post they send your message and someone came again on a call together that happens all the time number three targeting keywords you have certain set of keywords that have to do with your business on a daily basis real estate finance pharmaceutical doctor soccer mom parenting whatever it is that's the keywords you're specifically looking for you want to target that number for positioning you want to be seen as an expert in your industry so they see the content by you this guy may be an expert you want to have influence you want to have a voice you won't have credibility your purpose to create content may be purely position within your own industry five fame maybe you want to be famous maybe for you it's like look honestly I'll just be honest with you I want to walk through the streets and I want people to know who I am cool at least you're being honest about it you want fame that's another reason number six money you kind of want to create content have some influence where all of us on you're getting sponsorships you know we got a call from Amazon Amazon wants to do sponsorship would value 10 we may or may not be interested in the sponsorship but they contacted us this happens all the time this may be your route that you want to go yourself next one seven selfish fun prank for you it's like I just want to have fun so I want to create content I want you to see the fun side of me this is who I am and I don't care whether you like it or not this is kind of what I want to do I like creating content I'm having fun creating content honestly it's brought me and my sister closer it's brought me and my husband closer it's brought me and my friends closer I kind of like what I'm doing and whether you like it or not I really don't care this is really Who I am I'm 17 years old I want to draw this and this is what we talk about no problem that's another one next one could be legacy you're documenting your content because one day you wish your parents recorded you when you were four years old and there's no content of you when you were four years old and you creating content so one day when you're not around your kids your grandkids can sit there and say that's the grandpa that's my grandma what was she thinking about at this time what was he thinking about at this time how old was grandpa here how old was grandma here when she wrote this I wonder let me see wow she was 32 years old what was she going through was mom born yet that's thick by the way we're not even experiencing that yet we're not gonna explain this for another 20 30 40 years until people start dying off and we're reading the content that is so still early on that part of legacy and documenting necks it could be impact you want to make an impact around the world next one is therapy let me explain what I mean by therapy there are people that after creating content and they say I'm a veteran I was in the military I got out I'm not gonna lie to you and tell you everything was good I was going through PTSD because I went to Afghanistan and I saw people dying my friend died in my arms this was very difficult for me I started drinking and I'm just sharing with you my pain and this is therapeutic to me and then all of a sudden 80 other veterans say I feel you me too then there's a community and that works for that community that could be the case for you next one could be internal let me explain to what I mean by internal we use this a lot internal could be you're creating content you had a family reunion okay you put the video together you create a channel for the Johnson reunion and that channel creates content that's only for the Johnson family and all the videos are unlisted it's only for the family to watch and you share with the family or you're running a business you're running an office and you have you know people that are other offices and you're trying to get a message to your technology or engineers and you say okay this is what's on my mind right now pop up up about here's what I like to see everybody doing the company and this goes to your 10 you know independent folks that are working for your freelancers that's working for you that's a complete different reason to create content that helps you increase the value of company your family your relationship your friends you're doing a fantasy football so you have an internal channel for your 20 friends that are doing fantasy football you create content John I want to kick your ass I want to do this that's still creating content now one of these you connect with if you're connecting you would wanted them your next question is going to be ok now what do I do now let's talk about the types of content for you to create here it is trending news what happened today Trump business sports trending something that just took place today too business money politics education philosophy entertain comedy humor technology product review let me do a review on this new product there are people that do product reviews that are doing Lego reviews you know how I know that my kids watch those reviews on toys and they put them together right there's so many different things with product review vlog family how-to those are some of the types of content that you can create now a tap remember this acronym tap type audience platform a who's your audience niche industry it's only real estate its financial its sports it's such and such it's a niche right who you're going to age I'm looking for 16 year olds 25 year olds 40 year olds married with kids fifty five year olds getting closer to retirement whatever it is age demographic certain demographic you're looking for women men single married divorced widowed a wife of a veteran who's serving in a military and she's by herself for 18 months while he's on whatever it is it's a specific targeted demographic that you want to touch next views maybe they share the same views as you politically spiritually philosophically that's the interest that they may have a similar to I watch an MBA Stephen a Smith says something I respond to Stephen a Stephen a Smith is wrong he has no clue what he's talking about maybe it's hip-hop maybe it's a music world or certain area that you're talking to that's interest area country I'm mainly targeting London UK but for me it's San Francisco I'm at at a Houston area so h-town right I'm gonna go to specific areas that you're going for right and last but not least language you're doing these videos on Spanish right now there's a channel called value taming Russia it's videos that is specifically for Russia they take our videos on what I'm doing and a translator translates the whole thing if you were to go watch my interview with Michael Francis you're on the channel in Russian it's an hour and seven minutes all in Russian going back and forth but it's a language and they decided to focus on Russia I think about a team in Russia channel has like 40,000 subscribers as of today so what is that language you want to focus on so type audience platform let's talk about platform you got to realize that for everybody watching this okay I connect with a girl who is a professional bodybuilder she's got a 8 pack it doesn't even make any sense what she looks like when I go through my physical she takes my blood and it's all these you know people that are there and they're all