10 FASTEST Denzel Curry Verses

So after a long ass time, and a whole lot
of requests, a video on Denzel Curry is finally here, and today we’re gonna be covering
his fastest verses. Real quick, I do wanna give a huge shoutout
to the Denzel Curry subreddit, who helped me find a large amount of the verses in this
video. As a way of thanking them, their community
will be linked in the description. So let’s get right into this, this is CDTVProductions,
you can join my Amino also linked below to discuss hip hop with me and other music lovers
like yourself, and let’s look at the 10 Fastest Denzel Curry Verses. 12 – Narcotics (Verse 1) – 6.9 SPS This is the one that surprised me the most,
because when I first heard it I thought it was an 8 SPS verse for sure. I’m not sure what makes it slower than it
sounds, but I’ve counted it repeatedly and over 10 seconds this is the speed it hits. Amazing verse though. 11 – Parents (Verse 1) – 7 SPS A lot of Denzel’s Nostalgic 64 project has
a very gritty sound to it, and don’t get me wrong that sound is still present here
especially with the story Denzel is telling, but Denzel’s lyrics sound kinda tongue in
cheek and it adds a nice humorous layer to the track which helps make it slightly less
dark. Not to mention, he’s laying down some facts
on this one. 10 – Dark Tournament (Verse 2) – 7 SPS This track is still pretty damn nice, but
you can tell Denzel has came a hell of a long way since this released. The fast rapping part is nice, but you can
tell it’s a little bit more shaky here than it is nowadays. There’s still great wordplay on it though,
and it apparently samples it’s instrumental from an Anime show theme. I really don’t like anime so I have no clue,
but if you are a fan of Yu Yu Hakusho, then I’m sure this track will grab your interest. 9 – The Federation (Verse 2) – 7.1 SPS I hadn’t heard this song until I did research
for this video, but I honestly think it contains one of my favourite Denzel verses. Every single flow he uses on this track is
entertaining and all are somewhat rapid whilst switching it really often. I actually had to count like 5 different sections
of this song because he keeps the pace up on almost every section of it, it’s just
great. It’s cool to hear Denzel on such a laid
back track as well, as most of his catalogue is fairly dark in terms of tone. 8 – Lord Vader Kush II (Verse 1) – 7.1 SPS And here we have the only track on this list
from 32 Zel, a project which definitely showcases Denzel taking on more of a trap influence. I really love the sound on this project, and
this song really encapsulates it’s sound. Spacy melodies, forceful drums and Denzel
jumping all over it with his cadences, it’s a combo that I really do love. Interestingly, I didn’t think this track
would be faster than songs like Envy Me or Ultimate, which came from the same project,
but by my measurements, this is the fastest one from the EP. 7 – Flying Nimbus (Verse 3) – 7.2 SPS The transition from the second verse, which
is performed by Lofty305, into the third verse which you just heard is so good on this track. We shift gears insanely quickly from Lofty’s
confident mid tempo flow, to Denzel’s rapid and turbulent flow in the drop of a hat, and
the way it shifts is so great. He absolutely kills it here, and brings a
hell of a lot of energy and excitement into the song. He does say the word *thot* (whisper) here
though, so we might have to copystrike Denzel for that one. 6 – Always With Me (Verse 2) – 7.2 SPS Now as you can imagine, Ronny J’s production
is always a bit hit and miss for me, with me being the old distortion hating Boi that
I am, but when he doesn’t use distorted bass he can make some beats that I absolutely
love. And that is the case with this song. If there’s one thing I can say, it’s that
he programs his 808s like a master. On top of this, Aaron Rose comes through with
a really great verse on here, and you already know Curry came through and slaughtered it. Check this one out if you haven’t heard
it, it’s worth it. 5 – Bloodshed (Verse 1) – 7.2 SPS This is pretty much the song I can credit
with getting me back into Denzel’s music, one day I just decided to listen to the 13
EP, absolutely loved it and then went through every single other project Denzel has made. And this song was at the very start of that
EP. It pulled me in right away, that dark, booming
