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hey everyone it's me again and I am back with another weekly reading blog this one's kind of weird just because I kind of ended it my last weeks right here doing this we're confused honestly but I'm still reeling right now I talked about it at the end of my last week's blog so you probably already know but I just reached 30,000 subscribers which is insanity well okay I think I reached it yesterday but I didn't see it until today and I'm just still reeling I'm still just shaking thank you everybody I talked about it way more in the last week's I don't want to keep reiterating it I don't want to be annoying I know that this probably is annoying you're like okay Brittany we freakin get it but like wow I'm freaking excited this is so cool okay I need to stop talking about it because you literally are gonna be so annoyed with me and then everyone's gonna unsubscribe and then this was all gonna be pointless because I'll have like two subscribers left my mom and my dad it's a new week hopefully this week it goes a little better than last week I know that last week I just kind of kept like flaking during the vlogging and it's just been hard for me to like keep up with a week-long vlog I just don't remember how much footage I need for it anymore I have a pretty high hopes I'm still reading a quart of mist and fury I'm still listening to flame Castro and audio but I'm pretty close to the end of this one at this point and I still really really really want to finish the poppy war so those are gonna be my main focus for this week everything that isn't filled out I still have to finish I guess I don't have to but I'd really like to I want to focus on kind of getting a little bit more situated I feel like I've been still so up in the air ever since booked on they'll be days where I do everything we're like at Books Graham and I film and I edit and everything and then there's like days where I just completely forget to do any of that so I just kind of want to focus on reorganizing my life that's kind of it for right now that's all I want to talk about I don't know blogging so weird guys okay good bye hey everyone happy Tuesday I have the day off but right now I'm actually about to go and run some errands I finished a book last night but it was at midnight so technically counts for today and that is flame castor by Cinda Williams Chima I'm gonna give it 4 stars I think it was just like a very solid book I really didn't have many issues with it sometimes the pacing felt a little off though it just didn't feel like a 5 but since I really couldn't find anything wrong with it I just gave it a 4 and I've been listening to Clash of Kings on audio I have 28 hours and 54 minutes left so I'm pretty sure that means that I'm like 8 hours in I don't know though I think it's a 36 hour long audio book I am enjoying it but I'm not like I don't know I'm not in the mood to listen to it right now because while I'm listening to the clash of kings audiobook I actually do take notes on my phone because I want to go back into the book and highlight these passages so it's way more of an intensive read and I can't just do it while I'm driving and things like that I think I'm going to check to see if either they both died at the end or carry on are on Libby hello – Charla please don't knock down the camera but I am planning on going to see a movie with my dad I know this is like the third movie in less than a week there's just so many good movies out right now so we're catching up we've seen a lot in and we saw Rocket Man and today I think we're gonna see Godzilla yeah so we're gonna go see that and hopefully I end up liking it more than I think I will I feel like I will I think I only have about a hundred maybe less pages to a court of wisdom Furies after I put that down I really am going to focus on reading either any like any of the books on my TBR right now any of them I just wanted to do a little update I ended up going to go see Godzilla with my dad and I don't know if you asked him he probably thought that I hated it but I had a good time I just have never seen any of the other Godzilla's and I didn't realize I thought this was a remake of like the first Godzilla and it's not it's obviously a continuation but ya know I had a really good time I'm honestly I've had like this knot in my back all day it's been killing me I'm about of like just jam a doorknob enjoy like I massage it out I don't know I mean we've made it I wanted to talk to you guys kind of this is gonna sound ridiculous but it's like everything in my life is going pretty well right now and I keep getting all these amazing opportunities and it's just overwhelming for me because I'm always worried that I'm going to fail I don't even know if bail is the right word it's more like I'm just worried that I won't be good with my time and then I'll fail okay it is it is the right way ah we'll see so I did actually want to mention I totally forgot got to mention last week that which athon had started it's the Lisa which Athan and it was running from June 14th through June 21st this week and I did decide that I really wanted to participate I had been wanting to do it from the beginning I just totally had blanked on it we'll see though would I end up picking up because a lot of these seem to be kind of more contemporary themes and I obviously just don't have any contemporaries