【1080p|Tutorial】 Translate and play Japanese PSP Visual Novel in English 【PPSSPP/VNR Method】

First, go sure that you don´t have VNR nor PPSSPP open. Start PPSSPP (v0.9.8 or v0.9.9) Only PPSSPP v0.9.8 and v0.9.9 are fully supported, and v0.9.8 is recommended. Some game engines does NOT work in older or newer (such as v0.9.9.1) PSP games. For Windows 7/8 x64 there is only a support for PPSSPPWindows.exe. PPSSPPWindows64.exe is NOT supported. More information about that in the description. Sometimes you have to do the opposite on some games. Launch PPSSPP first for some games. You need to experiment. Now, launch the game and go to to the place where the text will appear. Start VNR and wait till it launched fully. It will take some time. Improtant Note: Game settings cannot be saved based on per-game fashion. You cannot have per-game Text Settings, Voice Settings, subtitles, dictionary terms, etc. Because there isn´t an ISO detection yet, you are forced to redo these steps every time. The current support for PPSSPP is very primitive. Though it works, translating PPSSPP games is less convenient comparing to translating PC games. So, after you started VNR after PPSSPP started you need to click on the magnifying glass. Press “Next” “Select the process of running game” and press “Next”. Choose the “PPSSPPWindows” and press next. Press “Next” Press “Apply” Press “Finish” Now go to the left bar. “Menu”->”Text Settings” Once here, you need to change the text once. You can see, it detected the Text automatically. Sometimes you need to view every box if there is something similar. But as you can see, the text is the same. Sometimes it isn´t that easy and you need to check everything. If there isn´t something similar too, try to change the Textcoding or wait 30 seconds. After finishing here, go to the right box and select “Dialog” and it will turn blue. Save and go to the game. (You can see I did this step already) You can finally move the VNR Text to your desired place and enjoy. As you can see, everything works fine. If there should be problems, view the description. If there will be any updates, I will write it in the description too. If you try to close it, first close PPSSPP and then VNR. Otherwise, the behavior is undefined that either VNR or PPSSPP might crash. A last note, NEVER start PPSSPP from the VNR HUD. It won´t work. Just use a shortcut to the exe itself. Information source: http://sakuradite.com/ or simply the VNR Wiki.

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  1. can you help me? I'm having trouble making the text appear, i've tried 2 different games already but I can't make the translation text appear. Ones I tried was PSP Brothers Conflict Passion Pink [Otomate] and the other is PSP Snow Bound Land [Otomate]

    I'm taling about the text @2:22

    I can get the Text Setting box to appear but nothing shows up on the dialogue section

    can you probably do a tutorial on the SnowBound game, along with showing your setting of the Preferences and floating menu that appears, the Options section (i think I've might have messed up my settings while trying to make it work)

    and thank you if you respond back 😀

  2. I don't know if you'll respond to this, or if you're even still active, but whenever I try to link my game (Brothers Conflict: Pink Passion), it says "Failed to synchronize with game". Does this mean my game isn't compatible? Thanks if you do answer! ^^;

  3. Hii, I just tested VNR with the game 'Durarara 3way standoff' I loved the anime so I really really want to play the game. Unfortunately I dont think it works. I was hoping if anyone knows which is the best way? Some parts of the video were a bit confusing to me since I don't really get the terms and all that so any help would be appreciated. Is there anything else I can download that might work?

  4. I don't know what I've done wrong but when I sync the emulator with the VNR I don't get any translations… When I play PC games (like Starry Sky in Summer or BWS ~ Bloody Nightmare ~) everything works just fine… Although the PPSSPP could be connected with the VNR (I get the blue bar and everything) and offline comments could be loaded they don't appear 🙁 I've even downloaded the emulator mentioned in the description… Or maybe this method doesn't work with Windows 10? I hope someone can help me and tell me what I should do.

  5. i know diabolik lovers is on the list and all but i dont get any subtitles when i play, the box is just empty please help ;-;

  6. Hello, I need help! When I use the translation machine in VN "Kono Oozora ni Tsubasa the Hirogete", always appears in the text of the game the name of the character who is speaking, pasted on the phrase, making it difficult to start the translation of the sentence, is there any way to solve this ?

  7. You can help me
    play god eater 2 ver 1.4 on ppsspp ?
    I can not play on my phone?

  8. is there a way for this using on phones?? i have a idea of a in screen translator app but theres no automatic features. so imjust asking if some of you have seen it. k ty

  9. how do you translate the choices that come up in like otome games, visual novels? iv seen a lot but i can't seem to find out how to translate it x..x would love too know ^_^

  10. can you please look for the game code geass if work 【PPSSPP/ITHVNR Method】 or【JPCSP/Hex Method】 ? and it not work 【PPSSPP/VNR Method】 thank you in advance

  11. Have you ever tried playing 3D VN using ppsspp+VNR? In my case, the game framerate dropped a lot whenever new text appeared during a conversation. Any idea?

  12. Will the translations save everytime you boot the game or is it just a translation. I am wondering because I want to translate Diabolik Lovers, but I've got the translations and need to insert them into the game.

  13. Can you help me? :') when I'm on the text settings, all I get on the text threads is "Sound. Data" and I get my subtitle but it's always like "sound.data" and something like that, not the character dialogue :'(( please help me.. I'm playing uta no Prince Sama all star after secret with this

  14. So it says on your doc that amnesia later works, but when I get to the part about finding the game online when connecting it, it can't find it and I have to put in the hook code

  15. GWAHHHH SO WANNA PLAY SOME VN IN ENGLISH TRANSLATED…. THis was good BUT BUT! MAN I HATE IT when those words pop up there.. i mean.. It feels.. "UNNATURAL" kinda ruins the fun =_=… ughhh~

  16. Hi there, this video is quite old … anyway, I can hope for a reply. Recently I got into this kinda stuff and I've found your video. So there is one issue that I have. Currently, I try to translate the Ao No Exorcist PSP game but It seems that OCR isn't working probably. Also, I'm getting the same weird message with the triangle in PPSSP as you described in you JPCSP tutorial. Can you help? I'm at a loss here… I've also tried is with the JPCSP but I can only this program on 1 FPS xD. My Pc cannot handle it somehow. Another thing I'd like to ask is do you know If there is any PSVita emulator? Or is there a translation scene for the PSVita? I'd like to translate a game that has no iso but an apk file or so. I don't know how you would do that @[email protected] Thanks a bunch for reading this and I hope that I hear from you soon.

  17. Could you send me the VNR regedit? I formatted the pc and the registry is gone. Now, every time I open PPSSPP with VNR, I open the debugging to see the errors and it is appearing this "vnreng not found", like, is not finding the subtitles nor the game.xml, I do not know what to do anymore . Is there anything? Because before it was working normal.

  18. i wish it was easier to just patch vns so that programs like this would not be needed.i can remember trying to change fate/stay night into german,but its impossible for me to get into the englishpatchfiles because the filetype is too old and the tool for it doesnt want to work

  19. Omg, you're the man. I've been through three tutorials already, but this one finally did the trick. Now, off to otome-land! Thank you so so much!

  20. I was trying to play Diabolik Lovers which was on the working games list however when I was viewing the text settings the text line was not there. The name of the person speaking was there but no text line from the game nor were the translations showing. It's been quite a long time since I've used VNR though so maybe I'm just a bit rusty?

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