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where's my tinder bio say I don't know I haven't looked in a while it used to say I'm down if you are I better need it I better not need to care you didn't again they're good our teammate how do you how do you look at how do you look at those stats and say I better not have to carry him in your level like 50 throw up dude what do you mean what do you mean we all go in bridges y'all decided to drop stuff really emotion market skull stuff this fog that boy really went it as a whole town what a faggot man you better watch your mouth you better watch your mouth you gotta level 50 fuck you yeah you better watch that mouth you better pull up those stats right now on that fucking screen better shut your mouth hold it pull up the stats pull up the stats real quick on your screen go ahead do it you gonna shut that mouth real quick you gonna shut that mouth real quick pull it up pull it up right now now pull it on right now yeah that's honestly that's awesome that's right I make I make money off this way I make money off this game what do we do yeah yeah let's make some money cuz I already feel you fucking drop it right away I can already see that you're gonna definitely quit cuz you're toxic for me to kill you up and you suck too by the way you do you garbage all of the stats when you're not busy okay completely snack got something on me yeah he's inside here I'm done got him actually one down yeah got another mommy last one Kabuto stay out of there not good boy miss cha team right now pull of the stats since y'all chillin come on we got zero kill I feed it that not this game stupid nigga that's all I care about this game what do you mean why would I care about some other game I care about right now I'm not having my little brother play like you do don't even have a little brother L ain't seen you do shit I think you do shit but you need a tight enough and start fucking getting some kills walk your happy ass over here pull up the stats now before you keep disrespecting me pull up the stands that maybe rephrase value you come over here so you can get that whole of stats young man yeah there's a nigga nigga nigga nigga hi hey there's blue shield over here and it is one race hey come get this loo show oh shit yeah hey they're on us right did you get I'm coming over there yeah provider one down nice Oh get out here I'm on the way to help you toxic asshole hang in there buddy this is the time I got you okay let's go all right say please bitch there thank you my friend all right you know part of me put that shit right back in my pocket stay there stay there all day know that take your lighting that you work for it's not going on my pocket either what you just drop this gold all right let's go kill some more people into the job doing nothing I didn t people let's go down to come and help y'all okay we'll go over there I hope we don't got me a shield battery I need more than one yeah I got here for you I told you about blue shield over my thing over here sure for sure it's already psych stupid-ass bitch I got heal spells you dumb ass nigga you think I'd do as Queen I stupid you got me no I had got me okay shit yeah you follow me follow me these people of you a little far I don't want you to miss that's like for real do y'all know how to do it press star and they are wander like that darn look at the squad stats it's gonna pull up all of our banners wait why I'm see it got 38,000 kids bro okay I see it I also see that is nigga has no fucking life you got 900 years laughing on me with 0 kills tell them niggas ya mad they love it they love it three minutes right now yeah you got to put your I don't where there's a devotion with the turbocharging here that kind of screams you any art do one you really think I don't have the lighthouse kind of mean it under my feelings sorry dick might do a kick right they'll find them I like it which one is which one he Ellesmere 20 L is cool which one I'm not anyone I don't even know what just happened that boy day day the mean wine I repeated that cool like nah I think I think he's trying to fuck with me now I'm lost I'll tell you why there's no any reason that supply been water over there so I'm gonna go this way I'm interested yeah y'all you can y'all handle it she's getting her warmed up you know I'm saying I'll take that I feel that let's go get into that I don't know let me get a yi yi I think they passed said bitch yeah they right here he's a master team boys team right there oh no it's another time I did definitely recommend dipping staying alive and then resurrecting me no cap okay JJ one time for a one time got your liking I may have had a mash deal that Hawking had a mouth scoop that that bitch hits different there is purpose heals our money to guys I'd like that but a good clutch there bro I'll see you got you bro see you I don't talk a lot of shit you talk a lot of shit but it's okay yeah I said that yeah I don't invite back I'm going outside check if I could see anybody and the two teams are just looking like a dub that's a life line package yeah there's that way yonder boys I'm going east east southeast come on with me now copy they post it up yonder yeah where you flying order no right coat at what I got oh yeah got a whole team on me Mirage is mad low chalky rock stars like I'm good I'm just doing here right here oh yeah I was not expecting all that both teams though yeah it's getting sticky it's getting late away have that boy you did your dang then we all did our things but I think our thing has come to an end holy shit you throw a bit yeah well I'll save you that one yep GG good experience follow the stream if you want to see you fuckers in hell take it easy

30 thoughts on “🔺 "Quality content" | Daltoosh | APEX Legends | Rank 1 Player (All Platforms)

  1. Im pretty sure the guy first said that to daltoosh in a sarcastic tone. But damn daltoosh is such a man child tbh. It was fun though watching these adults fighting like babies😂

  2. Why is this ignorant ass white boy bot saying “n****” over and over like he tough. Probably 34 years old lives in moms basement and had white boy cornrows in 2002 for his Prom in his pink tuxedo …… worthless scum you can’t be saying shit like that
    Toosh shut him the fuck up though

  3. “And you suck too btw” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 fuck Daltoosh hella funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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