really on my TBR that would fit any of these so I did make a spread though and I wanted to show you because I think it turned out so cute let's not talk about how I spelled which one I don't know what was going through my head when that happened wick it's see I spelled it right with the cursive but behind it it's WI th see Who am I who knows I just think I definitely want to try and participate even though it's going to be over soon so we'll just see how much I end up getting done if not it's totally cool I'm doing this very casually but I love supporting ranan because which a Thums always so cool this is a very random update so I'm going to get going I'm just checking him to say that a quart of misting fury is ruining me just as much as the first time ever but I read it like sometimes you think that a books not gonna be as good as the first time you read it and then you're like little me didn't know what was happening she just had a good time with the book because it was the first thing she read and you know I'm rereading it now I'm so trashed for Sarah Jane that it's like she did this she created this baby and I love it alright that's it that's all I wanted to say I thought you all should know that I'm not always cold hearted when it comes to books sometimes I do actually tear up crazy I know we're just saying hello because I just got out of my other job and I just got home and it changed because I have to go to my other job yeah my other job is still going for the most part it's just like way less often and that's why like I never look pretty anymore I've been listening to prodigy on audio which is super super random I don't feel about it maybe more thoughts on it later but I'm about halfway through now honestly I think a big part of me not knowing how I feel that it is that almost completely forgotten everything that happens in legend and I didn't want to reread it to go onto prodigy and for the most part I've remembered everything but it's just kind of like that's me oh my god my hair looks really gross okay I'm go peace out Girl Scout everyone happy Friday so I'm on my way to work right now but I just didn't come any time to actually vlog earlier today which is a whole annoying I started getting ready and I just didn't realize me timing wise because I wanted to feel the clip for my New York vlog that I wanted to get up by tomorrow just kind of talking about but calm feelings and all that sort of stuff and by the time I was finished getting ready I looked at the time and I was like oh I have to go to work I finished recording my stone fury yesterday which was incredible obviously I give it 5 out of 5 stars the quart of my superior just holds my soul I've been thinking about it the reason I love according mr. Pirie is the same reason that I love air fire so much my surgery past they're both books in the series where our main character is in their darkest point they're both books where the main character is going through something it was so dark where they're just in a very low plane and they have to find themselves again and realize that they're worth something again and it's just so beautiful I think I'm actually going to read a book or ducklings embryo and I know I said originally that I wasn't going to yeah I know I said I wasn't going to but not really curious I just have never rewrite a courtly Saru and so we'll see how that goes but I'm not doing it this month not yet Taurus audio goes I finally picked a rowdy G and a couple of days ago which was such a random choice for me so reading prodigy or listening to prodigy was a very good experience because I'd forgotten what was to everything but I remembered it as it went on I just felt like detached from the story for the most part and it was definitely just listening to it to have something to listen to I like to always have an audio book going so I was just listening to it just cuz for the longest time and I just was kind of like I know real feelings about it wasn't bad it just wasn't great either but it's because I just had new attachment to the characters until the very end of the book and I was like oh okay I care about you guys so I finished that earlier today I think I'm gonna give it a three star though because even though it was good it just I don't feel anything great about it it was just like oh cool good this update has been a mess I feel like but I'll definitely talk to you guys after work today I don't know if you guys can tell how many stars are out right now like there's the Big Dipper this is so days it's so lovely and there's the Luxor ruining everything hello what my lovelies it is a Saturday I am all ready for my day but it is almost time for me to go to work again tomorrow is kind of like a very chill day though so I'm hoping tomorrow's the day that I get a lot of reading done I haven't picked up a new audio book yet but I did download a couple of new ones from Libby I downloaded champion by Marie Lu and a reaper at the gates by sahabat here I don't know if you guys knew but I did not really like the sequel to an ember in the ashes and what was it a torch against the night I didn't like it I really forced my way through it I felt like it was just very stilted I just didn't enjoy it but I think that I'm gonna give the audiobook a shot for a Reaper at the gates I didn't want to originally because I was like oh I want to physically read these I want to like