1 Big Thing: White House book worry

42 thoughts on “1 Big Thing: White House book worry

  1. Welcome Back Mr. Bolton, Hopefully Congress hears from you soon as yesterday we heard about your outburst in regards to this Ukraine call and Trump sending you overseas in regards to this corrupt issue in Austria. Please go in front on Congress soon and turn your old boss in as a favor to the country. I just had to be the first to post in favor of what you can bring to the table.

  2. I hope Trump is NOT standing in 2020? If he is, and has somehow, “survived,” Impeachment, there will be NO, “Election,” in 2020. Just a blatantly rigged Putin Style nightmare, in the wake of Trump’s Revenge Rampage . . . America will be destroyed

  3. Bolton is a war criminal and your reporting on Syria is a joke. I’m a Syrian progressive take a look at what I do don’t drink the MSM kool aid

  4. The Publishers have made it clear to Bolton: The MORE Damning of Trump it is, the MORE MONEY we give you. And, it better come out SOON. It’s THAT Simple

  5. They don't need to worry about Bolton's book… They should, however, panic about Trump speaking about Bolton's book… As soon as Trump opens his mouth he will incriminate himself further.

  6. Trump is the only person that says he doesn't care if people gossip about him behind his back, as long as they don't tell the truth.

  7. It's too late to save yourself, Mr. Bolton.
    Historians will have no accolades for all those who aided #45, and who 'chose party over country'. In fact, those so 'ignobly noted' will have only themselves to blame for their unflattering descriptives.
    That won't help their future generations, however, who will bear that shame in their lineage. 😒

  8. 200 Kurds have been killed and ISIS (estimated 10,000) about to escape from their holding camps. Turkey and Russia ready to destroy Syria. The troops did not come home, they were moved for Russia. Trump needs sent to their border to fight. Don't worry, tRump promised Turkey will have great financial situation. Meanwhile, our once allies are being slaughtered.

  9. Wow you destroyed Donny Deutsch lmao that was brutal!!!! I don't like rich New Yorkers either, but wow! Cold blooded Joe!

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