good morning everybody or should I say afternoon it is currently 1:45 so it is day seven of the reading rush it is the final day of this insane read-a-thon daily vlogs seven book seven challenges I'm height I have high plans for today so first of all I am going to be taking on my last challenge which is to read and watch a book to movie adaptation and I'm reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and I was actually flipping through this earlier and this is my book from second grade I owned this book in second grade and I found a bookmark in it that also had my name on it with my grade and it was just so cute it's just insane I've never reread this series and I'm so excited to I didn't think I'd be this excited to reread it but I just think it's gonna be a really feel good read I can already sense it this copy is destroyed by the way second-grade Brittany did not understand taking care of books there's like an oil stain on it but like it's just damaged so I'm just really excited I'm definitely gonna annotate this copy I'm pretty sure that this is actually the first chapter book I ever owned like this was my first ever chapter book it was given to me like I think right before second grade maybe in first grade it's just really cool this is the oldest book in my collection and I'm rereading it today so I'm just so excited I can't wait to watch the movie after I got a late started my day because we went to breakfast but it was so good and I'm really glad we did I'm supposed to be going to dinner to my mom's house at like 6:30 though so I just have to get as much of this done as possible it's like an almost 300 page book but I feel like it's gonna fly by so other than that I have language of thorns which ever in another story in last night and a half so I'm on page 126 these are super fun super simple like very dark honestly I read one of these stories to my boyfriend last night well like we were going to sleep because he wanted to hang out and I wanted to read so I was like I'll write it to you and he's like no no and I'm like I'll read it to you no choice in the matter but it was really a dark dark story so I'm like I hope I didn't give you nightmares and if I finished all of that and I still have time left over before midnight I'm gonna be picking up sorcery of Florence I have no plans on finishing it today but I mean let's try it goodbye so I've been reading Harry Potter and I had to stop myself from actually tapping the entire book I'm just when I first originally was going to reread the series I was like I don't know I don't think I'm gonna love it that much I feel like I'm gonna realize that it's not like an all-time favorite or anything like that and I'm just like really happy that I'm wrong I'm so so happy that I was wrong about that because I wanted this to be an all-time favorite series but I always kind of felt like maybe it wasn't just because I'd only ever read it once I didn't read it when everyone else read it so I don't know I mean I've only 15 pages in but I'm just having such a good time yeah so I'm taking a little break right now I just got to page 113 in Harry Potter every single page there's something that I underlined and it's just I'm so like I'm just so happy yeah I'm gonna take a little break and we're gonna watch the video challenge for the day if I look nervous it's because I am the video challenge for today is to talk about your best book recommendation like that you've ever received this one's really hard for me uh I feel like in general I don't get recommended books even like I was a kid I was always just finding books on my own like I would just go through Barnes Noble and borders and just decide on which book I wanted to read next but I never really had anyone recommend anything to me about the only book that's ever been like kind of forced upon me was the series of unfortunate events like my dad made me read those but I don't even remember how he recommended them to me or anything like that and then with bow Tube obviously like we feel like we get recommended things when we watch our favorite booktubers but it's not directed towards me and a lot of times like books that I'm interested in that someone will be like yes you should read them but I'm already interested in them it's not like they told me to read them I'm bummed out I'm gonna take a break now because I feel like I need to have a happy break and remind myself if I'm ever been recommended anything and then I'm gonna be back I redid my hair because I felt like fun buns food more fun for the moment and I thought about it and I think that I do have a book recommendation and it's not like exactly a book recommendation because it was actually just you know a required read for summer I read the Catcher in the Rye by JD Salinger and I know this book is very polarizing I feel like some people either really love it or really hate it personally I fell on the side that really loved it it was something that made me realize that I was really fascinated with the human psyche you it's just like the brain and how brains work and how weird they are in psychological trauma and psychology in general this is one of the biggest reasons why I first pursued psychology when I went into college I took a psychology class I remember in high school and then I was like yeah I like this and then I obviously graduated from college with a bachelor degree in psychology so that's a pretty big thing like that's a good recommendation if I've ever had one this basically set a course for my life that I probably wouldn't have gone after if I hadn't read it now I read another story from language of thorns I'm now on page 143 I believe there's like 240 pages and he it really doesn't say right now I think I just want to read a little bit more of Harry Potter but I'm just gonna do it right here so the point this candle it is a wood wick and I love wood wicks sound actually right before you get to