annotate maybe but the thing is I think I like the audiobooks better than I do the physical books so we'll see with the Reaper out the gates I haven't decided which one I want to start yet because champion obviously I just read legend so at least like I'd be going back-to-back but I don't know if I'm ready for that so I might just do a Reaper at the gate oh my gosh I just remembered I put in a clip last night of just the stars because it was so lovely I walked outside because I was going to my boyfriend's house after work and everything was just it was such a queer night sky and it was beautiful I could see so many stars which is so rare here I mean I know if any of you guys live in the city even you know how hard it is to see the stars with light pollution and then like with clouds it's never a queer enough sky to see that many stars so I don't know if the footage turned out good but I was so excited so I don't know there's something about the night sky that just makes me extremely happy just seeing tons of stars in the sky makes me so so happy besides that I still haven't picked anything up physically I think that what I'm gonna end up doing is making next week like my reading all the books that I was supposed to be reading this month vlog so we'll see how that goes I've just been in such a fantasy mood it's been hard for me to go over to the contemporary books that I had planned on reading Thank You Charla he wants to snuggle and then we have Luda yes guys don't judge me I still just haven't put away my suitcase after book on and she loves laying in that little area so I just kind of leave it open for her all right well that's kind of it thank you hi everyone it's Sunday so I actually did get something pretty cool in the mail and she liked calligraphy the name odd and I'm actually so excited about this I did the order some time last week and it actually came in the mail super super fast I got some pins and I'm really really excited about it they are from filthy era moon designs so what that looks like I'm so so cute it's so aesthetically sleeping so let's open up the first one I'm really excited I think every single pin I got with seconds pins I tend to get seconds pins the first ones that I got is this one it is a the last num Sarah pin set and it's so freakin cute there we go and it just says Ascari and I'm Sarah I'm so excited you guys know that last year the last I'm sorry was one of my favorite books of the year it was just so wonderful and there was dragons but it was dark and the plot twist was fantastic I'm really excited to have some pins in my set that relate to it because I feel like there isn't a lot of merch for the law samsara so glad I got it and then I got this one from the illuminate files and it says am I not merciful which is obviously what aid in the artificial intelligence system says in illuminate it's one of the most quotable lines I can't even tell that these are seconds pins if I'm gonna be quite honest like we just look like normal pins she actually gave a little sticker and it says and like roses in his hands death blooms now let's open up the other little one oh my gosh I'm so excited okay so Oh oh my gosh so there was an available sticker in this one and how freakin fitting it says bibliophile that is perfect I am literally obsessed with this the next payment that was in here is a shadow and bone pin which used to be one of my favorite series so I feel like I really need to support it more and I really want to do a reread on it of it sometime soon so I got these at cute little pins it just says son summoner and Summoner and they're so freaking cool I'm telling you guys I really I feel like this is the reason that I get second pins so often is I can almost never tell the defect that is supposed to be happening in these pins pin makers you are way too hard on yourselves because you look at somebody you're like oh my god that is not perfect and then you just put it on sale and I'm like hello it's basically perfect and then this other one that I got is one I'm so excited about I rarely ever talk about this when I was young I used to watch Kiki's Delivery Service on repeat Welbeck movie and lilo and stitch and little mermaid little mermaids up there oh and Mulan Mulan I used to watch those four movies basically on repeat as a child and I saw this adorable little Gigi pin and it's very fitting just because I have a little black cat now and I like to pretend that I'm like Kiki and I have my little talking black cat that's you know more of a nuisance than anything else but I got this pin and I love it so much it's so freaking cute like look how adorable he is he's so excited he's so adorable little bangs I love him so there's other four pins that I got from her website and they're literally so stunning they're so freaking like just aesthetically pleasing definitely check it out I will try and link it down below if I remember oh man I'm really excited that it came with these little stickers that's adorable now that the fun and exciting part of this little clip is done I did kind of want to talk I just watched Boston reads books video on not feeling good enough for booktube and it's just like a sort of discussion video and it was so interesting I you should definitely check it out I pull again try and link it down below I'm very forgetful about these things but I was watching it and I just felt the need to kind of