《BBC Great Composers》: Tchaikovsky

20 thoughts on “《BBC Great Composers》: Tchaikovsky

  1. The Russian is all translated to some versions of: if only I had the words to describe the indescribable. I am so moved. What a genius. I can’t believe I can’t speak English so Americans could understand me.

  2. (at Tchaikovsky not being a serious composer) "When one critic can become as big as Tchaikovsky I will continue the discussion" Bahahaha

  3. 19:05 I think that there were perhaps 2 infatuations which inspired "Romeo and Juliet": with Eduard Sack and Desiree Artot. Interesting how he does not mention Artot, who's infatuation with Tchaikovsky quite inspired "Romeo".

  4. why couldn't Tchaikovsky marry his own "best friend" whom he wrote letters too.
    i mean as in von Meck

  5. Subtitles would be very useful when the Russian people speak. It's only a suggestion! Hahaha! XD

  6. This needs to be subtitled or taken down. I'm fascinated as someone newly become interested in classical music, but I'm also irritated in that I feel I am missing so much information from this particular video.

  7. Can't watch it. Half of it is in Russian without subtitles, and I'm just not that interested in Tchaikovsky.

  8. P.S. The lack of subtitles is just more salt in an open wound.  Who wants to hear what some dumb broad who drives a streetcar gives as her opinion, anyway?

  9. To me, this portrait reveals nothing I did not already know, and confirmed my inclination never, ever to visit this ugly country with its absurd sounding language, and a plethora of overweight females and ill-kempt males.  I would not trust this Temirkanov jerk two seconds with any other music.  His beat is indecipherable, his reference to the score is nil, and this whole programs sets Russia where it belongs: in some foreign world on a foreign planet.

  10. According to Amazon, this dvd has Italian, English, German, Spanish and French subtitles.

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