reading I totally forgot that I have an unboxing to do I've done an unboxing from this company before they are a bi-monthly company so they sent every two months and that is ignite English basically a company that helps you learn while you read they give you guides and the last time that I opened it up it had been Jane Eyre and this is their spoiler card so it is lost at sea so let's move over to crinkly so the first thing so this looks like some kind of bath bomb thing it's leaked everywhere a bath bomb cali bubbles and bliss but mine is kind of like exploded to dust which i mean definitely happens in the post it does smell really nice so at least there's that everything's a little dusty well now I know why the postcard is dust you know it's kind of confused by that it looks like a little chapstick carrier like a little keychain that carries your chapstick and inside there's an emergency supply kit Tigers blood lip balm this is actually such a good idea especially for traveling because I always lose my chopsticks and this comes cute in a little packaging that says handmade with love it says life will defend itself no matter how small it is which says Life of Pi and the back of it says the court of dreams help us be like the company it's nice and like thick there's a really pretty bracelet in here it's from weave toffee and it's just so cute I actually really love this it's very summery it says open on page 208 but like last time I don't think I can stop myself from opening it up and seeing what it is actually we'll save it for the end good grammar pencil set who loved grammar geek grammar guru and good grammar is sexy that's cute you can never have enough pencils so they said it was gonna be a new release I believe in the thing but maybe I was mistaken the book inside the box is Life of Pi by Yann Martel obviously this has a movie I've actually seen the I've never run the book though so I love that the bookmark matches it and I love how everything is so beachy kind of inspired by it we have the activity guide for Life of Pi this is the booklet that I was talking about that actually kind of helped guide you along your read so we have like a before you read area the character lists an area for as you read themes and discussion questions which this is really cool I have tons of like teachers telling me that this would be perfect for them just to kind of get a good idea of how to review books and stuff which I agree that's actually super smart and a great way to use this box all right let's just open this up it always seems impossible until it's done it's just a cute little notebook I actually really like that perfect to carry around in like a purse or something like that I love how tiny it is I love how floppy it is and the paper inside is actually a fairly nice quality it's really thick and stuff I don't know why I said it was a new release let me just double check oh they said we're featuring a best-seller I sometimes like that as new release that is totally my bad I hope I is definitely a best-seller everyone wants to read it personally I've never really had any interest in actually reading Life of Pi but it's mostly because the movie itself kind of bored me and normally if a movie can't keep me interested I'm not really sure if a book can but let me know if you guys have read Life of Pi and if it's like entirely worth the read because then I'll definitely check it out I love the items in it they were all so cute they all went along really well with the theme I think my favorite I don't know it was definitely the chapstick holder because that is so smart I've never even seen anything like this so I'm definitely gonna be using that so I'm going to read some Harry Potter [Laughter] solutions like babes you've ignored me for a whole fish and flick I don't even know who you are meek ignored me for a whole week I am girl alright so I'm on page 171 but we have to go to dinner now so I'll probably be back in an hour I think I'm gonna take my book with me but I probably won't be a lot of read but you know decent progress I think I'm like halfway through now so hopefully so hopefully I'll be able to finish it by the end of the night I mean I'm deadly going to finish it by the end of the night but I still have to watch the movie but I think I'm in a multitask and watch the movie and read language of florins later because I want to finish this – you're making him nervous we can get him up gonna rock I will see you guys later okay hey everyone so it is 10:19 currently I'm not done yet with Harry Potter but I almost am I'm on page 262 so I really only have like 40 pages left right now I think what I'm gonna do is go downstairs and put on the movie and just start it that way the movie can be done by midnight I am not sure how long it is but I feel like it's am in an hour and 30 minutes so and then I'm gonna keep reading Harry Potter all the movies playing and then once I'm done with this I might take a little break watch a little bit of Harry Potter and I'm going to pick up language of thorns and try and finish this tonight I don't know if that's all I'm gonna be able to get to it might be it's pretty late so let's go downstairs and read some more Harry Potter and watch it is it my books leave adorable it was 1118 and I finished here this is a five star trade this is 100 percent of five star rated is so so tabbed I'm just really happy this was amazing I'm watching the movie and the movie is so well done like I mean everyone's always talked about how amazing the Harry Potter movies are but reading it and then back-to-back watching the movie makes you realize just how much they pulled almost directly from the book so online that always is going to mess me up is the fact that Hagrid never actually says you're a wizard Harry in the book he says Harry you're a wizard but the movies moving super fast so I'm just gonna watch a little bit as I read language of thorns and try