10 Best Ideas | MINDSET | Carol Dweck | Book Summary

how do you learn new things without judging yourself get on your own team and go from mediocrity to excellence one simple shift makes all the difference we're going over that in this week's book review mindset the psychology of success what's up guys Clark from Clark danger calm back with this week's video book review series where we're taking 3 4 500 page books and distilling them down into 10 20 minutes and we take the best 10 ideas the things that can really have an impact change and influence our life so we can apply them immediately today's book is one of the most talked-about promoted books in the last five years mindset the psychology of success by Carol Dweck a Stanford professor I believe who has decades of research in the psychology field thousands of hours of studies and thousands of students you've seen from all different ages you know at some point everyone who's good at something was not good at it right her focus is on why do some people keep pushing forward why others give up if you're regular viewer of the series you know what we ask of you I in this community when you're going through this you need to listen for one of three things and post it in the comments down below the first one is your best idea your best takeaway okay the second one is something you would like to add and then the third thing is something you disagree with all right any one of those is fair game post it in the comments below let's get going now on the 10 best ideas from Carol Dweck's mindset point number one fixed mindset to open this up with the fixed mindset I love the bit from Tony Robbins he says how long is it before we give up on a kid trying to learn how to walk when he falls down do we laugh at him point fingers and say he's never going to be able to walk again no we encourage him we say keep try and keep trying keep trying the kid gets back up tries again and a magic formula no wonder everyone in the world knows how to walk right there that example illustrates the difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset Carol Dweck says a fixed mindset comes from the belief that your qualities are carved in stone who you are is who you are period characteristics such as intelligence personality and creativity are fixed traits rather than something that can be developed fixed mindset says things are the way they are and they're unchangeable I am insert the blank forever so I might as well not try or that person is successful because they got lucky or there's an obstacle it's hard I'm gonna find a way to avoid it Carol Dweck one thing she was talking about in a speech I was watching of her was that she was in um you know some of the poorest neighborhoods out there kids extreme disadvantage no encouragement no refund no no refunds no resources no anything and she studied them and she said what happens if this whole communities vibe is a fixed mindset that these kids are at a disadvantage they can't learn they have all these obstacles in their way that we're trying to get around what is this doing to the kids and we'll explain that in point number two point number two is a growth mindset Carol Dweck says a growth mindset comes from the belief that your basic qualities are things you can cultivate through effort yes people differ greatly an aptitude talents interests or temperaments but everyone can change and grow through application and experience let's go back to that story Carol Dweck was working with those kids some of the lowest test scores especially when it comes to math and science she taught the teacher she taught everyone how to coach kids to go from a now mindset that you know if I'm not good at math now that means I'll never be good at math if I'm not good at science now that means I can never do science in my life she went from a now mindset and coached everyone how to encourage the kids to go from I not yet and that one differentiation of you know what it might not be now but not yet is so much different so the teachers started working with the kids started pushing them started saying hey who cares if you can't do it now it's all about the not yet let's keep trying let's keep encouraging you let's keep just like we taught the baby how to walk with encouragement and practice we can teach you math and science with encouragement and practice I'm getting goose bumps talking about it now because that school in the district of Washington right down the street from me went from one of the bottom scoring schools to one of the top scoring schools in their entire district with that one simple mindset shift it makes all the difference point number three progress mindset it's less about getting things right and more about progress but if we feel like we're making progress towards things that's what our brain sees as success everyone knows this deep down you know you go to the gym you can't lift two plates right off the bat you got to work up towards that it would be ridiculous to