talk about that similar feeling myself like on on this look it's gonna be all over the place I really haven't planned this through I literally just watched the video and I was like I won't talk about that like I want to you because it's something that I feel as well she was just mentioning just her thoughts and feelings on it and watching her friends grow so rapidly or watching people she admires grow rapidly and things like that I really like I completely really and I think that the reason I see it as weird is because obviously I have made more subscribers than people normally do on booktube in a shorter amount of time I have reached 30,000 subscribers in a little over a year and it's incredible I know it is in the back of my head I know that this is a feat that most people don't read it's an incredible thing it's something that I never expected for myself and it's weird that because of all that I still feel not good enough for booktube and i wanted to talk about it on here with you guys just because I know you guys tend to see this very bubbly perfect optimistic side of myself and that's for a reason I mean let's be honest you guys are seeing the best side of me you are seeing the best that I have to offer and it's because I'm talking about something I love so so much I love books so much and so I'm always going to be excited and I'm always gonna theme bubble you're an optimistic and that's just not the whole story you know and I feel like it's so important to touch on that as someone that now has a larger amount of subscribers because I think that I don't ever want someone to look at me I'm not saying that this is what busting was saying in her video by the way guys I this is just like a reflection that I'm having on my own but I don't ever want someone to look at my account and just feel like wow she must be so excited and so happy I don't want people to think that because that's one side I'm gonna be quite honest right now my boyfriend honestly thinks I'm a pessimist he thinks I'm a pessimist I see myself as a realist and I'm sure if anyone else out there sees themself as realist you know that most people in our lives see us as pessimists but it's because I'm just a very realistic person I have very realistic goals I'm very realistic expectations I think of the world but they do tend to border on negative and so you guys seeing this very optimistic side of me that's because I'm I love books I'm optimistic that I'm always going to love books that is the one part of my life that is gonna be bubbly and excited and happy for the rest of my life but that is just not how I always am and I think it's important to talk about because I know that that's what I put out into the world I know that that's what I put out onto booktube and I want you to know that that's not always the case and I am my own worst critic absolute worst critic I love being a critic of myself and that comes into play a lot with booktube I don't necessarily feel that I'm good enough to be on booktube which is so weird but for me it comes from like an inner part of my brain that just spews negativity and tries to make me feel as insecure as possible that everything that I do so instead of feeling excited about this accomplishment that I've had I tend to dwell on the negative and be like well I know you've accomplished this but it's probably not the right reasons anyways socks like that thoughts where I'm sitting here being like people don't subscribe to me for what I have to say people don't subscribe to me for my thoughts on books people don't subscribe to me for however a few books like those are thoughts that go through my head and the counter thing is like people obviously do subscribe so why and in my head it goes well they are there only subscribing because your makeup looks nice or your hair looks nice or being conventionally pretty things like that is what my brain tells me my brain automatically is like that's why people are subscribed to you don't worry they don't even care what you have to say and that sucks because booktube especially is a place where you want to feel heard for what you have to say about books for your opinions on books that is the most important part about booktube is reviewing books and having new opinions about books and it sucks that my brain is telling me that that's not why people are subscribed to me because that's what I want people to subscribe to me for and this isn't a call for me to be like guys please reaffirm make me feel better about myself please don't it'll actually make me pretty uncomfortable I am pretty sure that you guys are subscribing for the right reasons but my brain still wants to tell me it's not that it is a constant battle I am aware that these are probably crazy thoughts but the realistic part of me has to see both sides it has to see that if there's people subscribing to me for my reviewing skills there are also people that are subscribed to me not my reviewing skills and are only subscribed for what I look like but that is the area where I struggle the most in because for me not feel good enough for booktube doesn't really have anything to do with the amount of subscribers I get it has everything to do with how I talk about books and I always am going to feel like there are people that are doing it better that people respect for their opinions on books and I feel like that's not me again don't go in the comments