10 FASTEST Lil Uzi Vert Verses

Well, I figured I might as well get this one
out while my twitter name is CDTVthaUziStan. I completed this list in the last few months
of 2018 and was gonna wait for Eternal Atake to actually make and upload it, but yeah. So we all know Uzi can run fast when approached
with scarily accurate knowledge of his childhood but can he rap at quite the same pace? Well this is CDTVProductions, a newly reformed
Uzi stan here, and let’s take a look at the 10 Fastest Lil Uzi Vert verses so far. 12 – Uzi Intro (Verse 1) – 6.9 SPS And we’re kicking it off with a track from
one of Uzi’s earliest mixtapes. From the sound of it, it’s very possible
that he took inspiration from Wiz Khalifa’s TrapWiz style here, as Uzi has mentioned Wiz
as one of his influences, but I’m not a fan of the strong autotune over this particular
beat with the faster rapping pace. The actual flow itself is solid though. 11 – Big Money (C4 Remix) [Verse 2] – 7 SPS I’m not even exaggerating here, Uzi kills
this track. I might even go as far to say it’s a case
of a feature saving the song, because his verse is so nice, the flow switches are so
damn smooth on here and that includes the quick transition into the fast part. I really enjoy this verse. 10 – Cartel (Verse 2) – 7 SPS This song is very clearly influenced by the
Migos. And when I say “influenced”, it’s in
all capitals cause this straight up sounds like Quavo wrote this all, picked the beat,
then Uzi rapped it. With that Zaytoven style of instrumental,
the single word being repeated for the hook, pretty much everything sounds like the early
Migos style on here…. except for the fast part you just heard. Right towards the end, Uzi switches up his
flow to lure you back in and it does make it a bit more impactful and noticeable, especially
coming after relatively repetitive flows. 9 – Chiraq Pt. 2 (Verse 2) – 7.1 SPS Here we have Uzi’s verse on a remix to the
song Chiraq originally by Nicki Minaj. It’s kinda different hearing Uzi over such
a cold, threatening beat such as this one but by matching it with some dark lyrics and
a more serious tone of voice, he honestly sounds great on it. I’ve never heard a 5ft 4 man sound more
intimidating in my life. To be fair, he’s 6 inches taller than me
when standing on his money so who’s the real winner here? 8 – Wasted (Verse 2) – 7.2 SPS Now personally I’ve never been of that thing
rappers do where they consistently try to distance themself from being a rapper and
say they’re a rockstar. But this is one of the songs where I kind
of give Uzi a pass for it, because the way he comes in with his rougher vocals backed
by some distortion does sound quite wild and rockstar-like. This has made some people dislike the verse,
when I made a video on songs ruined by the feature I saw some people suggest this one,
but I like what Uzi does on here, even before I enjoyed him as a rapper. He adds a rawer element to the track that
I don’t find any trouble enjoying. 7 – In 04 (Verse 1) – 7.2 SPS Lil Uzi Vert & Gucci Mane. This is a collaboration that I would’ve
hated about 6 or so months ago, but both artists have grown on me to varying degrees. Gucci not as much, but the Droptopwop tape
is dope, I wanna check out more of his solo stuff soon to really form my opinion. Even if I didn’t like Gucci, he only handles
the hook on this song anyway, with Uzi’s vocals backing him during that as well, it’s
basically Uzi’s song. And that works because from what I’ve heard
the beat definitely sounds more suited to Uzi than Gucci Mane. 6 – Gwap (Verse 1) – 7.4 SPS And now we’re going back to another early
Uzi song, from 2014 specifically. I knew Lil Uzi’s style was different back
before he started gaining some traction, but he’s barely even recognizable on this song. It was definitely before he really found his
voice, so naturally I’m not a huge fan of this one. The nonstop, run on flow on the verse is cool
though, but it’s strikingly similar to another track that we have later on in this list. No matter how I feel about it overall though,
it’s a good track to see how far Uzi has come with his song crafting ability since
2014 because I think we can all agree he’s definitely improved. 5- Enemies (Verse 2) – 7.5 SPS Enemies is a top 5 Uzi song for me, probably
even top 3. Everything from the delayed drop in of the
drumbeat on the first verse which makes it all the more impactful (seriously listen to
this song on some good speakers, that drum beat drop slaps), all 3 verses being fairly
different which helps keep the song engaging from the first second to the last, to Uzi’s
