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  1. How about some translation? Not everyone can speak German or Italian or French Otherwise, brilliant. I feel sorrow for poor old Mozart as he went downhill so swiftly.

  2. Worst film on this man I have seen was "Amadeus" – absolutely crap. One example, in the first scene he is sucking on boobs, then in more scenes being drunk, and drunk, and laughing like a girl. THAT, my friends, is Hollywood.

    When one learns he was conservative, and not just a musical emperor – but a Business King..

    The film – a fart of a film !

  3. Ummmm BASICALLY They all had studies in the Fibonacci Sequence and Golden Mean Number which was esoteric knowledge back then: Its embedded in their artistic creations: No biggy: Not easy either:

  4. We are pygmies on the shoulders of giants.
    Mozart is collosal.What a culture :singers, instrumentalists, poets, teachers. Just awesome.

  5. "But the Requiem was never finished…"
    This is the most unfair, terrible, incomprehensible tragedy of the history of music. How majestic would it have been if completed? How would the triple-subject fugue of the Cum Sanctis Tuis in Aetermun have sounded? I got a feeling that it's somewhere, hidden, scattered across in hundreds or even thousands of measures of previous compositions. Where could we find the astonishing finale of Mozart's Requiem? How could we? Maybe…just maybe… one day….the miracle will occur. Perhaps…only perhaps… one day the greatest discovery of the history of music will take place. In the meantime, all we can do is imagine, daydream about that incredible fugue, which the very Johann Sebastian Bach would have been impressed by. Oh great master….even on this, you couldn't help yourself. That's why, you are the one. Thank you.

  6. Mozart, God and music.
    The destination of Mozart music.
    Moreover, Mozart music is without borders, and inspired many composers in the worldwide.
    Surely, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart music has contributed to humanity worldwide and lasting forever.
    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791) life and music.

  7. "What is Genious if it is not a creative forcé from which arise events, mighty, bravely appearing before God and before Nature and in this very process leading to consquences and continuity? Every one of Mozart's creations is of this order, in them there is the strength of creation, that acts upon us from generation and that strengh will not exhaust itself and will not disappear"
    -J.W. Goethe

  8. The Vatican killed Theoph Wolf Mozart in Salzburg but there was no hair or Talent just shit Royal Church

  9. Love that Shot of Christopher Hogwood in the masterclass. He didn't look convinced. RIP Maestro Hogwood

  10. I love THESE QUOTES from the conductor Sir Colin Davis.

    "He appeared to have the most astounding inner freedom which functioned absolutely independently from the circumstances of his life. You’d think that when he was in all that debt and his whole life was crumbling that something would have given way – not all all – he wrote his greatest pieces (then). He wrote a few string quintets that turned out to be the greatest chamber music we have. He wrote three symphonies and threw them in a drawer. And his circumstances were awful."

    "Mozart made life extraordinarily difficult for those who came after him. Beethoven had the most problems of course because he was the immediate successor to Mozart."

    "The intellectual competence of Mozart was something that Beethoven really never achieved. Mozart had no problems – he had absolutely no problems in expressing himself. He could do ANYTHING."

    RE: Symphony 41 – IV. Molto allegro
    "He must have begun on the last few pages to see whether the combinations really worked. We know he did this … but nobody has found that page. Then he'd write … now out of this I’m going to create a movement that is partly sonata, partly contrapuntal hijinks, and then at the end I’m going to put them all together and produce this RIOT…. this drunken riot of music making ….that lasts a minute and a half. It’s one of the most wonder things we have. "

    For an astounding visual demonstration of the brilliance of that last movement watch the this video linked here: (There may be other but this one is quite clear and to the point.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=866&v=YTxYykhQZbI

  11. 29:38 Wolfgang told Leopold that Constanze was no great beauty. I know that tastes very, and that portrait painters can flatter their subjects, but she looks mighty fine to me. As Wolfgang said, though, the important thing is love, and I think that that is very sweet. It's just that in my own personal experience, whenever I have fallen in love with a girlfriend, I find her increasingly breathtaking as my love for her intensifies.

  12. He wrote a couple of dozen concertos or so for piano & orchestra. As astonishingly beautiful as the major key ones are, it's the minor key ones which really move me the most. Sometimes I think that it is unfortunate that of the minor key ones, there are only a couple.

  13. this is a great documentary, the only thing I wish is those few times when the one woman is speaking Italian, if they could put in English subtitles

  14. At 34:43 K 427 is not a string quartet; it's the Great Mass in C minor. The Köchel number for the "Dissonance" quartet, no. 19, in C Major, is K 464.

  15. Can someone please tell me why the k number for the dissonance quartet is 427 in this documentary. Everywhere else it is indicated as k 465.

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