and reaffirm me it's actually gonna make me extremely uncomfortable because I am just telling you how I feel right now and I don't really want any feedback on it but at the end of the day I just wanted you guys to know that I may seem like I have it all together I may seem that my booktube channel is all great and dandy and that I'm doing great and dandy and that everything in my life is perfect and dandy and that is not always the case I'm gonna always be happy talking about books that doesn't mean that everything else does it make me feel insecure as hell like absolutely insecure and it is something that I'm trying to get over because I think that everyone should be absolutely confident in their lives I think everyone deserves to feel confident about the things that they do and the way that they present themselves and I hope that everyone gets there one day but after seeing like Boston's video I just wanted to say I feel the same way as her what I'm trying to say is that I'm trying to get over it actually I want to not be insecure I want to realistically tell myself like even if people are subscribing just because I'm pretty then whatever because there are definitely people out there that are subscribing because of what I have to say about books and that is where I should be looking I should be as optimistic as I seem on video I want to be as optimistic as I seem on video because I want to be optimistic about my life everyone should like to be optimistic about their lives and instead I have this like realistic bitch inside of me that's like that's not the case but if you guys want me to talk more about this if you guys have any questions or things like that leave them down below I don't want to make an entire video about this because it gives me anxiety it's not that I don't want to talk about this I just get uncomfortable talking about this kind of stuff I'm just thinking about guys and I am trying to not be so insecure I am trying to look at my accomplishments and be like I did that I should be proud of that and instead I compare myself with others and that is not the way to live your life don't live your life comparing yourself to others live your life being proud of everything you do because you're gonna be so much happier just a fact okay I'm gonna stop talking because I know I've just started rambling I'm really not sure if anybody said made sense like I really just wanted to say that I'm not as confident in booktube as I may seem and that I'm still struggling every single day with booktube in feeling I'm not creative enough not smart enough not good enough to be on here and and it's normal like that's that's a normal thing to feel and it doesn't just go away when you have 30,000 subscribers like I definitely thought it would I sure did when I was at like 5,000 subscribers I was like one day I'm gonna have more and then I'm gonna feel confident and I'm not bored I still don't so I don't know guys little oh I do want to tell you guys whoa I almost forgot to talk about it but I did end up deciding on listening to a reaper at the gates I am like 10 minutes into it honestly yeah I'm 2% of the way through so I did decide on that I just you know forgot to tell you cuz I was so busy talking about myself a little my bed okay I'm gonna fill out my habit tracker and all right so it is time for my little wrap-up of the week I still have to edit this whole vlog so I don't I don't know I don't know what it's gonna look like especially last night's ramble I just I do want to say right before we get into that wrap up that after everything that I talked about last night I forgot so I kind of mentioned then I'm still really grateful for everything that I have so don't take it the wrong way it was just me you know talking to you guys to my friends getting stuff off my chest so let's do this wrap up I managed to finish three books this week which is really freaking cool I finished flame caster by Cinda Williams China first I gave this 4 stars I actually really enjoyed the story I think that the pacing is so much better than the demon king was the demon king story was so well done but it was a pretty slow story well this one I feel like it's already going so much faster and it's so interesting and I'm really enjoying the romance that's budding because be winking is slow burn guys and I'm talking slow burn like they don't even know each other the first book you already know that that's probably gonna be like the thing and this one it's already there it's there it's giving you so many juicy details one thing that I actually didn't know going into flame caster is that there are dragons in this one which is super cool I haven't seen yet how it's going to affect the story or what's really gonna happen but there are dragons oh and I finish that on audio after that I finished a cord of mr. fury by Sarah J Maas no surprise I give it 5 stars honestly it deserves the entire 5 star out of all the books that say I do mass is written this is still my all-time favorite it's just so well done I love watching Farah just find herself and go from being this very downtrodden and depressed and hurt person she is so miserable and she's having such a hard time after the events of a court of thorns and roses and you just see it so clearly in her mind in the way that she thinks in her lack of motivation her lack of everything she is an artist who no longer wants to paint and