【Doki Doki Literature Club!】#2 これがナツキちゃんルート的なやつ!?

Hello everyone! Virtual Gamer Kizuna AI here! Now! Doki Doki Literature Club! Let’s do this! Last time, I kind of made a mistake. I wish I didn’t name this protagonist ‘Ai-chan’, huh? I really regret it now~ Right, so now let’s write a poem! “Pick words you think your favorite club member will like” “Something good might happen with whoever likes your poem the most!” I see. Huh, what? Who do I choose? But everyone is so unbelievably cute, so I don’t know… I need a little bit of inspiration~ In the first place… Maybe we should try to get the first girl What should I do? but still… I don’t want to make him write something that’s too cool Games E-mail Empty Socks I guess I’ll pick the most outrageous words. Alright. Okay. Misfortune Lust?! L-Lollipop? Uh, and… Loneliness Papa Mouse Clicking Buttons (Onomatopoeia) Defeat Vanilla Uuh~ Crimson. You’re a Chuunibyou, huh. (Chuunibyou=Eighth Grade Syndrome) Uhh… Milk Depression Aaah~ Skip~ Waterfall Anything should be fine Parfait Who is it~ I’m here~ Oh no, it’s *this* shitty guy!… It’s because you let him in the literature club in the first place, of course he’ll come! Yeah, I might actually be surprised! He actually kept his promise, huh? hm? hm? hm? She’s such a good girl~ Of course, Yuri-chan! It’s okay! Yeah, you really have no reason to spoil him He’ll be everyone’s chair That’s right Natsuki-chan! …and last year too Yeah! That’s the way to go, Natsuki-chan. I approve. Right, you like manga huh~ Mon-… Man- Mon-… Man-… Manga is Literature! I understand “Ai-chan always does her best as long as she’s having fun” Uh, no, Sayori-chan? Anyone can do their best as long as they’re having fun Yeah, that’s the spirit. Keep at it Um, boss him around some more House on fire!? That’s dangerous I’m kinda jealous, heheh… Hmm?~ Oh! Yuri-chan you brought something for me?~ Sayori-chan? What is it, what is it? What is it!? I’m really curious! It doesn’t really matter? No, no, if it’s from someone as cute as you, it really does matter! It doesn’t matter if I’m receiving trash from you, I’ll be more than happy to throw it away Ah~ Was Yuri-chan the one we got? Was she? Yeah, really! Thank you for being so kind to this piece of trash! Hey guys, did you know. Hey did you know? This… this… When I remember that this guy is talking… It really pisses me off Grr! Who do you think you are, punk?! Watch your mouth! What? What? Oh! She’s recommending a book. You’re so kind~~ She picked out a book that she thinks Ai-chan will enjoy! So kind~! Oh! True, if it’s a short book… Right? It’ll be easier to read without getting tired. We can discuss itー So cute~~ Yuri-chan is so cute~~ What the hell is wrong with this guy?! “Why does she seem so cute all of a sudden?” She’s been cute since the beginning, dumbass! I’m pissed I seriously hate this protagonist. I’ve lost the will to keep playing I guess you are misunderstanding! He’s seriously pissing me off Ugh, so pissed Even if he were hot, I couldn’t stand him If he was really hot, then… I dunno. In today’s society, some people might stand him, but I wouldn’t What’re you digging around for? Manga of… manga? Ahhh~ I get it You start from the first volume and go in order That’s probably not it He said earlier that he reads manga, right? Hm? What manga? Ah! That’s right! She probably just wants to line them all up, so it looks organized Parfait Girls? Parfait… Girls? Don’t judge a book by its cover… True! That might be important But! You know… When you buy a book… There’s not really much to judge a book by besides the cover You have to make an attractive cover that will make people want to read it Right? That’s the job of a publishing company Just like this game Well, maybe it’s not colorful It’s dangerously moe. Ugh… Wa~ Waa? Waaa~? We can’t sit in chairs? Whaaaaat! That is so creepy! Are you reading it together? Eh? Read it at home! Borrow it! Read it at home! Please! Ughhh… I don’t know I don’t know because it’s my first time meeting you I do not know because we aren’t close enough I admit… That is funny Everyone… falls in love with him, huh A dramatic development… I see… Well, girls like that kind of story… hmm? Girls like that, right? What do you mean you think better of her now? I really hate this protagonist Cute! A tsundere~ Did she start making sweets because of manga? Cute! But you know what? When you read manga or books… You can pick up different kinds of hobbies and innuendos Did I say innuendos? I meant influences She’s like a cat! Ah! Wait, wait! We’re reading a book at such close proximity? And manga, no less? Huh? I really dont like this i dont like it! Why? Why!? Why? I hate it! Why..this guy Why this guy can do these kind of things but I can’t.. I hate it! This protagonist isn’t me I’m so pissed. The protagonist isn’t AI-chan That’s true… Mm? Ah! Cute! Ah, is she kind of embarrassed? That’s not true, right? That’s not true! Really? Nowadays, otakus don’t face that kind of prejudice, I think? You know it, right! What a loser Then hold back and watch your mouth Oh, I see Are you hesitating to leave it in your room Natsuki-chan? Wait, does this mean we’re on the Natsuki-chan route? It’s fine as long as you had fun! “Are you gonna keep reading or not?” I shall gratefully read it!! Cuuute! Oho, so she likes Minori-chan Such a cute girl Right? “All right, everyone!” Oh? I’m prepared! Y-y-yeah! P-p-p-p-p-prepared~ What if I borrow it and read it at home? Can I? Yeah, I won’t let you read it together with Natsuki-chan~ Just record your anime for later! If a cute girl tells you to read, then do it! Even if you have to stay up all night, read it! I’m back Oh, is it not? It’s a really crappy poem! Huh? I don’t..I don’t really care who’s first Then..Let’s go with Monika-chan! Join our Discord for all AI-chan news!
https://discord.gg/RYtUrt6 Translated by Zephyrain, Gregory W,
Mimi Alola and Fnyx MC

