๐Ÿ–Œ DIY Miniature Books ๐Ÿ“š

Hi! It’s Heather from Thicketworks and
today I’m going to share with you my process for making do-it-yourself
miniature books! These little beauties are fully functional and have marbled
endpapers. I’ve prepared a set of free downloadable printables so that if you
want to replicate this project you can do so easily. The mini book covers should
be printed on cardstock, but the mini book endpapers should be printed on
regular printer paper. Print one copy of the book covers and two of the mini book
endpapers. In addition you’ll want to print scads of the mini book pages on
regular printer paper. I recommend at least 10 copies. You can print this
project with either a laser or an inkjet printer – either way I recommend that you
coat the mini book covers with a good-quality clear spray sealer before
cutting them out. Once the spray sealer has dried it’s time to begin cutting.
Each row holds three book covers; so you’ll be cutting vertically and
horizontally in order to separate each of those rows into the three covers. In
total you can create 18 mini books from this one printable! Next, we need to cut
out the tiny marbled endpapers to complement the covers. Each tiny book
requires two matched endpapers, so once you’ve cut all these beauties set them
aside we’ll be coming back to work with those a little later. Now, of course, you
don’t have to have a paper trimmer in order to successfully complete creating
your mini books – but because we’re doing so many intricate precision cuts, I
really love using my paper trimmer for this. Especially since I can load up like
five sheets at a time and cut them in bulk – it’s a huge time-saver! You’ll want
to cut a lot of these mini pages for your books. This stack of book pages
represents 15 sheets individually printed and cut out, and that’s just
about enough to complete 10 books. Set the book pages aside for now – we’ll be returning to create text blocks from them in just a few minutes. For now, let’s
continue preparing our book covers. I’m using a straight edge and a ballpoint
stylus to help create creases on either side of the spine. Now, as you bend these
you’re going to see that the toner or the ink from your inkjet printer may
begin to crack and allow some of the white cardstock to show through – that’s
not a problem, and we’ll take care of it a little later on in the process. To give
the spines slightly more dimension you may want to roll them against a bamboo
skewer – that helps create that characteristic rounded shape. At this
stage I like to add some rubber stamping using metallic embossing powders. You can totally do this later on in the process as well, but frankly it’s a lot easier if
you do your embossing before we add the text blocks and endpapers. Heat embossing is such a fun way to add interest and diversity to these little book covers.
Next, let’s focus on creating the text blocks. Gather a group of mini book pages and test them to see if they will fill the spine of your chosen book – and then
place a single page facedown on the top of your text block. Hold the pages
together with a binder clip and apply a good-quality PVA along the spine. Set it aside to dry thoroughly. While the text blocks are
curing you can touch up those areas that reveal white cardstock with a simple
brown acrylic craft paint. I find that a single shade of brown works well with
all of these book covers – there’s no need to use more than one tint. Next, it’s time to adhere the endpapers to the book covers. Apply PVA glue along either the front or
the back cover and then align one of the endpapers against that glue. Press it in
place and then fold it back so that the fold matches the crease at the edge of
the spine. Fit the text block into place and then apply PVA glue to the upper
most page. Press everything together and now you’ve glued one half of your text
block to one of your endpapers. Repeat the same process on the other cover.
Congratulations – you’ve just created a “perfect bound” mini book! Very cool. Once
the adhesive has had a chance to set up for a few minutes, take a pair of very
sharp micro tipped scissors and trim away the excess endpapers along the
outer or fore edge of each page and also along the top and the bottom of each
page. This trimming can be a little tedious, but it goes relatively quickly…
and with a sharp pair of micro tip snips like this it’s actually really fast and
very easy to do. That’s fundamentally all there is to this method: you’ve created a
“perfect bound” text block and you’ve enclosed it within marbled endpapers
and it’s all surrounded by your custom mini book covers – so cute! To help these
tiny volumes retain their shape and to open and close properly it’s a good idea
to place a nice solid weight on top and allow them to cure overnight.
Once your miniature books have cured overnight you can consider what other
decorative treatments you’d like to give to the covers. I’m going to be adding
some simple embossing with clear embossing powder to give a more
dimensional feel to this little mini book cover. I’m using a very finely
granulated clear embossing powder rather than something thick and heavy like
Ultra Thick Embossing Powder to maintain the delicate scale of this project. I
just love that subtle effect: so pretty! You can use the same type of embossing
powder to create a sort of faux leather texture on your book covers as well.
Apply a single layer of the embossing powder and heat it up and you’ll be left
with a nice nubby leather like texture – very cool. I love the look of gilded
spine ridges on antique volumes, so I’m going to create a faux version using a
rubber stamp that has a simple line pattern and gold embossing powder.
This simulates those little raised gilded ridges and adds just one more
touch of authenticity and vintage charm to these little volumes. Embellishing the
covers is so much fun…and it’s super easy to add a “gilded” edge with just a
touch of gold embossing powder. Next I’m reaching for some Dresden Trim…now, by
trimming down these intricate designs you can isolate perfectly scaled
embellishments for the corners of your books if you so desire. Dresden is so
easy to work with. I love that you can isolate components and let your
imagination go wild! There are so many ways to use Dresden trim – not just with
mini books, but in all types of mixed media work. This tiny strip of metallic
Dresden is exactly the final touch this volume needed. Once it’s dry,
I’ll just clip that back to size. Now, the Dresden is beautiful – but it’s really too
shiny to be in keeping with these aged and vintage volumes. A quick layer of
brown craft paint just added and then quickly wiped back with a fingertip
helps everything harmonize. I had some of these incredibly delicate brass
stampings left over from a previous project, and they work perfectly on the
front of this volume just embedded in some PVA glue. To intensify the depth of
color and to seal and protect the front and spine and back of each of these
little volumes, I’m adding a layer of Triple Thick Gloss Glaze and allowing
that to cure. There are so many ways to make miniature books! This is just one among literally hundreds, but it’s one that I adore. The
combination of the “perfect binding”, the marbled endpapers and the personalized
covers results in tiny volumes that have the look and feel of well-loved vintage
books! Perfect for stocking a lilliputian library! I hope that you found some of
these techniques and ideas useful or at least interesting. Thank you so much for
hanging out with me today! Until next time…Bye!

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