that's really the best way to describe how she's feeling in this and you see her really come into herself like it's you you go from that to there's a line in here that says no one was my master but I might be master of everything if I wished if I dared and I love that line so much it's just it's just so beautiful and it's really nice to see just this other side of all these characters that we've got to see in the court of thorns and roses like the story changes so much in this one so I was a very special place in my heart I know that Sarah Dumas isn't for everybody but she's definitely for me then I picked up prodigy by Marie Lu on audio I read legend years ago while I was still in high school I read legend and erm maybe right after high school but either way I read it and never picked up prodigy I was definitely intrigued it was just something that I didn't want to read at the time and now that I have discovered audiobooks it's definitely been something that's been on my radar that I thought that maybe if I pick it up on audio I might finally finish the series I don't remember much of legend which is kind of sad going into Prodigy because normally I start to remember things as the story progresses but it took me a while and this one to actually remember the story during legend definitely affected the way that I connected to the characters they didn't affect the way that I process the story in the end just because I did actually remember most of legend by the end of this I did really enjoy it I think that's kind of a fun dystopian novel but a big reason why I even picked these back up was because someone told me that it's one of the events that happens in this trilogy that inspired War Cross so I think that audio books are pretty good for this one they do up two narrators in one / June and one per day Days Meritor talks really slow even on to time speed you can hear the puzzles in his voice which was very odd but it wasn't bad and I think that it's pretty cool the one thing that I did notice with this is there's a speech towards the end that day makes and it really gave me that feeling of day shouldn't be a teenager you know there's a lot of talk about that how a lot of young adult characters have the minds of someone older like in their mid-20s maybe just their thinking is much more adult immature and yes it can be argued that because they are in a dystopian world that's what made them more mature but at the same time it just doesn't feel exactly like that like the words used the way that he says it the confidence in which he says it just didn't feel teenager you know but that's really my only complaint it was a very solid book though that's why I gave it three stars I didn't I didn't feel much of anything until the end like to the characters that's when I finally started to be like oh I love you kind of I made some progress on poppy war by RF Kong I picked it up last night and I just read all the way until I went to sleep and now I'm on page 323 I am enjoying this book so much it's so fascinating there's so many philosophical discussions happening the entire time a key part of the story is shamanism and just kind of exploring what shamanism really means and taking this almost mythological religion and giving it some background giving it an explanation as to why they took psychedelics or how they Oh interesting it's so interesting there's so much thought put into this book so I'm having a really good time I hope to finish it next week and lastly I picked up a reaper at the gates myself and to hear on audio I'm pretty much enjoying this so last night I left off on page 37 and I'm really glad I picked it up on audio I listened to a number in the ashes on audio and really enjoyed it I think he gave it like 4 stars but I enjoyed it it was definitely good and I really enjoyed the narrator's but I told myself that I wanted to read a torch against the night because I just felt like I was gonna absorb it better and I remember just forcing my way through that book even something about maybe the writing style is just not for me listening to it is 100% the way that I need to ingest this story because I'm already just so involved again and what I did find is that since I listened to an ember in the ashes I remember an ember in the ashes so so well but I'm coming to realize that I don't remember a torch against the night that well which is so weird because I always always absorb books better when I read them rather than listen to them like I don't it's not a big difference but I definitely do and a torch against the night I just don't have a lot of memories I think that I really forced my way through that book and it did nothing for my reading experience I guess it doesn't have to listen to these on audio because I remember the other stories so much better and I'm already just catching on so much better to the story in the audio for me okay I actually forgot to mention that I made some progress on Clash of Kings as well I'm on page 170 now I forgot because it was under my tripod that's really all I have to say I'm really enjoying it but this is gonna be some slow progress so that's a pretty good progress report honestly I'm so excited for next week's or this week's technically vlog uh-huh so stay tuned for that because I have a lot of cool plans so thank you guys so so much for watching and I will see you in my next one goodbye beautiful creature