you know Fitness and shape all these things I look at her her content is purely about Fitness is what she's doing here's a point if you got a face and you look incredibly good you got to use it okay if you got a voice and you're a good communicator you got to use it if you got a body and you look good maybe you use that because it's for fitness right if you're a great writer you're very good you gotta use it if you're good in front of the camera you got to use it but you got to know which one works for you right now watch this name face body one of those three works for you you've got our last name your last name everybody knows use it so now platforms written write a blog LinkedIn or another blog there's so many blogs for you to use pick insta so you want to put a picture and you write something on the instant on Instagram out of your podcast there's so many places right now to use for podcasts and your speaking your thoughts any of these things you're talking about write podcasts by the way many of you don't know that value tainment is on iTunes just go to iTunes type in value taming all our stuff I think like two hundred and twelve episodes as of today are on podcast so some of your driving you want to listen to it in your car click on a value Timmy channel you can subscribe post some comments there your reviews there and actually listen to the stuff while you're working we have a podcast as well video youtube facebook facebook wants to compete with youtube so that's lengthen instagram a snapchat twitch for some people that are gamers that's a complete different world that's niche as well by the way gamer here the gamer world is twitch bothell we have a twitch channel every once in a while i get on there i play backgammon the other day on with victor ashkenazi you would have watched me play the game with backgammon with victor Ashkenazi you would watch a live on Twitch you can follow us on Twitter attainment that's where gamers are guys sometimes here at the home office at the studio they play FIFA the new FIFA and you're sitting them listening to them talk smack that's a complete way to create content so now we've covered why to create content type audience platform now let's talk about rules okay and by the way my rules are my rules it doesn't mean they're your rules I could be wrong there's a lot of people that are disagree with my rules but these are my rules and these are some things I want you to be thinking about number one more content doesn't equal more influence let me say it again more content doesn't necessarily equal more influence some people just want to put so much content out there we were coming up and we were studying other channels and I thought this was the philosophy and one other channels had 4,000 videos on their YouTube channel in the business world one of the biggest names and it's a content creator it's a brand it's not even an individual it's a company and it had been creating content since YouTube first got started I said why did he only have to 300,000 subscribers they got 4,000 videos then I want to watch the videos and I looked at it 228 views 193 views 673 views 498 views their last 50 videos one of the videos at 10,000 views and then I went to the beginning and I saw they had three videos that had a couple million views so those few videos that got a couple million views that they posted five years ago is the reason why they have this many subscribers not because of what they're doing today so this whole strategy of let me just throw stuff up on the wall you can be doing that look I every single time we take more time to create content it always shows on the numbers and the results every single time if we take more time to create content it always shows on the results every single time just look at the different personalities on YouTube who get interviewed by different people and look at the viewership and the commentary below read the comments below and you'll be able to say this person interviews deeper this person same subject rules for money this person same subject you know mistakes I met as an entrepreneur this person same subject but their views are higher why is it deeper what's going on here that's different or is it just let me share with you how to go become a millionaire because guess what the word millionaire does very well when I put it on a title you've got to get deeper with the content you're creating so right there number two control the narrative if you don't talk about what you believe in what your views are who you are as an individual the world is gonna control who you are because they'll tell everybody who you are one of the biggest benefits to that was watching an interview the other day on when they asked LeBron about him missing free throws because LeBron been missing a lot of free throws and Stephen Highsmith came and said LeBron is a courier 73% free-throw shooter right but 50% free-throw shooter last five minutes of the game and when it comes down to the deciding game free throws he's like 40% and he says LeBrons never been a big free-throw shooter then his partner comes out and says in today's social media world you can hide you could in the eighties you can today so when they asked LeBron what do you think about your free throw shooting he says it's horrible I gotta get back in practice I have to get back and get at these free throws cuz I'm not good at it today thirty years ago he could get away with that today he has to explain it the because we're living in a world that if you don't control the narrative and talk about the things you're dealing with somebody else is gonna control the narrative and talk about what you're dealing with so you got to share your views on what your think about one of the reasons why you ought to create content number three find your one word that works for you and the words that don't work for you let me explain get a sheet of paper ask people who know you very well boyfriend/girlfriend husband/wife mom dad brother sister anyone that knows you very very well your best friend who you hang out with knows you very well who's not afraid of telling you the truth and you ask him when you think about me what word comes to mind what do you mean what do I know a lot about what am i passionate about movies business money finance skateboarding sports tell me what it is that what can I go really deep an NSC a trend and and see if that word matches your passion as well if the word matches your passion you go for it for us the one word was entrepreneur very simple we went after that word and we became who we are today on value tainment you go on YouTube you tap an award entrepreneur you'll see value Tim and all over the place why because we wanted that as our wort and we learned what will believe it or not we have a list just two days ago I sell with these guys and I'm saying listen since I look at this word here said this word on titles has never served us we have a handful of words that have never served us when we create content the excitement the enthusiasm the enthusiasm from the audience it's never worked why you have to know those words we know both words on what works and what doesn't work number four collaborate accordingly sometimes we get people that say things like well why don't you collaborate with this guy and why