10 Graphic Novel Reviews.

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  1. As some one who have a difficulty reading texts heavy books I can appreciate that the graphic novels are doing a direct adaptation. but that's just my opinion

  2. will reading graphic novels help build conversation ability to connect with people?  what other kinds of sills can I gain reading them?

  3. they are comic books. not graphic novels, it's not drawn literature, it is a totally different genre with its own rules. graphic novel is only a commercial name

  4. If you were' impressed by We Can Still Be Friends you should read Blankets by Craig Thompson (might have got the authors name wrong). It's great art an has got something to say about relationships and growing up.

  5. What is a graphic novel?
    "Although the word "novel" normally refers to long fictional works, the term "graphic novel" is applied broadly, and includes fiction, non-fiction, and anthologized work. It is distinguished from the term "comic book", which is used for comics periodicals." I guess that explains it pretty well, special attention to the last part…ah ah yes!Graphic novel is not a comic book (nothing against it, but it's just not the same thing). And yes, I've taken the definition from wikipedia….hope that helps!

  6. They're fucking comic books, COMIC BOOKS, you hear me!? I'm sick to death of this intellectually sanitized euphemism 'Graphic Novel.'

    If you're ashamed to say comic book then don't read them. (Not directed at you personally)

    If you really enjoyed the story, I can highly recommend the audiobook narrated by Neil Gaiman himself. It's not really a night time listen, as it can be creepy as hell, but the sound engages with the story telling in a brilliant way.

  8. WTF if you want the best graphic novel read watchmen that got a Hugo award and one of time magazines best 100 novels, not even graphic novels, just novels! If you want the second best read the dark knight returns and if you want a good non superhero one then read sandman.

  9. Im SO happy you also look at the actual lay-out and the graphic designs, the fonts, the colors, the use of black borders,… THANK YOU! I noticed little people do that when giving a review of a book on youtube. Like the girl that was bothered by black pages for the art of frozen "cuz its about snow and all…" I couldn't imagine anyone more stupid than her that moment… BUT THANKS!

  10. I know a really good graphic novel that just came out. It is called Detective Natalie & The Deadly Demons. I think it is worth taking a look at it. 
    Here is the link to the graphic novel. 

  11. Why are my eyes so confused while reading graphics ? Either i read , then pic or pic then read. Story is hard to follow. Please help…

  12. Why are my eyes so confused while reading graphics ? Either i read , then pic or pic then read. Story is hard to follow. Please help…

  13. I would suggest some Alan Moore works. Also, I partially agree with the people who said you shouldn't use ones based on books . I just think it'd be better to do original ones, but that's just my opinion

  14. Thanks for this! I was always considering getting Scott pilgrim after seeing the movie, but never got around to it. Now it's definitely going on my birthday list! Subbed

  15. you are right but i would have liked you to eview some more grafic novels that dint came from a book cause that way the story would be just analyzed by how good it was and not by how it was compared to another media source, just my opion

  16. Sure I do, every time I plunk down cold hard cash. Would you ask someone who only ate fast food for a restaurant recommendation? You'll never learn anything reading that crap or develop a real taste for the comic art form. If you're going to review the stuff you should educate yourself.

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