♫ Pink Floyd – High Hopes [Lyrics]

26 thoughts on “♫ Pink Floyd – High Hopes [Lyrics]

  1. My entire child hood up until I am now 21, Pink Floyd holds a special place. My favorite band of all time. I used to fall asleep to them as a baby. I absolutely love everything of theirs.

  2. I had been feeling like shit for months and had nearly lost touch with reality. Kept dissociating and failed to connect with anything. I felt empty. I hadn't tripped in ages and I bought acid so me and 3 band mates went to a forest and tripped it was really fun. We went to to the highest peak to watch sunrise and it was beautiful. Sun had been up for awhile and I had a moment of clarity. I looked at my friends and it was at 1:36 I realized I wanted to live. Thinking about it now I could cry. Truly one of the most powerful things I've ever felt , the overwhelming love. Fuck I love PF

  3. God,the guitare kills me everytime!High hopes,high talent,high wisdome.Sure they didn't need education for this masterpiece!

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