10 Most Popular Poets

if you forget me I want you to know one thing you know how this is if I look at the crystal moon at the red branch of the slow autumn at my window if I touch near the fire the impalpable ash or the wrinkled body of the log everything carries me to you when it comes to poetry one man has come to stand alone above all others of his generation a man known for his disciplined free-verse and controversial subject choice Walt Whitman has stood the test of time Scottish author Robert Burns was famous for both his songwriting and his poetry he had a keen ear for the speech of his native land and in his work he employed its characteristic sound to impart a fresh vitality to the English literature 1941 in the city of Calcutta a man died his mortal remains perished but he left behind him a heritage which no fire could consume it is a heritage of words and music and poetry of ideas and of ideals and it has the power to move us to inspire us today and in the days to come we who owe him so much salute his memory I must create a system wrote William Blake or be enslaved by another man's Blake was a visionary mystic and revolutionary and he remained an original and an Orthodox thinker throughout his life some of his contemporaries even considered him insane and his genius was not widely known and so long after his death fellow poet William Wordsworth said of Blake there's something in the madness of this man which interests me more than the sanity of Lord Byron and Walter Scott from her west facing windows Dickinson could see the elegant Italianate home next door a wedding present built by her father for brother Austin and his bride Susan William Shakespeare was an English poet and famous playwright and is widely regarded as the greatest writer in the English language although a great deal of mystery surrounds Shakespeare's life it is documented that he was born in stratford-upon-avon in the center of England and was baptized in 1560 for his plays began to be published in 1594 and by 1598 his name appeared on the title pages of the works he continued writing until at least 1613 and died in 1616 survived by his wife and daughters po was an accomplished writer from a very early age and his first collections of poetry were published in his early 20s Edgar Allen Poe's works are considered part of the American Romantic movement of literature they came to prominence in the 1800s dissatisfied with the traditional writings of this fellow contemporary Poe turn back to the Gothic tradition to explore what he felt that his contemporaries were missing and created a new genre often referred to as the dark romantics I am grateful to be have been loved and to be loved now and to be able to love because that liberates love liberates it doesn't just hold that's ego love liberates

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  1. The title is in English. Uploaded by an English-speaking person who probably doesn't even know Persian or Urdu or whatever. People in this comment section are fucking insane.

  2. typical English speaking video. Pascoli, Montale, Saba, Pasolini, Ungaretti, Baudelaire, Goethe, Rilke, Novalis, Holderlin. Jess fucking christ what an horrible video.

  3. How dare those pitty americans try telling us who the greatest poets of all time were?
    The americans and the west is indeed uncultivated and barbaric in ist understanding of life and art which the Person who created this stupid list once again proofed, since there isnt Omar Khayyam or hafiz or saadi in it!
    Stupid IDIOTS!!!

  4. Rabindra nath itna pagal tha ki usne Pakistan ke Sindh state ka naam Indian National Anthem me add kar diya tha jo ki har india aaj bhi bolta he.

  5. I start too hate this british propaganda. Everythink is about england.
    Most popular poets…really? Only brits?
    How about french poets, or polish, or italians, or romanian, or russian. …big dislike.

  6. 'Rabindranath Tagore' is mentioned internationally incorrect. Original is 'Robindronath Thakur" (Here 'd' is sayed like 'th' in 'the' )

  7. I'm sorry, but Angelou is overrated to a criminal extent. To put Angelou above Whitman is to rank Spam above prime rib.

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