don't you collaborate with this guy a lot of people we've spoken to just so you know this so it's not like we're you know are not reaching out or not having conversations some of the ones we talk to and it's just maybe it's not the time right now to collaborate together maybe let's try to work on a bigger project together so when and does happen it's bigger there are some people that I listen and i tunnel that's value Tim and we get along no problem and there are some people say I just don't know if we have similar philosophies and beliefs point if you get too early and you start collaborating with anybody and everybody and you're part of a clique you're officially part of that clique everybody sees you as being part of that clique you have to know exactly what community you're OK being labeled with because once you collaborate that's what happens right but once you realize you know I've tested I've done some other stuff here I kind of feel like this is the direction we're gonna be going to and this is who we want to collaborate with stay true that and that leads me to the next point do not prostitute your brand a lot of people prostitute their brand you know we got so many offers from people that said we'll pay you $100,000 we want you to say this we'll pay $200,000 we want you to say this and we always said no because it just didn't make sense we get numbers of offers of people wanting to do stuff on value tainment that sponsorship that we say no to because it doesn't match what we stand for and so we stay true to the audience because the audience comes and says if we ever do any kind of sponsorships you'll know I support what that brand is I'm gonna say I support this brand here's what I think we ought to do with this brand and you'll say wow that's actually sponsoring somebody right now because we use that product or we believe in our product don't prostitute your brand your followers will appreciate you if you don't process your brand number six study your data and test actually look at the numbers how many minutes do people stay on with you when you're writing an article how many views they got how many people stayed on did they get off you know that they comment did they not comment what's going on good on what time what time when you posted this time works for you maybe nine o'clock isn't a good time because we're Eastern Central Pacific you gotta look at all that stuff with your data when you look at the data and you say wow this is actually good for us to start posting you like this and I like this by the way when we first started it was about creating one content per month that's what I committed to one blog I wrote per month then I went to writing once a week it was on a Sunday night that's how we started and then it was one video a week for a year and a half was one video week then two videos a week and then we got specific but we test a lot on so we got to where we're at today next show your mistakes and be vulnerable my gosh I cannot tell you how many mistakes we made one of the favorite videos of ie10 is the video I made 12 mistakes I made as an entrepreneur if you haven't watched it I think it's like a blue thumbnail you can go watch it it talks about the mistakes I made if you only talk about everything you do right it's a turn-off you got to talk about a lot of the mistakes you made because there's there's no way in the world anybody makes it to the top of their game or does good at anything without having made a lot of mistakes people believe it or not want to know more about the things you did wrong and the things you did right believe it or not people want to hear your mistakes more than the things you did right next focus and stay consistent if you say once a month commit to once a month and stay focused if you say once a week do it once a week can you imagine if the news was supposed to report every night at 8 o'clock one day they say oh we were late today 9:30 now we're not gonna do it today we're gonna go tomorrow you know it's okay they can't do that because then you wouldn't take him seriously your audience wants to see you trend with you the more focused you aren't consistently they know every Monday more like this last week we were late on motive and a motivational Monday by four hours you know how many messages we got if there's anything I can't stand when we do is when we're late on an episode why did we go late it was an issue that I made a decision to go late on a video that we already had prepared it was already editing it wasn't a mistake on our team myself I woke up at 5 o'clock I said this video is not going alive I came back I told the guys we're reshooting I shot a video early in the morning after I did my cardio and then we put it up for hours that I said I'm we're late but this the video going out but you gotta know that your audience how many people told us bad you guys are late where's it at where's it at where's it at and then we went live with and we apologize for being late with the number 9 challenge them to question your views for instance here's what I think LeBron should be doing do you agree with me do not agree me tell me your thoughts here's what I think needs to happen with business what do you think about it put your thoughts below here's what I think I need to be doing with this ask for people's thoughts whether they agree with your views or not because you're gonna find some stuff that's gonna help you out as well especially as you're coming up first and you're not an influencer yet and you want to get a lot of dialogue that is a good way to get participation and last but not least content you create that's for today versus evergreen meaning if I talk about stuff that's relative only for today's news it's only for today's news you ain't gonna watch it two years from now but if it's content I create that is evergreen it's gonna last a long time what is the pro/con of both here's all it is if you create a content that has to do about today it immediately gets a lot of hits immediately but it only lasts for one day or two days okay so it goes like this bow and in its flatline okay that's still a benefit because people want to know your views but if you create an evergreen content they may go like this but it'll last forever five ten twenty years from now they're still gonna be watching it think about how to win friends and influence people the book that was written many many years ago eighty nine years later people are still reading that book because it's evergreen a thousand years from that people gonna want to learn how to win friends and influence people so evergreen versus trendy today you can pick and choose which way you want to go those are some of the rules when it comes onto creating content and if you haven't watched a video like I promised you twenty four keys to making you content go viral a lot of people asked us we had a video that went viral and got 31 million views how did you do it I made a video and I give 24 points how to make your content go viral it's very specific click on this link if you haven't seen it and by the way anything question starts yet about today's video send me a tweet at Patrick mid David and I will respond back to you thanks for watching everybody take care bye bye

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