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hello platform my name is yesterday Lee Ward and I'm the author of the poetry collection bone I'm going to give you a sneak preview today and this poem is called poetry nobody is saying anything at the dinner table tonight because everyone is too angry the only noise is the sound of fine silver on bone china and other people's children playing outside but this will give you poetry there is no knife in the kitchen sharp enough to cut the tension and your grandmother's hands are shaking the meat and yams thicken your throat and you do not dare even to whisper please pass the salt but this will give you poetry your father is breathing out of his mouth he is set to beat the spark out of you tonight for reasons he isn't even sure of himself yet you will come away bruised you will come away bruised but this will give you poetry the bruising will shatter the bruising will shatter into black diamonds no one will sit beside you in class maybe your life will work most likely it won't at first but that will give you poetry I'm inspired by the everyday I'm inspired by the people closest to me and people I don't even know I might be people watching and decide to write a poem about that or I might be writing a poem about something my friends has gone through or something I've been through usually but that's what inspires me real-life events what advice would I give to my sixteen-year-old self or somebody who wants to write poetry um I would say just write what you feel let it come out rewrite in the morning wake up and just just start writing without editing or thinking about what you have to say without judging it just let it all come out for a good 10 to 15 minutes and you'll get some amazing stuff that's how I do and that's when I write my my strongest things I think when I'm not worrying about it too much and it just all comes out thank you so much for watching you can find me on Instagram at yesterday Lee Ward or Twitter at yesterday Lee wood goodbye

8 thoughts on “💪 This will give you poetry | BONE by Yrsa Daley-Ward

  1. I just posted up a video about my blackout poetry yesterday – it's really fun to try and work with something that already exists, and make it a totally different theme or topic or emotion

  2. "But that will give you poetry." I loved that line. This was a really beautiful piece. I loved the way you performed this. Thanks for sharing this one. I am sure your book will be amazing.

  3. Love her poetry. Can't wait for it to be translated to Polish language so that people from my country can also read it!

  4. You can never go wrong with some poetry! We ❤️ Bone and are so excited to share a sneak peek of it with you. Do you enjoy reading or listening to poetry?

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