go into the gym straight off the bat day one fresh you know this is your first training session and say that guy what he's lifting over there he's been training for 10 years I'm gonna try and do that as well it's not gonna happen do you got to slowly increase it and over time you get stronger and better and then eventually if you're dedicated and you make enough progress you too can get that same result let's walk through now these five major areas health sports money relationships and business on where this fixed and growth mindset kicks in the first one with health a lot of you knew I did health consulting for three years um I ran one of the top ranked podcasts on iTunes in the health category and I would just get hundreds of emails from people who heard my interviews and they would they would come to me um essentially asking to fix their problems over email but I really respected that role because I got to be on the pulse of the main issues people were having and a lot of them when it came to weight um we were mindset base yes there were some cases where you know they really had certain health conditions okay yeah but a lot of them adopted the mindset that I cannot lose the weight because I am genetically disadvantaged or I am big-boned or I have tried I've tried everything and nothing I do keeps the weight off or nothing idea will let me lose weight and that right there kind of illustrates the fixed mindset that you know the fixed mindset says if this diet if this health program doesn't change my life in two weeks then I throw in the towel I quit it's not working that's the fixed mindset right there once everything immediate and wants it fast it doesn't you progress it just flat values immediate results so you know then there was the other side of the case I got to talk to people one-on-one and they had this growth mindset around health and all these people who had lost 50 100 pounds that I talked to they changed their diet gradually they stuck with it over time they implemented all these strategies that we know and we talked about and they really lived it and the people from the fixed mindset mentality when he started peeling away things like okay well how much sugar are you eating oh yeah three times a week okay well how much alcohol are you drinking oh yeah you know I drink now and then okay well what time you go into bed all these things started to get uncovered and reality it had nothing to do about their diet and everything to do with their mindset next area sports let's talk about Michael Phelps in 2004 he won six gold medals and two bronze medals in 2008 he won 18 gold medals in Rio it put him up to I think 25 don't quote me on that 25 gold medals one of the most decked out Olympians gold medalists of all time in the history of the Olympics but he wasn't always like that you know as a kid Michael Phelps was diagnosed with severe ADHD and he'd go to swim practice and his coach recalls that he spent lots of time by the lifeguard tent because he was acting up and he just could not focus other coaches gave up on him then flash-forward to today and Bob Bowman his coach since Michael was 11 he's getting interviewed and he says that focusing is one of Michael's strongest attributes so you can imagine that kind of shift well how did that happen Bob Bowman says that Michael was absolute machine and that he utilized his focus and he practiced seven days a week 365 days a year and nothing could stop him he did that since he was 14 till he competed even practice on Sundays saying that those Sunday sessions gave him an extra 52 days a year which was an advantage on all his competition so how do you go from someone who was an ADHD severe diagnosed to practicing seven days a week 365 Evan on Sundays just to get an upper leg on your competition he didn't adopt the fixed mindset of I got ADHD I can't do this Swimming's not for me it's hard it's difficult I quit he had the growth mindset of the not yet you know I may not be able to concentrate I may not be the best swimmer on my team but if I keep showing up even on Sundays I bet one day I can make it better than anyone who doesn't show up on Sunday I just have to put in the extra work I have to put in the extra effort I have to get those extra fifty two days a year because I know my competitions not doing that and if I have that growth mindset of I can keep doing this I believe in myself over time I can achieve it and that's what he did and to this day he's the most decorated Olympian of history case closed drop the mic the end you can do it too not saying here that we can all be Olympians I'm not saying here that if you work hard enough you can get to that level yes he has genetics he is disproportionately long legs and long limbs all the above I'm well aware of that but what you can't deny is the effort he put in and just like in outliers we went over the ten thousand our rules there's something to be said about having that effort behind you and that when you have that amount insane