Now I have made a lot of videos on Mr XXXTurkeyGobble,
but today we’re switching it up with a video that’s more positive and looking at the
10 fastest verses he has ever laid down. Real quick, shoutout to the XXXTENTACION subreddit
who helped me find a couple of songs on this list that I wouldn’t have found otherwise,
the link to their community will be in the description below if you wanna join a community
where you can talk about his music with other X fans. So with that being said, this is CDTVProductions,
you can find me on Instagram under that name, and let’s look at the fastest XXXTakeoff
verses of all time. Honourable Mentions: 12 – I & M (Verse 2) – 6.8 SPS So kicking off our list, we have a pretty
damn old track from X. Now I noticed most of the rhymes on the fast part are just the
word “bitch”, it’s said 6 times in that 10 second clip, but the rhymes mixed with
the faster flow makes it sound really nice. I wouldn’t mind hearing a remastered or
updated version of this. 11 – Jocelyn Flores (Verse 1) – 6.8 SPS This song is an undeniably heart felt track from
X, and it’s one of his songs that really got to me. The emotion here isn’t really
something that stops him from rapping somewhat fast though, as his scattered thoughts on
the situation he’s rapping about just spill out on to the beat. It’s a sadly beautiful
track. 10 – Everybody Dies In Their Nightmares (Verse
1) – 7 SPS And after that we have another sad song found
on X’s 17 album. Much like Jocelyn Flores, it’s just a song where it feels like X is
just flowing all his thoughts over a downbeat instrumental. Now personally I don’t love
this song, but I can appreciate it for sure, and I’d probably say it’s one of the better
ones featured on the 17 album. 9 – remedy for a broken heart (Verse 1) – 7
SPS Now maybe I’m crazy, but I’d say this
song is very comparable to the previous one, it’s essentially the Everybody Dies in Their
Nightmares of “?”. Although I find this track to be a little bit more dull than that
one, I’m not a huge fan of when X raps over more acoustic instrumentation, and that’s
one of the reasons why I’m not a huge fan of this song. Smooth rapping for sure, but
it’s just something that I didn’t enjoy too much. 8 – Infinity (Verse 2) – 7 SPS And here we have a song that I actually really
enjoy on this list. I think X does a pretty great job flowing over this 90s themed instrumental,
and just personally, I like when he cuts down on those weird vocal inflections he sometimes
uses. It’s a very solid verse from him. There’s also the fact that it has a brilliant
guest verse from Joey Bada$$, and this all makes me look forward to the long rumoured
collab tape between X and Joey. This also makes it one of my top tracks from ?, if not
THE top one for me. 7 – In This B***h Lit (Verse 1) – 7.1 SPS This is an incredibly short track, it only
runs for 55 seconds, but X makes sure he rips it apart at the very end of the track. This
sounds like an early X track, what with the distorted 808’s and growling delivery, which
does hinder my enjoyment of the song, but the switch from his broke up flow to the much
faster flow is quite cool and makes for a nice contrast. 6 – XXXANAX (Verse 1) – 7.3 SPS Now you may have seen this song under a few
different names, but whether it’s the original name Crush, or other names like Bricks and
XXXANAX, it’s a fast verse regardless. I recall this being the second track I ever
fully heard from X, and it showcased to me that he had a lot of potential. It shows that
he’s incredibly capable flow wise, even if he’s not really saying anything too special
on this particular track. I also like the fact that he shows aggression here without
having to shout to do so, it’s a verse I really enjoy from him. 5 – Off the Wall (Verse 2) – 7.4 SPS This
is a track that contains one of Ski Mask the Slump God’s fastest verses, and X made sure
he matched this with a fairly speedy verse of his own. The beat has a pretty aggressive,
hostile sound as it samples the song Spit It Out by Slipknot, but X and Ski make sure
to keep the song fun and wild with their unique and playful flows. If we’re just comparing
speed here, Ski Mask was faster, but not by a huge margin. Either way X did bring a nice
verse where he switches up his rapping style a few times. It all makes for a pretty entertaining
song. 4 – Shining Like The Northstar (Verse 1) – 7.6
SPS This is one that I wouldn’t have found without
the help of the XXXTENTACION subreddit, so yet again, thanks for that. This one kinda
flew under my radar as it had quite a few issues with its release, it was on Apple Music,
then it wasn’t, but apparently it’s not an official release, I don’t really know.
Now I’m not gonna lie, I find the hook incredibly unbearable on this song, and a lot of the
song sounds a bit messy and all over the place to me. Of course I can understand why people
would enjoy it, it’s just I don’t. I can respect the fact that he uses multiple different
flows and vocal styles, but it’s something that doesn’t appeal to me personally. 3 – Up Like An Insomniac (Verse 2) – 7.8 SPS Again not a fan of the hook on this one, but it’s definitely
a much better X and Ronny J collab than the previous song, and X actually handled some
of the production on here, which is always a plus. The different ways in which X raps
on this song sound more logical, and I enjoy the first verse on here, and of course the
fast part, because honestly X can do fast rapping quite nicely at times, as displayed
by this list. Even though he’s nowhere near the fastest, he still does speed rapping in
a relatively clear delivery most of the time. 2 – Kings Dead (Remix) (Verse 2) – 7.9 SPS And now we have another X and Joey Bada$$
collaboration song, and whilst I don’t enjoy this as much as Infinity, they still both
do a pretty good job. The main thing that impressed me here honestly was when X did
that weird sounding alien voice when he was rapping, it sounded pretty great and I don’t
think I’ve really heard him rap like that before. He does manage to kill most of his
verse, and that’s something I can really appreciate. I wish he didn’t cut off his
rapping after that part, but it did make for an entertaining little skit in the middle
of the track. I think I prefer the original Kings Dead (I mean where the LaDiDaDiDa here?),
but it’s a very good remix. 1 – #PROUDCATOWNER #IHATERAPPERS #IEATPUSSY
(Verse 1) – 8.3 SPS Seriously though, I can’t get over that
title. But moving past that, with a lot of the songs on here, the reason that they’re
not faster is because X doesn’t consistently keep up his speed, usually he’ll switch
his flow before we hit that 10 second mark. However, this song doesn’t have that issue,
and it lands X his first, and only, song that peaks at over the 8 SPS mark. It’s a decent
enough track, and that “Harder than the Kimpossible theme song” line made me laugh
harder than it should’ve, that was good. So there you have it, the song which I’m
just gonna refer to as ProudCatOwner is the fastest XXXTENTACION verse that I could find. (Outro)

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  1. Rest in peace to Jahseh Onfroy aka XXXTENTACION. Regardless of my thoughts and criticisms of his music, absolutely no one deserves to go out in that way, at that age.

  2. People comment like he just posted the video 😂 these niggas annoying fr , get out the comments he died 10 days after this 👏 cool thanks for telling me 😂 all you sad 12 year olds

  3. I don’t know why you made this video, we are here for the title not for your opinions, this would of been a better video if you don’t talk at all and just played the verses😂 your entitled to your opinion, but if you don’t like x why are you making the video ffs😂

  4. I really fuckin miss havin this dude around tbh and I’m not even one of those crazy ass fan boys (no hate) I get it I’m jus sayin

  5. I am so strange like a misfit, uh

    Kick that bitch out, she indifferent, uh
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  7. I remember waking up and going to listen to sound cloud playlist and I was planning to wake up and go a other day of no school but I got a notification saying x was shot like damn why the fuck did people would do these to me on summer like damn I was so sad because he was the one who helped and he was relate able I been listen to jahseh onfloy since he and ski plus I found him out from ski but I can't lie I kidda like x more like dagger dick

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