100 thoughts on “【Doki Doki Literature Club!】#2 これがナツキちゃんルート的なやつ!?

  1. なるほど、ギャルゲーってこうやってルート分岐なるものをしていくわけです・・・ね?

  2. "It doesn't matter if I'm receiving trash from you, I'll be more than happy to throw it away" XD I almost fell from my chair

  3. im dead XD when A.I cuss it just gets me i dont know why maybe because it was the same feeling i was feeling..lol damn didint know A.I is such a savage love her even more

  4. "When you buy a book, there's not really much to judge a book by besides the cover"

    I completely agree with you on this one

  5. Natsuki: Don't judge a book by it's cover!
    Kizuna: But, you don't have anything to go on but a book's cover if you haven't read it yet!!

    sweet, summer child. "Don't judge a book by it's cover" is not a saying ABOUT books. usually, it's about people. AND IT'S ABOUT THIS GAME!!!!

  6. Now that I know the ending of the game, it makes me see how creepy Monika was from the very begining. Everyone has these somewhat sideways typical stances, while Monika looks straight at the player, not the character. Very disturbing.

  7. I have a vague idea of what's going on, but…well, I look forward to when the story really gets going and I can tell exactly where we are without reading Japanese or guessing from Kizuna Ai's reactions.

  8. So ok found out she’s not technically an A.I but I’m still confused what is she though? Please explain.

  9. PewDiePie did this game too…and he read the dialogue using the girl's voices (as he thought they'd sound like). PewDiePie's girl voices sound weird…

  10. なつきちが一番かわいい


  11. 可愛い女の子がくれる物ならな 何でも大した事

  12. ギャルゲー主人公の気取ってる感俺も好きじゃなかったからバッサリ言い切ってくれるアイちゃん凄い好き

  13. ぃ毛し区いえれsこのせr、arげんちなぽs、と、支援れあぃだd世soarげんちなヴぃヴぁ愛tamびえnじゃぽn

  14. 僕がこのゲームを英語でやった時主人公はこれほどバカじゃなかったんだけどな。

  15. イライラしてるんだろうけど、vtuberとして視聴者がゲーム楽しめるようにせめてスクロールもっとゆっくりにしてくれ

  16. I get the feeling they made the protag a little more of a douchebag in the Japanese translation. He wasn't exactly nice in the english version, but I didn't think he was as insufferable as Kizuna Ai makes him out to be.

  17. Did anyone else realize that the sayori chibi on the "writing poems" part jumps every time something depressing or sad is chosen?

  18. 低評価少ないから少数派なんだろうがいつまでも主人公にグチグチ言ってんのすげー気になるな、しつけーよ

  19. 今更ながら視聴

  20. It almost sounds like they translated the protagonist as even more of a douche in Japanese than he is in English. I didn't even know that was possible. XD

  21. I want an English version, not subtitles damnit! bangs fist on desk, narrowly avoiding the already cracked screen of my iPad

  22. 本を表紙で判断してはいけないように、ゲームもタイトルとスクショだけで買うなということですな

  23. Is it typical Japanese to expect the viewer to read the character's captions? Let's Players in this country always feel they have to give each character a voice

  24. A.I. ты всех подряд парней протогонистами считаешь?

  25. 単純に女の子をこいつ呼びしてるような男にうまくいってほしくねぇなw

  26. The moment, when you can read hiragana and katakana and little bit kanji, but you don't know enough Japanese so you could actually understand what you are reading…

  27. I really hope Ai-Chan plays the Danganronpa series one day, since I highly suspect it was a big influence for this game.

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