10 Biggest Differences Between the Game of Thrones Show and the Books

the Game of Thrones TV show very closely follows George RR Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire novels but there are still tons of differences between the show and the books especially in recent seasons since there's not enough time in this video to go through every change they've made I've gone and found the 10 craziest differences between the Game of Thrones TV show and the books there will obviously be spoilers so don't watch this video if you're not fully caught up number 10 Lady Stoneheart so the last time we saw Catelyn Stark she wasn't having the best of days Kat unfortunately witnesses her firstborn son being stabbed to death and then gets her throat sliced open by black Walder in the show that's pretty much the end of the road for her however in the books Catelyn is resurrected by Lord beric Dondarrion who gives his life for hers through the right known as the last kiss catlins wounds only partially heal however leaving her mutilated and without the ability to speak she becomes consumed with the desire for vengeance over her family's betrayal and murder Kat thereby becomes known as Lady Stoneheart and assumes command of the Brotherhood without banners while leading the Brotherhood stone heart's outlaws come upon a small party led by Brienne of Tarth who informs her that she is searching for Sansa at the behest of Jaime Lannister stone heart says that Breanna's turned traitor as she carries Oathkeeper a Lannister sword forged from the Stark Valyrian steel blade ice Brienne swears she is still faithful but stone heart insists that she must prove it and says take the sword and slay the Kingslayer or be hanged for a betrayer Brienne refuses but just before she howl hunt and Podrick Payne are to be executed she shouts out sword thereby saving their lives number 9 mance rayder mance rayder's death in the series is exactly as it is in the books except in the books he doesn't really die having been burnt at the stake and put of his misery by the mercy of Jon Snow's arrow it later emerges in the books that the victim was not Mance Rayder at all but rather the wildling general Rattleshirt who Melisandre had used magic to disguise Mance Rayder is then instrumental in Theon's escape from the Bolton's at Winterfell later it is reported in a letter to John purportedly from Ramsay Bolton that mance has been captured ramsay claims that man thrown in a cage which is exposed to the elements and that the six fear wise I came with them have been killed and skinned manse is allegedly being forced to use their sewed together skins in the cage as his only source of warmth number eight Ramsay and Sansa this is one of the most obvious and certainly one of the most controversial changes from the books in George RR Martin's version of events the Lannisters passed off a stark family friend Jane Poole to the Bolton's as collateral for an important alliance convincing the Bolton's that Jane is actually Arya in HBO's Game of Thrones the only time we ever see Jane is in the series premiere instead Sansa herself marries Ramsay Bolton in season five as a way for Littlefinger to increase his power keeping with the theme of the novels in which Ramsay holds Jane hostage and relentlessly tortures her in the show he rapes Sansa while Theon watches on in horror number 7 Ramsay is way worse in the books so I think we can all agree Ramsay was a very bad dude he flayed his victims murdered Roose Bolton fed Walda and her baby to his dogs and chopped off Theon's dick I mean that's pretty much the worst thing that can ever happen to a man if your little buddy ever gets detached from your body it's game over period but despite all these things the book version of Ramsay Bolton isn't even crueler and more frightening character in the books Ramsay kills all of Roose Bolton's sons because they were a threat to him becoming the heir to house Bolton he also rapes Flay's and kills the woman he hunts if they were a good sport about it he would Flay them after they were already dead but if they didn't give him much sport he obviously flayed them alive if that's not enough the book version of Ramsay forces his wife Jane pool to have sex with his dogs just imagine if they put that one in the show all I know is Sansa too got off real fucking easy and finally in addition to mutilating Theon's dick Ramsay also cut off four of his toes and three of his fingers just fucking brutal number six Jojen Reed Jojen Green met his end on the show when a very sneaky wife stabbed him multiple times in the chest Meera mercifully cuts us through and a child of the forest destroys jochen's body to prevent any reanimation in a dance of dragons Jojen Reed survives the white attack and meets the three-eyed crow but soon after Jochen falls into a depressed state and wants to go home to greywater watch in a conversation with Bren Mira implies that Jojen has had a green dream of his fate when he returns home supposedly green dreams do not lie and jochen's return home meets almost certain death number 5 Aegon Targaryen one of the most surprising developments in the dance of dragons was the reveal that Aegon Targaryen was still alive supposedly dashed against the wall by the mountain as a baby Aegon was secretly whisked away by Very's and placed in the hands of several trusted allies to educate him in the ways of the world and to prepare him to reclaim the throne for House Targaryen not only does the presence of another Targaryen further muddy the line of succession to the iron throne it also gives us a proper answer as to just what varies in his schemes have been for all this time it seems like it may have been one development too far for the show though as there's no indication of the series covering it number four Shareen this tragic sequence is one of the most buzzed-about moments of season 5 both because of the depravity of the moment and because it says something that hasn't happened in the books yet Stannis Baratheon's daughter Shireen was in so many ways a rare symbol light and goodness in the Game of Thrones world so it was especially cruel when he chose to take heed of Melisandre's warning and sacrifice her to increase his power he burned his own daughter alive and stood by as she screamed and begged for her life how heartless can you get nothing like this moment has happened in martens Westeros which has fans speculating as to whether the show just released a major spoiler for future books number 3 dura Mormont just as in the show Jorah is a spy for the Lannisters who was told that providing information on her whereabouts would end his exile however he falls in love with Daenerys asks for her hand and attempts to kiss her in the books each time she puts him off when she learns of his betrayal she sends him on a dangerous mission to marine that he survives Daenerys is ready to forgive jours espionage but she exhales him for undermining her leadership like in the show Jorah encounters Tyrion in attempts to bring him back to Daenerys to get back in her good graces but during the journey to marine they are captured and ultimately end up with the second son's one final important things in is that there is no indication of Jorah being affected with greyscale in the books number two Tyrion's journey to marine in the books when Tyrion flees King's Landing after killing his father he doesn't leave with Very's he recuperates with Illyrio mopatis has seen in the show but he sets off marine not with varies but with a set of travelling companions that include two named Griff and young Griff he later finds out that young Griff is actually Aegon Targaryen son of Rhaegar Targaryen which makes him Daenerys nephew Tyrion convinces him to turn away from Daenerys and lead an attack with his small army on Westeros which is a tactic Aegon later adopts heading for the Stormlands number one Bronn as the seasons have progressed bran has become somewhat of a main character in the show after saving Tyrion's life in the trial by combat bran marries Lolly's Stokeworth in an attempt to eventually inherit Castle Stokeworth but his plans of becoming a nobleman are cut short when Jaime arrives and basically forces Bronn to help him retrieve Marcelo this is where the show in the books differ in the books bran never gets a visit from Jaime and listing his help instead Lady Tom does Stokeworth informed Cersei that bran has named his wife Lolly's bastard son Tyrion and dubious honor of his former employer bran soon takes four nights into his household although ser Ballman birch tell Cersei that they are up jump sell swords with not a thimbleful of chivalry to be found amongst the four of them this leads Queen Cersei to fear that he is still in league with Tyrion and causes Cersei to conspire with bronze good sister falsi Stokeworth and her husband Bowman tab bran killed Sir Ballman then challenges bran to a duel but bran kills Ballman using dirty tactics claiming to be Lord Stokeworth he expels lady Falls from Castle Stokeworth after the death of Falls at the hands of Qyburn Lolly's becomes the official lady of Stokeworth with bran is their Lord alright guys thanks for watching this video I hope you learned some interesting new things about the differences between the Game of Thrones books and the show please leave a like please subscribe and leave a comment telling me if you want to part two to this video as I couldn't fit all the differences in the short timeframe alright peace