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  1. Hey. First time watching! I love your readathon spread. Would love to see more of that here or in your insta page. You are great and yes I did hit the subscribe button! Keep it up!!!😁👍

  2. That pin is SO cute, my favourite film is Kiki, I have a black cat and of course we called him Jiji (although his nickname is little J) Love yours vids, keep it up xxx

  3. Despite all the insecurities that booktube has created, are there insecurities that you had before that booktube has helped you overcome?

  4. I relate to everything you say. I don't feel good enough either because people started to unsubscribe from me once I started to change my content to books and stuff. I think it's good for you to talk about yourself and getting stuff off your chest. Hope you get more subscribers and feel more confident!

  5. MATE. I’m the exact same. I love both ACOMAF and Heir of Fire for the EXACT SAME REASON. Both of the peeps are going on such an emotional journey and the books concentrate more on the mental development of the characters. I’m like YAS that we have the same view. Love it.

  6. The Poppy War is AMAZING and I am dying to read the sequel. I hope you enjoy it
    I live in Oklahoma City so I know what you mean about rarely seeing stars. It's like, we know they are there, but these big ass buildings are hiding them. Ugh. These are the times I wish I lived in the country.

    I know what you mean. I have been part of booktube for 3 years and I'm only at 303 subscribers. I am constantly trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong and constantly changing things up, but it still feels like I'm not good enough.

  7. I've been reading TOG with my boyfriend recently after we read ACOTAR a few months ago, and I told him the EXACT SAME THING when we were reading Heir of Fire. Reading both of those just makes me so emotional, but especially ACOMAF. Just something about seeing these two badass, strong women REALIZE that they're strong and badass in their darkest moments is sooo inspiring to me. I always, always read ACOMAF when I'm feeling super down about myself!

  8. I relate to the "sometimes you think a books not gonna be as good as the first time you read it" I recently re read the dark tower and I wasn't sure if I would still love certain parts as much as I did the first time but I enjoyed them more. Same with name of the wind.

  9. honestly one of the most relatable parts of this vlog was your clip of you looking at the stars cos that is me every single night i get home from work, i'm like "damn what do the stars look like tonight" 🥰 (also i'm not gonna reaffirm you but like 1000% can relate to every single thing you said in your discussion bit) AND ALSO you have singlehandedly made me want to binge all the acotar books OKAY you're the best

  10. Could you make a video on fantasy book recommendations for people that don't typically pick up that genre?

  11. Same. It's sort of the same self doubt when you post a pic on instagram of something you're excited about and get soo many less likes than a picture of yourself. Like why do people care more about appearance that what I have to say, hello the other thing I posted is so much more interesting!

  12. I honestly understand what you said so much. You only show ur best to the world and that is natural. No one would show the less picture perfect sides. But no one is only that. Everyone has different sides: we re all human. Ahah I’m trying not to reaffirm here just telling u I understand what u feel like and not feeling good enough. But yh just wanted to tell you also that books are the love of my life and i watch a lot of booktubers haha but u are honestly the one who is closest to my actual book taste. U are literally my best recommender. Sending u all the love and yep just remember ur not alone ❤️❤️❤️

  13. I'm so sorry that you have self doubt! You don't need to because you are awesome beautiful smart and funny and always remember that you are the reason so many subscribers smile when your videos pop up on our screen cause I'm one of them! Love you ❤️❤️