amount of effort the thing that's going to keep you going with that effort is adopting that growth mindset because we have what's the other option you know if you say it's all genetics in the gym I can't get big I can't lift and genetics makes fifty percent of the difference we serve that other 50 percent you can influence sorry not even going to try moving on to the next area this is business this one's really personal for me because um what have you seen the journey over the last years this time last year I think I totally had a fixed mindset around this channel I was about ready to quit and I said um I'm putting all this effort into these videos and no one's watching them and I think they're good content and then all of a sudden that hit me none of the metrics I was valuing matter view time doesn't matter watch time as a matter of subscriber count' doesn't matter the only thing that matters when you're trying to grow something you know what it is growth that's the only metric you have to worry about in a business relationship and your finances um and that I was looking at the numbers and all the numbers were trending up where they're all in the green they were in the red and we're going down so I said you know what if I stick at this YouTube thing I don't think it's just going to be steady growth I think if you look at anything with a business or really anything worth doing its exponential it's that hockey stick uptrend right and so I kept going at it I kept sticking with it with the YouTube thing and here we are six months later we're just hit 20,000 subscribers we're growing 3,500 month after month and it doubles every six months that's amazing that truly is amazing and I'm not saying that to brag I'm not saying that to impress you I'm saying it to impress upon you that if you focus on the growth no matter what it is no matter what elements of your business of your entrepreneurship that's the only metric you have to go after and that you can drown out the noise and as long as you have that laser targeted fork it focused to where you want to end up like Michael Phelps did with swimming like other people will go over in this video had towards a goal like Bill Gates did towards Microsoft for ten years just focus on the growth and don't get discouraged because that's a concept of the fixed mindset and if you have that growth mindset if you value progress if you value that not yet mentality you're gonna get there over time next area this is money the fixed mindset with money is pretty obvious what do you think it is it's the I'm poor mentality I don't have any money and I never will and the people with money are evil or people with money had the wrong people or you know money is for people who work the system whatever insert insert the blank we want to fill in there verses the growth mindset we went over this in Rich Dad Poor Dad and I've said it in other videos it's a great point we gotta learn this that the growth mindset says it's not that I'm poor being poor is eternal but being broke is temporary right now I'm broke you know I might not have all the money I want I might be working towards it but just like we went over in that business section if we value the metric of growth everything else will follow next area is on relationships talk about the area that can give the most pain or the most pleasure its relationships and down I mean I've had immense joy with relationships but I've had immense pain like most people and maybe even like yourself in the past with relationships what is the fixed mindset sane relationships well a couple things you know if we've been broken up with like I have it says I'm not lovable or it says that they left me because there's something wrong with me there's a character flaw with myself and that's why they left or it says I'll never be able to find someone again because if they left me who else would want me I'm disposable you know we can get these terrible limiting beliefs in ourselves and carry that around and and that's all a fixed mindset press pause on that we'll come back to it okay what about if we're in a relationship what's the fix mindset there well the fixed mindset in a relationship if we're having problems can say that if we have to work at something it means it's not meant to be if everything is not perfect roses dandy the whole time in a relationship it means that they're the wrong person for us because it's not us that needs changing right so it's always them or we blame our partner for everything for every little character flaw or every conflict we have it's always our partners fault we don't have responsibility what are the growth mindsets let's flip them well that first one of if you were broken up with thank Jesus that you got broken up with because if someone doesn't want to be with you you shouldn't be in a relationship with that person that's fundamental 101 ah it'll never work and that's a good thing that you're not with them anymore because now you can be with someone who does want