10 BOOKS YOU NEED TO READ (frickin life changing)

[Music] hey everyone it’s a girl Jen and I am back with some book recommendations I read quite a number of them last year and I wanted to share 10 books that really shook up my life perspective and make me look at life more positively so if you are a person that decided to read more as one of your new year’s resolutions this is the video to watch so let’s get started so the first book I have for you is called the untethered soul by Michael singer I think this is a book that everybody on the planet should read especially if you’re an over-thinker like me I know I’m not the only one that has that annoying voice in your head that is constantly making commentary about life I mean sometimes the voice is pretty funny and helpful but the majority of the time it’s just noise and Michael singer does a really great job explaining that that voice in your head is not you he refers to it as your roommate it’s your roommate that you basically have to live for for the rest of your life and he explains that you are the person that is just listening to it I like to reread this book especially when I’m feeling anxious about my life or if I tend to overthink a situation I’ll just bust open a chapter and it really helps ground me and makes my foundation a lot more strong so recommendation number two is called The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz this is a book that I really wish was assigned in school because I feel like it would have made me a lot more centered and confident but this book explains four rules that we should all live our lives by The Four Agreements are number one be impeccable with your word number two is to not take anything personally rule number three is to never make assumptions and the last rule is to always try your best I can’t find any life problem and it couldn’t be redirected to the floor agreements so let’s say Ben and I get into an argument and he uses a tone with me that just really unsettles me I would go back to rule number two which is to never take anything personally because chances are he has a tone because he’s got another separate problem that is his and I am unrelated to it let’s say I have a creative block with work and I feel soup uninspired I can go to rule number four which is to always try your best so I love that all my life problems can be solved within one of these four agreements so highly recommend that you guys go read it so my third recommendation is called the power of habit and I swear this is the last self-help book on this list I just have to throw it out there because you know if you’re the type of person who wants to finish their goals become more disciplined and become more more of an efficient person this book is great I learned from this book that over 65% of the things that you do on your day to day life is run on autopilot aka the habits that you create in your life so if all the habits in your life are positive ones then you can just like days into life and be like productive without even trying and so that thought really excited me so the author does a really thorough job explaining how habits are created it’s a chain reaction of three events it is the cue the routine and the reward and if you are wanting to change a habit it’s all about changing the routine whether it’s a habit on smoking or drinking too much or binge eating they all can be reformed by just changing the routine and so this book really helped me re-examine my life and made me want to change all my habits for the better I was obsessed with Brewers last year I read so many of them and I think the queen of suspense is Gillian Flynn I read all her novels last year but my favorite was dark places so this is a story of a girl named Libby day and her devil-worshiping brother allegedly killed her entire family when she was a child she was only like pink 5 so the memory is really fuzzy for her but basically her brothers in jail and there is this cult following that is obsessed with the case a lot of people think that her brother is innocent and as Libby lives her life she realizes that she has to really figure out what went down on that night this book is super juicy very suspenseful and if you like murder mysteries you’re gonna love this book so next up I have the last mrs. Parrish by Liv Constantine this is my gateway book that got me sucked in to thrillers but basically this story is about a woman named Anne who really wants to marry rich like filthy rich so she has her eye on this wealthy hotshot named Jackson Parish but unfortunately he’s already married so this is when amber installs her home-wrecking plan she befriends Daphne she like incorporates her and her life more and eventually you will see how she steals her man it’s like raunchy it’s got sex it’s got mean girl thoughts and it’s just very satisfying to read this will absolutely keep you up late at night and I think this is great if you have like a period of time you want to kill very fast so whether it’s a long flight or if it’s just like I don’t know a commute that you have I think this is a book that you should read so my next book favorite I’ve spoken about pretty recently but I had to call it out again because it’s fresh on my mind and I really stand behind what I said about it it is called room by Emma