【SING女团】| S.I.N.G Stories Behind A Prose to Goddess Luo

(A Prose to Goddess Luo) (Let’s talk about the new song) Qin Yu: We S.I.N.G has just released our latest Chinese-style electronic single Qin Yu: A Prose to Goddess Luo Qin Yu: Don’t you think the title … Qin Yu: … feels somewhat literary? Bian Li: To me, it sounds pretty beautiful Jiang Shen: To me, I sense some sorrow in it Chen Li: “Stories” is what comes to my mind Chen Li: Myths and such Chen Li: “A Prose to Goddess Luo”, it has to be about Goddess Luo, right? Chen Li: I assume everyone’s first impression of the song … Chen Li: … comes from the cover art Chen Li: Which has a little secret, I wonder if you have noticed? Chen Li: It contains all seven fandom colors of ours Qin Yu: What? It does?
Bian Li: What do you mean?
Jiang Shen: Yeah, I noticed that, too Chen Li: Have a closer look at the fishes
Jiang Shen: The fandom colors are on top of the heads of the fishes Bian Li: Right, like here
Chen Li: A scale
Jiang Shen: You should have looked closer Qin Yu: That is some well-hidden details
Lin Hui: I’ll make sure to take a look later
Wu Yao: So do I Qin Yu: Did anything interesting happen when you were learning the song? Jiang Shen: Actually, about the lyrics … Jiang Shen: Each of us has her own understanding Jiang Shen: Take Big Yao and me for example, the lines we sing are the same Jiang Shen: Yeah, the lines are the same
Wu Yao: “The jade pendant” … Jiang Shen: But one of our staff pointed out that the two of us imagined the scene differently Jiang Shen: What Big Yao imagined was more …
Wu Yao: Remember I was like this when I was recording? Jiang Shen: Yeah, she was smiling, and … Wu Yao: I imagined it was a beautiful scene
Jiang Shen: Yeah, something that you would smile at Jiang Shen: Something sweet Jiang Shen: But I imagined it to be a somewhat sorrowful scene
Lin Hui: Sad? Jiang Shen: What I imagined in the head … Jiang Shen: How she would look like …
Wu Yao: Indeed we imagined differently Wu Yao: In my head, it was like the beautiful goddess was there, and then she walked toward me Wu Yao: But she was probably walking away in your imagination, right?
Jiang Shen: Yes, mine was like … Jiang Shen: I … I mean the poet, was looking at his own shadow like this Jiang Shen: And in the shadow appears the … image of her
Bian Li: Face? Jiang Shen: Right, her face in the shadow Jiang Shen: Not in a clearly visible way
Wu Yao: But I imagined the goddess walking toward me Wu Yao: And yours is leaving
Jiang Shen: Something like that Jiang Shen: So that is …
Wu Yao: The way you put it sounds philosophical
Jiang Shen: That’s the idea Jiang Shen: Everyone may see it uniquely
Qin Yu: Actually my understanding is closer to yours Qin Yu: Since my imagination was based solely on lyrics Qin Yu: “The jade pendant” … Qin Yu: … “she wore on the waist is a gift only for her to remember me”, that reads so sad
Lin Hui: “only for her to remember me” Jiang Shen: All that’s left are memories Jiang Shen: It’s like you gave me a gift as a token Jiang Shen: But it reminds me of all the memories we had Jiang Shen: Everything
Lin Hui: They can’t meet, only memories are left Jiang Shen: Exactly, it reminds me every time I see it
Qin Yu: Seeing it will remind you of her Wu Yao: So that’s your understanding, and I imagined that … Wu Yao: … the memories would feel sweet at first, but it didn’t last Wu Yao: … and it felt sad in the end Jiang Shen: So you would be happy when you saw the jade pendant, and would think of him
Wu Yao: Yes, exactly, wow Lin Hui: When we first started to learn the song, the teacher assigned parts to us
Wu Yao: Yes, for practice purpose Lin Hui: The parts we sang when we practiced weren’t exactly the same as what we sang in the final release Lin Hui: And Big Yao, she was assigned with the rap
Wu Yao: Oh, right, he asked me to try the rap Wu Yao: I was like, what? Wu Yao: But I was given a lot of chances Wu Yao: And as expected, the rap wasn’t by me in the end Qin Yu: Actually it was a last-minute decision at the recording studio that you lead the rap and I follow Qin Yu: Which was contrary to what was assigned previously Qin Yu: It was because … I don’t know … You have to make it crescendo Qin Yu: And my voice would sound too strengthful to lead it Jiang Shen: You often pronounce strongly Qin Yu: That’s why I don’t usually lead the rap
Lin Hui: And for this song particularly … Lin Hui: We were all assigned parts that we hadn’t been used to Lin Hui: Say … I usually lead the vocal Lin Hui: But this time I sang in a low voice Lin Hui: Actually I wasn’t good at extremely low-pitched voices Lin Hui: Nor was extremely high-pitched Lin Hui: This time the low-pitched part was a challenge Lin Hui: Mr. He Liang (the songwriter) said he specially reserved the low-pitched part for me Lin Hui: He explained that he thought my voice was a good match for the low-pitched part Lin Hui: So I had to try Xu Shiyin: You know I caught a cold that day Xu Shiyin: So I was thinking … Xu Shiyin: … that the third line would be hard for me Xu Shiyin: Because you know, the third line has the highest-pitched key Xu Shiyin: But because I caught a cold, I was thinking … Xu Shiyin: … that I should give all I’ve got to make my voice less “hardened” Xu Shiyin: … to mitigate the heavy nasal voice Xu Shiyin: So I had to pinch my nose while singing Xu Shiyin: That very key was pretty high-pitched Xu Shiyin: Somehow pinching my nose helped in finding just the right voice Xu Shiyin: My voice sounded totally different, but the recording director found it fascinating Xu Shiyin: So I …
Qin Yu: So you pinched your nose the whole time? Xu Shiyin: It wasn’t “pinching my nose” like this … Xu Shiyin: But mixing the nasal voice a little when I sang Bian Li: The cold made your voice lower
Jiang Shen: Nasal voice
Xu Shiyin: Just mixing it a little Xu Shiyin: And you know what? Xu Shiyin: Every time I was praised for singing well … Xu Shiyin: … it was recorded when I had a cold, no kidding!
Bian Li: When you had a cold! Qin Yu: So you guys don’t like Miss V’s true voice
Xu Shiyin: It’s really weird Qin Yu: But the voice she has when she catches a cold that’s mixed with a little nasal voice
Xu Shiyin: So weird Qin Yu: You guys are so weird
Jiang Shen: Maybe it’s the cold adjusts your nasal cavity just right
Xu Shiyin: But fans have no idea I had a cold when I recorded Xu Shiyin: Only I know which songs were recorded when I had a cold Qin Yu: So we’ve covered a lot, including some serious explanation Qin Yu: And … some playful nonsense Qin Yu: So did you get what the song, A Prose to Goddess Luo is about? Qin Yu: And did you get what we tried to convey to you? Qin Yu: We hope everyone could find their own unique understanding of the song Qin Yu: And of course you’re welcome to share yours with us Qin Yu: Look at my big sincere eyes Bian Li: Feel free to cover the song Jiang Shen: We can’t wait to hear yours
Qin Yu: Absolutely Qin Yu: I hope you enjoy our new song, A Prose to Goddess Luo Qin Yu: We’ll see you again the next song, yeah!

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