bass produced by Eric Dingus (which is a great name) and Denzel’s rapid fire rapping with
his frenetic flow really got me intrigued in what he was gonna do, and he didn’t disappoint. The whole 13 EP is pretty amazing from start
to finish in my opinion, but Bloodshed remains as my top track from the short project. 4 – Unmask (Verse 1) – 7.6 SPS Here we have a great collab between Denzel
Curry, Craig Xen and Ski Mask the Slump God, who I have also done 2 Fastest verses videos
on, and those will be linked in the description below. I can definitely see why this one is faster
than a lot of the other tracks on here. On pretty much every bar, Denzel crams as
many syllables in as he can, and it makes sure his verse here always has this kinda
velocity to it, it just keeps moving forward. Everyone on here kills it, brings their own
style to the song, and it makes for a brilliant track. (Although I won’t lie. Craig Xen kinda terrified me the first time
I heard this song.) 3 – Talk That Shit (Verse 1) – 7.7 SPS Here we have what is probably the most trap
flavoured track on the N64 album, with a brash sound to the instrumental and Curry matches
this with his lyrics and vocals. Interestingly, the hook on this track is actually
Denzel quoting and essentially sampling one of his earlier songs titled Strictly For My
Raiderz, which is a song I can recommend if you haven’t heard some of Denzel’s really
early material. Lyrically this is a pretty interesting track
too, with some of the earlier bars having a somewhat spiritual vibe to them, and there’s
also a couple references to other rap songs thrown in there too. It’s a nice track, and probably one of the
hardest ones on N64. 2 – Drogas (Verse 1) – 7.8 SPS I thought this one would’ve been number
1 for sure, but it did miss out on that spot by a small margin. But goddamn does he come right out with the
pace at the very start of his verse. It’s seriously impressive. This is also probably the most unique track
that we have on this list, the beat has a pretty strange sound to it, and Denzel’s
vocals are mixed pretty deep into the beat. It creates a very cool sound. I’m not gonna lie though, I laughed my ass
off when Lofty305 was singing about pussy, that part of the song was hilarious. There’s like 3 or 4 different rappers on
this track that aren’t Denzel as well, so I’d recommend checking this out if you wanna
be introduced to some artists you might not have heard before. 1 – Gettin’ Rich (Verse 2) – 8.1 SPS Here we have yet another track that features
both Denzel Curry and Mike Dece (pronounced Mike Dee-Cee), and I think I’ve decided
I love it whenever these guys collaborate. The other collab they did was also on this
list, that being our number 9 song The Federation, and I loved that too. Not to mention, they both were on the previous
song Drogas as well. I think it’s just cool hearing Denzel over
these more light hearted and airy beats. He absolutely breezes through it with his
flow, and raps fast enough to get him his first verse that peaks at over 8 syllables
per second. And there you have it, Gettin Rich contains
the fastest Denzel Curry verse that he has laid down so far. (Outro)

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  3. i love denzel more than most people do but isn't this the slowest #1 of any artist you've ever had on any of these verses, part 1 or 2? like denzel's #1 is 8.1, the next slowest is scarlxrd at 8.2, then part 1 of ski mask at 8.2, then xxxtentacion at 8.3, then part 2 of logic at 8.5, then part 2 of ski mask at 8.5, then kendrick at 8.6, so on and so forth. idk i just kinda find it odd that you decide to do it on someone with 1 verse over 8 sps and barely over it, but i did enjoy the video and actually hadn't heard of gettin rich before and actually really loved it, so no hate.

  4. I honesty think that his verse on Ultimate $uicide should have been the bottom 5 on this list, he raps so fast in one part

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  6. You should check the song Good Night, I cant exactly tell if it’s him or not (I’m pretty sure it isn’t) but there is a pretty fast verse in it as well

  7. Gettin rich was pretty fucking fast. When I first heard it awhile back in thought for sure it was a 10 syllable per second type beat

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