Donoghue and this is by far the most uniquely written book I’ve ever read it’s all in the perspective of a five year old boy named Jack and to Jack his only world that he knows is in this 11-foot by eleven foot room and the story is actually quite tragic so his mom gets kidnapped seven years ago by a complete stranger and he keeps her confined in this garden shed that is soundproof it’s locked proof and she ends up burying his child and that ends up being Jack it’s a really fucked up situation but she actually raises Jack pretty well you get to see their daily routine and just the bond that they have is just unreal this is also a movie that is out you can watch it on Netflix I think this is a rare occasion where the book in the movie are just as good so I recommend you checking them out so my next recommendation is also something that I’ve mentioned pretty recently it’s called pachinko by minjin Lee I wanted to talk about this book because it’s one of those reads where after I read it I just couldn’t stop thinking about it so this book is a historical fiction about the time when Korea was under Japanese rule and it was by far the darkest times in Korean history and no one ever really talks about it it’s kind of like this weird forgotten part of history I never learned it in my history classes or any I think that a lot of people would be quite shocked to see what the treatment was like for Koreans Koreans were considered lazy disposable third rate citizens and they were just in these inhumane conditions and I think this book does a really good job explaining what it was like through four generations a lot of Koreans left Korea because the conditions were so horrible that they went to Japan for a quote-unquote better life but once they got there they realized that the discrimination and the racism was just as strong if not stronger and so a lot of Koreans weren’t able to get jobs so a lot of them are resorted to crime or just jobs that were really frowned upon so one of the industries that they talk about is called pachinko and pachinko is basically a form of gambling and that is how this particular family made their money if you were ever curious about Japanese and Korean history at that time I think that this book can give you a better reflection on what that was like because clearly not talked about so my next book is a memoir it is called what I know for sure by Oprah Winfrey I freaking love Oprah I love everything that she stands for and she is just a huge role model for me and this book is all the life lessons that she knows for sure and I think that this book is just filled with wisdom whenever I’m feeling uninspired or unmotivated this is also a book that I love to keep on standby because it just reinvigorates my love for life and it just I just like her positive outlook on life as well there’s so many parts of this book that I just want to quote I highly recommend this book if you love Oprah because it will not disappoint you so my next book recommendation is called born a crime by Trevor Noah I first heard of Trevor Noah when he took over the daily show and honestly I didn’t think much of him but my mind completely changed when I heard his interview on Oprah’s podcast I was like oh my god he is so funny so charming and he also came out with his book so that’s what kind of pushed me to read it his story is so interesting because he was born in South Africa during the apartheid and an apartheid is basically a law where people outside of each other’s race cannot have sex or marry so if you were black you had a marry black person if you’re white you had a marry a white person so Trevor Noah was born a crime because his mom was a black soso woman and his dad was a white Swiss man so his existence was a crime and he explains a lot of the socio-political issues in the book and he weaves it in with a lot of his personal funny stories about you know like his mom and like his first crushes I smashed this memoir in a matter of days and I just found it really interesting because I never considered looking at history outside of America and so learning about South African history was super eye-opening and I loved that it was in his voice so my last book favorite is called the Sun does shine by Anthony Reddington and this is the story of resilience and it highlights how racist and fucked-up the criminal justice system is in America in 1985 Anthony Rea Hinton was sentenced to death row for two crimes he did not commit even though there was an overwhelming amount of evidence to prove that he was innocent the all-white jury in Alabama found him guilty so Hinton spends 30 years in death row just fighting for his innocence and he manages to bring light and kindness in such a dark and desolate environment and he eventually gets out but dude it was not easy I mean thank God for Bryan Stevenson this memoir is honestly like the ultimate story of the underdog rising up and getting justice alright guys that is a wrap on the ten books that you should read this year if you have any book recommendations that you think I should read please leave them in the comments down below one of my random goals for 2019 is to attempt to read 50 books this year so we’ll see how I do I want to thank you guys so much for watching and I’ll see you guys in the next one bye [Music]

