😻 Kids Book Read Aloud: CHESTER by Melanie Watt

hello reading friends its Ani do you like to write stories well Melanie watt is an author who loves to write very funny stories and one day she wanted to write a story about a mouse but her cat Chester had other ideas he wanted the story to be about him let's see what lengths he was willing to go to to be the center of attention as we read Chester if you have a copy go get it so you can read along with me Chester found a red marker so anytime you see words written and read throughout the book that means that Chester wrote them let's read the message Melanie watt wrote us on the first page it says dear readers I apologize for Chester's behavior in my mouse story sorry for the inconvenience sincerely Melanie watt then Chester wrote blah blah blah [Applause] Chester not written and illustrated by Melanie watt but it really was once upon a time there was a mouse he lived in a house in the country then mouse packed his bags and went on a trip very very far away and we never saw him again I still love Easter mousey so Chester moved in and made a few changes to his new place Chester's home sweet home my curtains Chester's chair but mouths returned home oh yes did I mention he brought back a really big souvenir with teeth back to the story once upon a time there was a mouse he lived in Chester or move out of the way he lived in the country with his vegetarian dog who only ate carrots then Melanie big gesture to write a better story and it goes something like this once upon a time there was me Chester stands for charming handsome envy a mouse smart talented and via Melanie really handsome Chester lived in Chesterville where mice worked allowed it was a beautiful day until it started to rain now as I was saying once upon a time there was a mouse he lived in a house in the country and he lived happily ever after Chester this is where I draw the line nope I'm drawing the line do not cross this line tape out Chester side Chester that's enough hand over the marker this instant dizzy Chester I'm warning you hand over the marker and apologize before I count to 3 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 lalala all right Chester you want your own story you want to be the star of this book well get ready here it is finally once upon a time there was a cat named Chester he lived in a house in the country Chester was a very handsome cat especially when he wore a pink you wouldn't – – now it's personal did you see what Chester did to the picture of Melanie watt to get back at her for putting him in a pink tutu he drew a mustache a beard and funny glasses on her what a crazy cat do you have a cat well Chester finally got what he wanted sort of Melanie rewrote the story to be about him it just didn't turn out the way he thought it would I hope you enjoyed our story today I sure did enjoy reading to you see you next time subscribe for more storytime and don't forget to click the bell so you'll know each time a new video is posted you

8 thoughts on “😻 Kids Book Read Aloud: CHESTER by Melanie Watt

  1. Wow. 3 comments. Anyway, I love your Chanel, voices, and the books you read! You should upload videos more often! Like… Tuesday’s and Thursdays! Or Mondays and Fridays! But I’m still fine with your routine! It’s not up to me wether or not you change your schedule! But, i don’t care. I’m perfectly fine with the way it is! Smile 😊

  2. When I was in preschool, it was the end of the school year when my brother won the ring toss! He won a fish. He fed it. But… it died the next day! 😆 he named it fishy. That’s the only pet we’ve ever had. Do you have a pet?

  3. “Hmm. This looks like a good book! It’s a new video, I’ll try it!” Which is what I always say, and it IS a good book! Even if I don’t know it at the start! ❤️

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