23 thoughts on “10 Biggest Differences Between the Game of Thrones Show and the Books

  1. Also, Cat apologized about being mean to Jon Snow. In the books she stayed a cold hearted bitch to him even after death. This HBO series has taken too many liberties with the characters.

  2. Ramsay being so much shorter than Sansa makes it kind of hard to believe for me. Him raping and who knows how many horrors on a 12 years-old was why it was so frightening.

  3. I don’t understand the first one…so all Brienne had to do to not be executed was to say the word “sword?” Can’t tell if this is a grammatical error

  4. Martin is a co-executive producer! He OKd all the changes. It's just childishly fanboy to absolve him of the rewrites.

  5. There's a lot of very sick and depraved material in the books that never shows up on tv. Cersei screwing her uncle until he is killed by Varys — that whole thread was important.

  6. And number 11, show's Euron Greyjoy is just a dumbass while Book's Euron is very interesting, a bad guy equal to Ramsay Bolton maybe, and wants to marry Dany to get hold of her Dragons, and He's got the Dragonbinder horn, which's function is not clear yet.

  7. what did it for me was jon did not become king en the night king killed
    so easily by teleporting arya !!!!!!! en many other spots but these 2
    made go WTF en im glad its over
    i will never re-watch it again !!!!!

  8. that lady stoneheart thing sounds fucking stupid and unoriginal, yeah just keep bringing people back to life wtf, booring

  9. And in the series they made Jon Snow Aegon… a completely different character.This was one of the worst shit they wrote on the show which was not even needed cause it was never even used as anything.They were like oh Jon is Aegon ..hes banging his hot aunt and thats it.I mean come on motherfuckers.Jon is a Stark.Over.

  10. UMMMMMMM what about Euron??? Euron Greyjoy in the show is a fuckboy while Euron in the books is an EVIL MASTERMIND who drinks shade of the evening and is almost supernatural.

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