to be with you think about that kind of relationship when you have when you with someone who wants to be around you when you're with someone who is dying to be in a relationship and really loves and cares for you that's gonna be so much better than the person who's willing to leave you and break up with you right there that's a growth mindset you know I love the saying no matter how thin you slice it there's always two sides so owning our own part of our relationship if we're having problems so we're having miscommunications or you know whatever happens when you have two people that are around each other so much I mean you're bound to have things that come up that are not going to be perfect that's just reality of the beast and so owning our part in it no matter how thin we slice it was always two sides okay what's my side how am i that that has been a huge growing point for myself in the last couple years if we're having issues in relationships a lot of times I've noticed it's from a take mentality that's a huge problem it's a fixed mindset trap that we're going to relationship to take we're going to take joy for ourselves we're going to take that we're not lonely anymore we're going to take that there's another person who gives us attention and we like that when we boil it down man if there's one thing it's relationships our place we go to give not a place we go to get the mindset shift there when we go from a take mentality what can I get from this relationship to a give mentality what what can I give to the other person and if you're both doing that it's a totally different outcome number nine the two most dangerous words when I was putting together these points this one boom snapped right into my head goes back to when I was 14 at 2:00 in the morning I turn on the infomercial right there is Tony Horton and he's doing the p90x workout program you know I'm a high school kid so I'm like I want a body like that I wanna he's got this energy he's got this passion he's phenomenal so I ordered it actually a bootlegged it so I got it and started doing the workout to like 10:00 at night and I'll never forget one of the things he said it still sticks with me and just encapsulates the growth and fixed mindset it's he says never say I can't say I presently state I can't say I presently struggle with and if you keep that mindset then over the course of time someone whose dream was to do two or three could turn it into 20 and more to most dangerous words in our language are I can't I can't do this I can't make money I can't have relationship I can't do business I can't do sports everything we just went over and all those points I can't is at the root of it and that's dangerous because remember the two most powerful words in our language which we went over and I don't know the video I think Think and Grow Rich or something like that two most powerful words if you remember I am we got to really be careful with how where we place our identity and I think when you go from an I can't standpoint talk about the identity that has being someone who can't do something you're not gonna want to try you're not gonna want to stick out that you're not gonna want to grow through that it doesn't matter if progress is how we feel rewarded if we automatically go into it with the mindset that we can't well I wouldn't want that progress either right last point get on your own team so how do we change our mindset how do we change the operating system in between our years you coach yourself the way you do this is by keeping a journal this is the best way the number one thing you can do to develop that sort of objective viewpoint on yourself so if you want to learn how to journal go to my best journal calm this is the course we put together on this channel everything you need to know from start to finish on how to start keep and master journaling it's got tons of workshops in there it's got full flip through videos of my own personal journals over the last seven years um it's just everything I've been doing since then to really coach myself and I'm not perfect there's a pretty good way you can grow and if been getting just amazing feedback on it I mean emails of people sending me screenshots of their journals through the course emails of people saying that the course they've gone through to three times got PDFs in there it's got mp3s so you don't have to watch the videos you can read through them or you can listen to them or you can watch the videos full format I'd recommend it however you want to do it I put it all in there that's a my best journal com alright guys that is it thank you so much for watching I really just I'm so humbled by the response I'm humbled by your emails that you sent me and I believe we're all in this growth journey together to better ourselves please post your comments down below give it a thumbs up subscribe share this around with anyone who it benefits until next time thank you so much for watching I love you stop settling start living