  14. I've always heard that the mind is the devil's playground, and boy I'm believing it more and more everyday! You made sense in everything you said, and I can totally relate. I barely post videos because I doubt myself constantly and I'm a pretty positive person. I feel like I'm not creative enough, eloquent enough, I'm too old for the community etc… so you're not alone!!! On another note I always told myself that I would never read ACOTAR but you're making me curious 😂 great Vog!! Xoxo

  15. ‼️‼️You are one of my favorite book tuber!!!! Just know that when you are facing struggles that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. You may feel this way for now but know that your subscribers subscribe because you make amazing content!!!
    Tu canal es muy fantástico y mi favorito!
    Happy 30k‼️‼️

  16. i took my nephew to see godzilla and i was in the same boat haha at least he had seen the previous one. love your videos you really have me interested in checking out cinda williams chima

  17. I accidentally watched your video on how you annotate your book and from then I subscribed to your channel. I also love books, but I don’t have the guts to have my own YouTube channel. You deserve this! You love books and that’s all that matters. Just enjoy what you’re doing.

  18. Congratulations on 31K!!!! Gjhghgj. You misspelling witch. I screamed! YESSSS to supporting Rhiannon!!! They deserved all the love and support!!! Shoutout to your less people more cat mug! I need that mug in my life!!! I hope I get to do my reread of ACOMAF this year as well cuz I know that book will BREAK me all over again. SJM really did that! Really gave us a book that dealt with assault and trauma and coming out of it a bit jaded, a bit changed but with so much strength and thinking of Feyre's story and her growth and transformation has me crying all over again. Luna deciding that she wants to just live outside your suitcase? Me AF!! The pins are so cute!!! OMG!!!! And I see absolutely NO flaws!!! Oh love, that voice in your head is so familiar I am amazed. As a fellow realist, who also believes that she's not good enough for Booktube, let me say this as honestly as possible. And I'm going to be quick cuz I don't want to make you uncomfortable. You are gorgeous. Your makeup is always on point. Your hair is flawless. Your cats are adorable. And your taste in books is impeccable. I hit subscribe and have not missed a single video you've made ever since because you are the complete package.

  19. Am I the only one who doesn't understand why someone would have the physical hardback of a book and still buy the audiobook. I mean everyone else can do what they want, it's their book collection, no shade but… I just personally don't get it.

  20. What a great way of explaining your love of Heir of Fire, mostly I like that book because of romance and her admitting, and accepting who she truly is (trying not to spoil it is so difficult)

  21. Just stay humble, keep doing what you do. Don’t become what bigger you tubers are, I hate how they rely on the platform and it semi gets thrown in your face. I love how you work and you aren’t shy about it, you do what this is for. I’m sick of bigger accounts doing shitty 3 min videos. I didn’t sub for that shit. Be you boo and you’ll do fine.

  22. Love your vids & congrats on 30k! I have such a love/hate relationship with sjm because I love acomaf but Qos is probably one of my least favorite books in existence. But then i Iove ToD and the book she wrote for catwoman which I was soooooooo hesitant about reading cause selina Kyle is my favorite female hero but I ended up loving that so it's very wishy washy

  23. If you do a reread of the Shadow and Bone trilogy would you want to announce it? I have them on my shelf but haven't found the motivation to read it. You doing a readalong or just saying a bit beforehand when you'll start reading them would give me an excuse hehe ❤️

  24. lol I'm very realistic too. I think I am more optimistic when it comes to others, but negative when it has to do with myself 😬love that for me haha
    Good luck finishing your TBR! One more weekend until June ends! 😮

  25. I am also SJM trash and her books always manage to make me tear up! Also, you are definitely more than enough! You are an incredible booktuber and super inspiring ^^

  26. You are my favorite booktuber out of any that I could watch! I’m so glad I subscribed to you and I get so happy when your videos come out, especially your vlogs💕 keep doing what your doing!! Very inspiring!:)

  27. Just so you know I subscribe to you because the way you talk about books you love speaks to my soul ….. also the cats are cute 😂😂 jk jk ily 💜

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