10 Habits of Highly Successful Writers

we all want to be successful authors but what does it take hi guys and welcome back to my channel consider subscribing yes you I can see that you haven't subscribed so hit that button because I post new videos every week and go ahead and give this video a thumbs up if you like this kind of content if you like this type of video a lot of these points I'm making here today actually apply both to traditionally published and self-published authors these are things that I've noticed I've read about or I've learned through personal experience quick plug if you're interested in writing courses I'm developing several right now several and if you want to be on the beta team or be the first to know about my upcoming courses maybe get some discounts the link to sign up is down below alright let's jump right in here are 10 Habits of Highly successful authors number one you market yourself all the time it's super important to engage with your fans to help build your name in the book world and a lot of people think I used to think myself that this doesn't apply to traditionally published authors and that publishing companies take care of all of the marketing and that is not true every author must market themselves it doesn't matter if you're traditionally or self-published and this may be by attending events hosting book signings just talking about their books and coming up with marketing creatives making something like a youtube channel if you want to be successful you have to participate in marketing your books and marketing yourself you may decide to pay someone if you want to to do this for you but you still need to be active online and available to chat with your fans number two you're disciplined it's important to treat writing like a job and that you hold yourself accountable if you decide you want to publish your book say and December you know you'll need your final draft by maybe November backtracking you may decide that your first draft needs to be finished by June which means that for April May and June you need to write a thousand words a day so what do you do you sit down and you write to stay on track because if you don't stay on track now you won't meet your deadlines writing a novel is a huge task and it's one that has to be chipped away at over a long period of time this means that you take if you take two weeks off you'll feel it when it's crunch time later spare yourself that stress by being disciplined and knowing that staying on track today means that you won't fall behind tomorrow number three you press forward every day similar to the last point success doesn't happen overnight even authors who seem to have made it big out of nowhere with their first novel they didn't get there overnight they spent they likely spent years working on that specific novel and then much longer honing their writing craft even if you don't actually write something every day you may also work on your business or your book marketing regardless you know that your success in four years comes by pressing forward now every single day the publishing world isn't so much a race to the finish line as it is a slow and steady jog to success keep pressing forward every day and you'll wake up one day exactly where you dreamed you were going to be number four you accept feedback gracefully you can't learn if you do not accept feedback a lot of us writers start out and get extremely defensive when we get any sort of feedback on our writing and this is not conducive to long-term success as a writer the easiest way to improve your writing is to have others read your work and to give you feedback this can be difficult at first but one huge thing that you need to do is to ask for feedback realize that you're opening the door to criticism in order to grow as a writer many of us develop this fear of feedback in grade school when we didn't really have a choice and whether or not we wanted someone else's opinion on something it was just required but now we can reach out and we can ask for feedback and just the act of asking makes yourself more open to receiving that constructive criticism gracefully number five you prioritize recharge time it's easy to experience burnout in pretty much anything but writing especially many of us can sprint but being a successful author means pacing yourself and part of that is making sure that you keep your physical and your creative energy up skipping out on this recharge time is pretty much a guaranteed way to suffer from burnout one day many of us feel like recharge time is wasted time i recharge by watching movies and TV shows which many people categorize as time sucks for me it's productive because it recharges me and learning to accept that and not feeling guilty about it is gonna allow you to continue your writing trend in the long run it's gonna make it more sustainable number six you're always learning and improving read everything writing books fiction books books outside your typical genre if you find and read a book that you really like analyze why learn from it watch youtube videos pay for courses go to the library if you find it's been a while since you've read a writing craft book then take the time to brush up on your technique and your process you never know if something is going to improve your process until you try it so learn and practice so you can improve you may feel like you have things figured out but you always need to be learning number seven you look forward so you can prepare even if you're not type a successful writers plan marketing and publishing a book takes time but it can often be layered with your next project to keep the momentum up if you only focus on one at a time you're going to have larger gaps between your publication events also need to be planned and scheduled so you don't accidentally have a release week right after a full week of traveling there's a lot of moving pieces when you're marketing for a new release and that calls for some organization being prepared ahead of time and knowing what you need to do is get what's gonna keep you on track to accomplish all of your writing goals I feel like we're moving through this pretty quick number eight you're able to say no there's so many events so many opportunities to get out there as an author but writing and publishing should be priority number one I have massive FOMO fear of missing out which I think a lot of people do I feel a sneeze coming who anyway a lot of people have that so this is hard for me to do but I've said no to things and I'm gonna do it again likely there's gonna be more author uppity to participate in and the following year if you say no now but the same thing goes for personal obligations it's okay to say no for the longest time I felt guilty RSVP'ing no to a wedding but if I can't make it then I can't make it work and my husband and I are both working towards saying no more often for many reasons our mental sanity for one but also my business as well number nine you reinvest in your author business a lot of the money that I have made as an author has been reinvested into my business and that's totally normal for the first couple of books don't get freaked out by it it takes some time to gain enough momentum to make it as an author but successful authors know that they need to reinvest in themselves and in their business to grow even more this is true for both traditionally published and self-published authors you'll have that breakthrough novel one day but being a success in the publishing world takes time you're in it for the long haul and that means being afraid to reinvest in your business so it can grow even more caveat to this though successful authors also do the research and don't just waste their money in an effort to reinvest from sake of it so be smart about it number 10 you have thick skin this is a lot like taking feedback gracefully but in general successful authors have thicker skin querying your novel almost always means that you're going to be facing a lot of rejection if you let this get to you too much it's gonna stop you from querying altogether so having thicker skin keeps you pushing forward also some feedback you get will not be nice some reviews will not be nice having a youtube channel or an online platform means getting mean comments sometimes but having thick skin means that you won't let that negativity affect your work it's so easy to focus on the bad and although this is a habit of successful authors it's not just a black and white habit it's not one hundred percent or zero writers that are usually great at this may find themselves falling prey to feeling down about their writing because of what somebody said it's something to work on all the time but you keep moving forward every day toward all of your goals knowing that you're gonna get there eventually you all right that's all I have for you guys today I hope this video was super helpful comment down below with your own observations on successful authors and maybe some lessons that you've learned I'm always trying to improve and I'm sure everyone else would love to hear what you have to say consider subscribing to my channel for more writing related videos hit that notification bell to make sure you're notified and then like this video because it does that help support my channel and I would appreciate it very much purchase lace for a debut novel the Elysian prophecy are down below as always and a link to my podcast the happy writing podcast I'm pretty much posting there every week as well all right I'll see you guys in next week bye