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  1. I avoided reading like the plague when I was younger. Now I read books to RELAX! Plot twist of the century. Please let me know any book recommendations you have here!!

  2. I watched the '10 books you must read before you die' video you uploaded a year ago and bought about 4 of the 10 books you recommended. Your taste seems to be the exact same as mine because I loved them ALL. Kafka on the Shore has become possibly my favourite book of all time and I've just started the wind up-bird chronicle.. All I can say is when I saw that you uploaded this, I couldn't have clicked faster!! Thank you!!

  3. Hi jean! Im a student and Im sooooo in love with your accent! Always download yr videos to learn English!keep going!love you<3

  4. The last book reminds me of a documentary on Netflix called the Kalief Browder story. As an Australian it definitely opened my eyes up to the American justice system in a very real way. It's a very good watch in my opinion

  5. Yes to books! One of the best ways to relax and wind down. I just finished, 'Girl, Wash Your Face' by Rachel Hollis. Highly recommend 🙂

  6. I can recommend you to read books by Erich Fromm. I don't know, if you are into more heavy/philosophical and sociologial readings, but he is really inspiring and opens your eyes on many things.

  7. Thank you for uploading this! I am currently on my first book of the year and once I’m done I can’t wait to read your recommendations! 🥰

  8. Hi Jenn! Any books from Mitch Albom are honestly amazing. His words and the messages he tries to send across are so heartwarming! Reading his books always turns out to be extremely cathartic for me. I recommend Tuesdays with Morrie and The Five People You Meet in Heaven. 🙂

  9. SPOILER the end of dark places had me shook!!! I knew she shouldn’t trust crystal and BOY was I right. I got chills reading her perspective of that night. Libby isn’t the only survivor of that night….

  10. Seeing you do this kind of video once again, totally shook me cuz I got tired of watching the previous book recommendations video over and over again, it's one of my favourite videos on youtube. THANK YOU FOR THIS TYPE OF CONTENT!!! PLEASE DO IT MORE OFTEN

  11. You always keep me pumped up for reading! Needed a boost of energy to push me to finish a book that i was slacking off. TQ!!! <3

  12. Recommend “The New New Thing” by Michael Lewis (Moneyball author). Covers the moonshot brilliance and self deluded absurdity of Silicon Valley visionaries.

  13. Hey Babe.. I think you should look up a little bit more on Aparthied in South Africa.. There is so much more, and honesly that was not 'The Law ' it just one of many of the ridiculous and heart breaking laws have that were formed and unfortunately still effect the country to this day.. Even though there is freedom now.It will take generations to undo the effetcts on the people who still face alot of separation, crime problems, Not good educational institutions for people of colour/ neighbourhoods to live in etc. While many of the privilaged people still come from the most superior races. But we do have one of the most beautiful countries on earth and you should visit if you can ' Especially Cape Town!! ..Apartied made sure there was no mixing in anyway..so housing areas where segregated, work, beaches, parks, buses, even benches and entrances to places. Very like and unlike the American Civil rights movement. There where so many violent actions.. and Black was considered the Lowest, they had to carry a pass everywhere they went. Houses where raided at night by police where you could be dragged off at any moment, and if you where found in any place you weren't supposed to be you could be dragged of to jail without your families knowledge. There were also colored ( look like mixed race, but are that skin color from being mixed with Dutch or English generations ago- Like me) other townships, Indian, Chinese etc , anyone who was not from the same race would be segregated and considered better than, or less than according to the government laws. That's why it was dangerous fro Trevor raised in a black township.. I highly recommend the book.. Nelson Mandela's " Long Walk to Freedom!"

  14. Atomic habits by James Clear. Thought of you while reading this. The book picks up where The Power of Habits left off and covers explicitly why and how to work on your habits. A perfect book for type A personality :3

  15. i love you Jenn, you're my inspiration, and thanks for the recommendation! i will def read Trevor Noah's and Oprah Winfrey's 🙂

  16. For avid fans of “The Five People You Meet In Heaven” by Mitch Albom: I actually read this book last summer for the first time and it easily became my favorite book! Well, surprise, surprise – Mitch also recently released the second book to this story – “The Second Person You Meet In Heaven”. It focuses on the life of Annie – the girl that Eddie saves in the first book. It reinforces the message that we’re all connected in one way or another, even if we don’t realize it on our time on Earth. It’s just as much of a page turner as the first and I may or may not have shed a few more tears reading this one than the first. And not to give any spoilers, but there’s a nice little twist at the end! If you loved the first book, you’re bound to love this one as well!

  17. I think it’d be cool if Jenn published her own book, whether it be an autobiography or a fictional book. I’d definitely read it!

  18. your smile is so pretty, and i love how you speak English. after i watching your video, i just subscribe as soon as i can!!! BTW, the theme of this video is pretty great. plz upload more!

  19. Highly recommend Kitchen by Banana Yoshimoto and Convenience Store Woman by Sayaka Murata! Also since you really enjoy thrillers, I recommend reading In the Miso Soup by Ryu Murakami – it kept me up all night for days!!

  20. thank you I appreciate you reviewing books that are thought-provoking but also can be interesting and enjoyable. I've been watching a lot of book reviewers on YouTube and so far I'm not really happy with a lot of them. They all seem to be obsessed with young adult fiction even though they're like 40 something like me. Don't get me wrong YA great but I would like to broaden my horizons and read other than vampires and fairies and crap. Also you do it in an insightful, entertaining manner. Ty.