confident and boastful hook, makes this song so enjoyable to listen to. And the fast part is so attention grabbing,
coming out of nowhere at the start of the second verse, contrasting against the slower
hook which makes it feel all the more energetic. It’s really one of the moments that makes
the song one of my favourite Uzi tracks. 4 – Multi Millionaire (Verse 2) – 7.6 SPS I like Uzi’s verse on this song, and I would
say he’s my favourite part of the track, but there is one small thing I kinda wish
he changed about this verse. And it’s the use of that really overt autotune
on it. Autotune is not something I’m against in
all situations, very far from it, but on a song where Uzi is rapping rather than being
melodic over this hard, glitchy, digital beat I feel like it wasn’t necessary and kinda
detracts from his verse slightly. He already has an interesting rasp to his
voice that I don’t think needed to be further brought out with the autotune. Regardless though, his flow is solid on this
song, not one that I expected to be one of his fastest, but as you can tell it’s in
the top 5 of fast Uzi verses. 3 – Who Run It Remix (Verse 3) – 7.8 SPS If you’re wondering why, in 2018, everyone
started remixing a Three 6 Mafia track that wasn’t even one of their biggest songs,
G Herbo is the reason why. He freestyled over it on a radio station,
later released a full version of the track, challenged other rappers to remix it and dropped
another version of his own remix featuring an added guest verse from Uzi. And it is not a beat I expected to hear Uzi
over, but he fits in pretty well on this, more than I expected him to. The best parts of his verse are where Uzi
channels a deeper delivery because it fits in against the beat more than when he goes
higher pitched, but overall the verse is pretty damn nice. And because hip hop beef is almost always
entertaining, it’s fun to hear Uzi fire some more shots at Rich the Kid on this one
as well. 2 – New Patek (Verse 1) – 7.9 SPS This might just be the song that really made
me realise I should give Uzi’s whole catalogue a second chance. When I finished this song for the first time
and realised I was engaged with a song just shy of 6 minutes that was over 1 beat the
entire time by a rapper I disliked before, I knew that maybe time had changed my opinion
on Little Jacuzzi Vertical. The upbeat instrumental moves pretty fast
and Uzi keeps up with it with his flow for pretty much the whole song and does throw
quite a few flow switches into the verses. While I do like some of his harder, more aggressive
tracks, this one made me realise that my favourite Uzi songs are these really bright, happy sounding
ones. In my opinion it’s one of the most addictive
Lil Uzi songs out there. 1 – I Don’t Give A **** (Verse 1) – 8 SPS Yep the fastest verse on this list was recorded
through what sounds like the equivalent of a default Xbox gaming headset. But as you can tell by his voice, it’s a
very early Uzi song, maybe all he had was that mic so work with what you’ve got, I
won’t take the **** because of it. This song is definitely something that’s
surprising to hear especially if you’ve only heard Uzi on his newest projects, because
as far as I’m aware he’s never rapped this consistently fast with no breaths on
a song outside of this one. You only heard a 10 second snippet, but the
whole 50 second verse is basically on par with that pace. So if there’s anything to take away from
this video, it’s that Uzi can rap relatively fast (this verse is basically on par with
Ski Mask’s verse on Flo Rida or even Tech N9ne’s verse on Speedom, a song named after
it’s speed) but he chooses to focus on making songs with more of an aesthetic appeal, and
me personally I’m absolutely fine with that. So there we have it, that was the fastest
Lil Uzi Vert verse so far and even with the lower quality it was an impressive one. (Outro)

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  2. Ha he said nikki minaj made chiraq lmao dumb ass she just made it popular

    Edit: And actually no she didn't she just had the most popular cuz she was already famous

  3. Crazy that Uzi could afford a 1080p camera (obviously someone else recorded it) for the music video of the #1 song and a decent beat for it but could not afford a good mic

  4. Ok yall, I have a question for you guys: Which position should I put Lil Uzi on in my list, The Great/Legendary Rapper list, The Decent/Good rapper list, or the Untalented/ bad rapper list?

  5. i swear the 10 fastest verses have turned into the 12 verses since almost all of the more recent videos on this series have at least 2 honorable mentions

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