45 thoughts on “10 Habits of Highly Successful Writers

  1. I love your content, Vivian. I specifically love this video. What I would really like is a video or a series of videos on how to market yourself. Like, how to implement a system of when someone goes to your blog, they have to sign up for a newsletter(what are the logistics of that?) or what to include in a newsletter or how to give away free stuff or maybe an example schedule of how much time to spend on social media vs. your writing vs. marketing yourself. Right now, it's all squishy-squashy in my mind of how to do all that. 🙂

  2. Did you spend any money on marketing? Or have you done all organic self-marketing? Or did you just not consider marketing costs under the “publishing” umbrella?

  3. Erm, I was subscribed to you and noticed today I wasn't anymore. Wth… What is up with that?! But, I'm so glad I still have so many of your videos on my Watch Later list, otherwise I may not have noticed for many more months I was no longer subscribed.

  4. Awesome tips! Definitely agree, successful authors (and people!) work harder and harder everyday, & specially artists, don't just sit around waiting for inspiration, or waiting for the oportunity to knock on their door, they make them themselves!

  5. Loved these tips. Especially the one about continuing to learn and read writing craft books or books outside my genre.

  6. Vivien, I know I'm late to the party, but can you make a video on naming your characters.
    I'm writing a book and I found naming my characters difficult.

  7. I love you, you’re one of my favorite YouTubers and you’re so talented. I borrowed your book from my friend and I only got a few chapters in. I LOVED your book. The style, the characters, everything, was so good. I plan to get it soon.
    Love you!!

  8. Dear sister, I want chat with you on how I can write better. Please chat me by joined on messenger or any other medium.

  9. Great video. Love the new format and your transitions. Seems like everyone has updated their writing channels this summer!

    This video needs your dog though. 🙁

  10. I like it and a lot of that advice really does work. I’m an impatient person so this journey I have to stop myself. Then I just tell myself if I want to reach my goals then I need to chill out.

  11. Awesome video. It is always good to have a reminder that it takes time and hard work to get your book out there.

  12. Totally get the FOMO thing 💙
    Love your videos and thank you for this. A dose of extra motivation 💙💙

  13. Yes! I recharge by watching TV or movies too and have been down on it in the past until I realized I needed to give myself permission for it!
    I’d love to hear how you organize or schedule your writing goals and activities. I’ll have to look back to see if you’ve already made that video 🙂

  14. I want my book to fail miserably living me in a crippling amount of self despair and misery to fuel my quest for vengeance against the world!!!
    But it would be great if it succeeds.

  15. I just want to apologize for my earlier comment. I have deleted it. I struggled with my decision​ to post it and I appreciate your kind response. I do enjoy your vids and I was out of line. Please chalk it up to a bad day. I'm sorry.

  16. Your presentation is always a pleasure. You seem kinda down today. I hope things are well with you. You are one (I only have a few) of my main sources for information and inspiration. While I struggle with most of the things you just listed, I feel as though I will get there. Thank you for the succint list. Even though most of it hurt a little. I direct people to your channel whenever the opportunity arises. You are a blessing to the writing community.

  17. How do you build a "fanbase", if you haven't finished a book? I get having social medias but what do you put on them if you are in the middle of working? What do you post when outlining or character development without giving away spoilers? THis has been bothering me for a long time and no one seem to have the answer.

  18. I recharge and become inspired at the same time by watching and reading things of the time period and genre of the novel I'm writing… If I'm writing a novel that takes place in Victorian times I might watch wonderful Victorian dramas. If I'm writing a novel of the Old West I watch Western movies. [Yes, and I research, research, research… I've come to love researching because so many of the facts I find are fascinating!!!]

  19. I love how this list helps me beat back my fears. Something that has helped me over the years is keeping every piece of criticism in a file. You're not always ready to learn from it at the time you receive it. Even if you think you know what it means when you first get it, sometimes you get even more from it when you look at it later.

  20. This is actually very relevant to writing a thesis (which I am doing right now/putting off right now). Thanks for the reminder to keep chipping away 😊

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