📚 Finishing SIX books & starting a new job | Reading Vlog

14 thoughts on “📚 Finishing SIX books & starting a new job | Reading Vlog

  1. The audiobook of The Hobbit is outstanding! 😍
    That's weird that you have to pay to use a library. I thought all libraries were free?
    Congrats on getting into grad school!

  2. I wonder if the audiobook is ruining Wicked Saints for you? I really liked that one. I read the paper copy while listening to heavy metal. Maybe the music helped.

  3. You should try the Nightrunner fantasy series by Lynn Flewelling. It's an original concept (the world itself isn't too complex to the point that its hard to follow or imagine), the magic in it is pretty neat and it has m/m romance between the two main characters. I'm still reading the series but I've been rather impressed with it overall and the characters themselves aren't badly written either.

  4. Congratulations on your job at the Library and best of luck with graduate school! The Libraries that I go to don't charge a fee, thankfully. Your cats are adorable! Sorry that one of the books you read was such a let down, it's so frustrating when it's an anticipated book and it turns out to be a drag.

  5. Tae in that harness it’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my liFE 🥺

    Still shook I liked a 127 song on first listen who aM I?!?

    What bookstore was that at 20:30ish? It looked super cute

    GIRL you are not gonna pass me up in the A Silent Voice manga I NEED TO GET THE REST OF THOSE 👏🏻

    I still can’t believe you have to pay for the library, we do not like that concept at all no thx 🙅🏻‍♀️


    That Wicked Saints rant was just what we all needed 😝

  6. What it's like working retail in PA: Minimum wage in Pennsylvania is $7.25, they only really want to give you 15-20 hours a week because based on people planning if an employee has more than 20 hours that means you're short staffed and need more employees, and not to mention they want you fully available all the time so no second job. Imagine trying to pay all of your bills, rent, food, household necessities, and save money all based off a minimum wage of $7.25. If that sounds terrifying that's because it is.

  7. back in the days when i was just a viewer i remember when i first heard you mention your “lake house” and i was like wTF SHE HAS TWO HOUSES ????? h ow??? money (???

  8. As someone who has worked at a library, the shitty pay is make up for the atmosphere. Once I stopped being scared of people (thanks anxiety), I discovered that I'm not nearly as weird as I've always thought I was. In fact, for the first time I felt… normal. I do hope you enjoy it! Also, working at a library is harder than people think, especially if you're walking around all the time.

    And for libraries, it depends if the taxes are pulled to pay for the library. When I lived in Indiana, the part I lived in didn't since I was out of city limits (we often told people to feel free to call the head of the whatever and raise some hell, because the lady actually believed that libraries are unnecessary).. But it was roughly the same amount. One time my coworkers and I did the math and it equals out to like $5 a month. If you use the library a bunch, it's worth it. I had mine for approximately 4 months before I got hired in as staff and I definitely got my monies worth from it.

  9. My Libraries that I Patronize are Free to Use. We here in my County Pay Property Taxes and that helps fund the Libraries.

    Congratulations on getting a Library Job.

    My Town Library does not have An Official Licensed Librarian but the Librarian is really good and everybody loves her. I do not know if she will go and get her Degree in Library Science or not. My Town Library has not had a State License Librarian for the last 20 years or so and my Library is doing just fine.

  10. In Croatia, we pay around 8 or 9 dolars for the library a year. But we get to borrow books from any library in the city

  11. Do you want to be a librarian or do you want to do something else with your degree? I’m just curious lol I just graduated with my MLIS and I work in a library too so congratulations on your job and good luck with school!! Ive never heard of a library charging for people to use it unless they don’t live in the county. Like for my library it’s free if you live in the county but it’s $65 a year if you don’t live in the county and we do that because our patrons pay $65 a year in county property taxes which goes to funding the library so we have to charge non-residents the equivalent.

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