  21. 일제감점기시대의 책을 추천해주셔서 감사합니다! 언니를통해 조금이라도 진실된역사를 많은사람들이 알았으면좋겠어용❤️👍🏻 추천해주신책 전부 캡쳐해놨어용 읽어볼게요 추천감사합니다🙌🏻

  22. Came back here to say I read "Dark Places" because of this video and I loved it. I plan on working my way through this list throughout 2019. Thanks for the recommendations girl!

  23. You should try reading 'Kim Jiyoung born 1982' by Cho Namjoo. Most famous feminism novel&Best seller in Korea! Even the president have read it. Already translated into other asian languages.I know English version is not available yet but since you can read korean you'll be able to understand the general plot. It's not a difficult book to read actually.

  24. I'm the kind of person who forget a book or a movie after time, which is so good because I can read a book that I know that I like a billion times and still be surprised by how good it is.

    However, since the day you recommended Kafka by the Shore (I rented it like a week after) for the first time I still remember it. It had such a huge impact on me that I still think of it almost on a daily basis. How many years even passed since that video?!?!

  25. jenn! i feel like you won't see this comment (mostly because this is a kinda old video) BUT where did you get your necklace? it's so cute and i'd love to get a personalized necklace like that 💞

  26. JUST READ THE LAST MRS.PARRISH AND I LOVED IT. I’m going to try to finish one book a month that you have recommended.

  27. Read the Bible. It’s the most life changing book and you never get enough. You can read it over and over again. It literally is God’s Word to humans.

  28. Thanks for the feedback Jenn! 
    I was wondering how do you make your transitions with the book pages? 
    xx Mel

  29. HelIo! My name is Mclean and I am doing a book drive for some of the schools in my home country of Namibia. I have realised that a lot of these particular schools do not even have a basic library to start off with. My goal for this year would be to collect at least 500 books before August 2019.I would appreciate it, if you could please help me reach this goal by donating some of your old books. Thank you so much in advance for your help. I am reachable at [email protected]!

  30. Hope you can make a video on all your fave, recommended self help books! 💛 can’t wait for the next book video!

  31. the four agreements is my absolute favourite book. thank you for putting it on this list!!! i definitely recommend everyone to read it!💕💕❤️

  32. I've read two of the books here (Trevor Noah and Power of Habit) both equally well written books and actually saw the movie Room on Netflix, and it was an emotional rollercoaster. I'm not sure if I want to read in now in text. I might read Oprah's book. Thanks for the recommendations.

  33. I honestly trust your books reviews like no other and really take them to heart. Thank you for always doing this!!!

  34. OMG i think the book dark places has the movie played by charlize theron!! because i remembered watching it a long time ago and clicked when u described it!

  35. Hey, you should do a bookshelves tour ! And please keep doing these kinds of videos i found it really helpful. Or you could make a series about books on your channel.

  36. The untethered soul
    The four agreements
    The power of habit
    Dark places
    The last Mrs Parrish
    What i know for sure
    Born a crime
    The sun does shine


  37. Hi Jen, I love your videos and would be honored if you check out a book I wrote on Amazon called "Such unfortunates" by Andrew Mann. It's a true story and it will blow you away!

  38. I removed reading this line from a book, “ But it started off like “when I was 17 and thought ______ , I left everything behind and in a moment lost everything I love“

    Please help me find the full thing/book I can’t find it.

  39. Read many lives, many masters by brian l. Weiss. It is about a psychiatrist and her patient. It really changed my perspective in life.

  40. So much love all the books that you recommend ♥️ Can you please do some reccomendation videos about romance books ♥️ Thank you ♥️

  41. I love your book recomendations…my god, you're really good at this. plsss make more videos like this

  42. I find it amazing & profound that the first book you named was The Untethered Soul because the first time I came across the book was an incident when a substitute teacher was reading it and as I passed by, I felt compelled to say something about the book. This very small remark or insignificant question, which I normally wouldn’t have ever done, led to a full on conversation, soon irrelevant to the novel, about the Universe, astrology, religion, existence, and just overall one of the best conversations I’ve ever had in my life. Ever since, I’d been meaning to read the book, and this video just sealed and assured me that I absolutely must. Thank you & much love, Jenn, you beautiful being!

  43. I love your diversity in books. I've added most of the books on my list to read. My goal is to read and complete 3 books a year. Have a habit of starting and not finishing. Can't match up to your goal. 😂

  44. You should read The Secret Life of Bees! Its a quick, excellent read and would go well with your 50 books in 2019 goal. 🙂

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