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  2. My best idea is that wow this reminds me of Joel Osteen. Motivating advice, useful, and received. I can only disagreed with the relationship fixation. Prayer without work is dead.

  3. Amazing 🤟🏻🤟🏻I have learnt a lot from uh and I will apply everything on my growth,,!!🤟🏻🔥🔥🔥Thnkyou so much for sharing those stuffs,,keep it up 👍👍

  4. Great way to adopt a different view and actually follow through. I’m in the process of a learning situation on finance and this video added support to my struggle.

  5. Without the growth mindset you will never reach your potential…you have to appreciate the fact that GOD is in you and you can do just about anything you set your mind to. Our fear is what is getting in our way!

  6. Here I missed the growth of spiritual perspective…Mind never be fixed but wandered as if no direction and focus been provided to it…

  7. I believe that accepting what is given (in a relationship) is as important as giving… and it´s a totally different thing from (just ) taking. Accepting is being grateful and humble towards those who show love to us and give one of the most important assets a person has: their time. Great video. Fantastic book.

  8. Thanks for this but it was a little awkward to watch. Maybe wear casual clothes and don’t focus so much on your face we need to see more ! Coming from a 26 year old female !

  9. I leave with the ideea that at the core of evolution is the ability to analyze your mindset in the aspects of your live in which you struggle with. Than you can find replacements for the ideas that reflect a fixed mindset with ideas that reflect a growth mindset.
    In addition I think that the key element in making the growth mindset work is accepting where you are right now, which can sometimes be extremely hard. For example I did a lot of sports but in spite of this I was generally unsatisfied with myself because although sometimes it seemed that I was going very well in the crucial moments I couldn't concentrate. Finally I noticed that the problem was that I despised my posture and when I started to accept it I could make very important progress.
    I would have liked more examples of common ideas that ilustrate the fixed and growth mindset in all aspects of life.

  10. What do you do when you are an innocent bystander watching a 9year old girl be forced to do aftereschool activities she doesn’t even like, and never chose? Mum LOVES THIS BOOK!!!! Her parents (mum mostly) chose for her Ballet and Piano. The child is now being forced to have this growth mindset about activities she NEVER chose, and despises being FORCED TO DO. Even her piano teacher has pointed out that the she is clearly misserable and hates taking piano lessons, so why is she? However, mum doesn’t care and has said repeatedly that she has to take lesson’s till she is 18 no matter what!!! I'm the nanny in this relationship and the child asks me daily why does she have to play piano? "I hate piano practice ever day" and she frequently says she wants to throw the piano off the balcony of their apartment and so on…She just keeps asking why does she have to do it when it makes her miserable??? She also by the way does figure skating which she LOVES, and wants to focus on exclusively!!! I dont have answers for her being just the nanny so i try to listen and be sympathetic. Then I tell her she has to talk to mum and dad it is not up to me, if it were I would let her help choose what she does after school . The issue with the Ballet class is identical in how she feels and talks about going to the classes twice a week etc… What do I do? it is hard and uncomfortable for me to force a child to have a can do through effort and trying growth mindset about afterschool activities, she never chose and is having forced upon her. as I said I think whe you are nearly 10yrs old (OCT) you should get to help choose what activities you do, other than school. I worry she is just going to blow-up one day due to frustration and her parents are not going to like the angry depressed kid they end up with.😖😟 Of course, I hope i’m wrong, because I adore her, and having her be the ruler of the free world as mum thinks she will be one day, would be cool. 🙂

  11. Great summary of the book as I'm half way through it. I believe that anyone has the ability to grow and reach their full potential towards achieving their goals based on their mindset. You must be open minded and able to adjust when things don't go right and keep pushing and learning from mistakes and failures

  12. Great motivational speech based on the main theme of the book than an actual summary of the books main concepts. You go Clark! Keep it up You will be the next Tony Robins. But as for summarizing the book, it totally missed it.

  13. 1. Best ideas: Growth. That's the only metric that's matter. Brook is temporary, poor is permanent. A relationship is a place we go to give, not a place we go to take.
    2. Something to add: Growth mindset is a spectrum. You can have a growth mindset in certain areas and fixed mindset in others (or even in the same area).

  14. 1: BEST IDEA: I want to write a sci-fi movie about where we will be after we die and how it affects our past lives and the life we have now.
    2: SOMETHING TO ADD: I want to make the movie long, maybe three chapters or maybe I'll write the second part of the movie called "Cloud Atlas."
    3: SOMETHING YOU DISAGREE: The cost and time of writing a movie because I need to work for my living unless someone would finance me, and some powerful people might not want the movie, especially the pope.

  15. Thank you – I was just fixed to the screen – hanging on each word and thinking about how it relates to me. I've subscribed – thank you again. Wow!!!

  16. Love the "10 Best Ideas" series, CK! This video hit me especially hard. Thanks for your transparency and honesty. I can't wait to read the book and start improving my mindset!

  17. 👍🏼 1. You made me want to go buy this book. 2. You made me want to subscribe to your channel (which I did) 3. Thank you! I learned a lot

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