🦇 Kids Book Read Aloud: BATS AT THE BEACH by Brian Lies

hello there its Ani welcome to my house are you ready for a story today we're going to read bats at the beach if you have a copy go get it so you can read along with me bats at the beach written and illustrated by Brian lies son slips down and all is still and soon we can't tell sky from hill now from barn and cave and rafter bats pour out with shrieks of laughter the rising moon can grow no fatter as sky lights up with gleeful chatter quick call out tell all you can reach the moon is just perfect for bats at the beach launching out into the breeze we sail above the darkened trees flying fast to wet our feet where land and foamy ocean meet at last we hear the deep bass thump as waves on seashore crash and bump now there's shoreline spreads below we pull wings in and down we go we hurry down to test the ocean don't forget the Moon Tan Lotion what's the first thing we should do so many games before Knights through like playing with the stuff we find which others must have left behind bearing friends from chin to knee we're scratchy we're knows sands should be making friends from other places with different foods and different faces there are all kinds of different paths some like to eat fruit while others enjoy bugs or sailing to terrific heights taking turns at being kite little bat stick there sand caves deep as old bats lie in the moon asleep there's really no more thrilling ride than surfing on us summer tide or sailing in the wing boat races with salty sea spray in our faces now it's munch time what's to eat baskets grown with yummy treats beetles ants and milkweed bugs crickets Maas and pickled slugs damselflies or salted skeeters no room here for picky eaters bug Mallos toast on slender sticks while cousins do their ocean tricks and later on those stomachs hurt we'll try the snack bar for dessert do you see them in a snack bar but they're not there for the regular treats people get they're there for the bugs quick don't miss it the old bats are singing the bat songs that they learned when they were first winging music rolls on but no more games as embers pop within the flames little ones climb onto leathery lap determined to rest but not to nap then East sky Purple's Sun is coming a last few notes of banjo strumming bring our Beach night to an end so say farewell to newfound friends quick let's go let's fly away we've got to be home before its day flutter homeward drained and weary small bats doze off tired and teary de birds start to chirp and peep now back to crack and crevice creep we sigh and snuggle close together to dream about the Mooney weather Shh now sleep the moon's out of reach the night was just perfect for bats at the beach what did the bats enjoy doing at the beach at night they like to do all the same things people like to do at the beach during the day didn't they well except for putting bugs and marshmallows have you ever been to the beach be sure to let me know in the comments below I hope you enjoyed our story today see you next time if you liked this video and want to see more be sure to subscribe and leave me a comment to let me know what your favorite books are

3 thoughts on “🦇 Kids Book Read Aloud: BATS AT THE BEACH by Brian Lies

  1. Brian Lies is fantastic! So pumped for his Caldecott Honor! Check out my interview with him I just posted today! https://www.pbspotlight.com/

  2. Hello! I 'm a Korean who is learning English.
    With your video I am fun and easy to learn in English. Thank you very much.

    I love your video 🙂

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