and get this done and then we'll catch up for the end of this vlog so Harry Potter just ended I'm actually really sleepy and I kind of just want to give you my whole wrap up tomorrow morning so this video is just gonna go up sometime Monday afternoon which is fine so let's just let you know real fast I did finish language of thorns in the end I finished Harry Potter we're gonna do all the math stuff and all the bullet journal stuff tomorrow but you know just wanted to let you know and then I will see you bright and early maybe break really hopefully bright and early depends it's the end I'm so happy that this week of insanity is over but it was so so much fun I managed to read nine books this week I didn't start and finish nine books but I did finish nine books and let's give it to you in the order they were finished so the first book that I finished this week was indigo spell by Richelle Mead this counted for my book with purple on the cover I gave this book 3.5 stars it was good I read it on audio I don't own it the second book that I finished this week had been Cersei by Madeline Miller this is another book that I kind of read physically but also listened to on audio I loved this I ended up giving it 4.5 stars it was amazing this was my challenge for read a book with a nonhuman main character after that I finished the princess saves herself in this one by Amanda Lovelace discounted form I read an author's debut novel I gave this four stars I have been going back and forth though on my rating so I'm not 100% sure if it's gonna stay four stars I'm kind of leaning more towards a three I've just had time to think of it so yeah I finished a medic taking puppets by Laini Taylor this was so so stinking cute I listened to this on audio I followed along physically it was just such a fun read and I'm so glad I read it discounted form I read a book with five or more words in the title and I gave this five stars next up maybe my favorite read of this entire week or my most unexpectedly amazing read of the week had been tea dragon society by Katie O'Neil I gave this book five stars it was so lovely so cute so perfect it counted form I read a book in the same spot the entire time challenge and I'm just so glad I read this I cannot wait to read more by katie O'Neil and just in general to read more graphic novels I feel like I've been loving them so much it just it's such a fun way to read a story and I'm glad that I've been reading more then one that counted for none of the above challenges I finished Aurora rising by amie kaufman and jay kristoff this week I really really enjoyed this this is a that I've been working on this since the biannual bibliothon I'm just glad that I got to finish it this week I listen to the rest of it on audio but I had been reading it physically it was just a good book I really really enjoyed the story I ended up giving it a 4.5 out of 5 stars I feel like it was just almost perfect but there was something small missing for me but literally almost perfect one of my biggest accomplishments of the week was finishing muse of nightmares by Laini Taylor this is a book I've been working on since April I think I am so so glad I finally finally forced my way through this book because the beginning was definitely slow but it was so worth it in the end the way that everything wrapped up and the action at the very end of this book was just so worth the wait it was just so well done this was a five star read for me I'm so happy that I set this for my TBR for this week and it's counted for my challenge of read a book you meant to read last year because I meant to read this the moment that I bought it last year Harry Potter in the Philosopher's Stone Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by JK Rowling I gave this five stars it's not a surprise I mean it was a surprise to me I'm so happy that I loved this even more than I thought I would I have been looking forward to reading this for quite a while now and I'm just glad that I waited until the reading rush so that I did watch the movie back to back it was such a great experience I loved this so much there was just so much to talk about I think I underlined almost every single page I just couldn't stop there was so many beautiful hints and amazing situations and wonderful quotes and things that I'd forgotten because I'd only ever really watched the movies I mean I've read the books but I've only read them once so I have a bigger imprint of what happens in the movies and what happens in the books so rereading this it was so so fun and this was obviously an I read and watch a book to movie adaptation lastly another book that just doesn't really count for any of the challenges but I wanted to read this week anyways was language of thorns by Leigh bardugo this is a book of sort of like fairy tales from the Grisha verse and it is so cool it's very dark and you can almost feel in some of the stories that you understand what fairy tale from real-life influence Libra do go there was one that was really really similar to the Nutcracker is another one that was super similar I felt to Hansel and Gretel there was just like certain ones that made me think of other stories but the twist that she put on them is just so good I'm happy that I read this last night it was what I read while I finished watching up Harry Potter this is the book that I accidentally rated 5 stars I was so tired when I finally finished this and then my boyfriend came over and when I was doing my updating stuff on Goodreads I was talking to him and I looked back down at my phone and I'm like wait we're dead language of thorns go it wasn't wasn't I supposed to say that I'd finished reading it and it had said my subconscious had already pressed finish reading and then pressed 5 stars without me even realizing it but I meant to give this 3.5 stars because even though I did really enjoy it there were parts that dragged for me and there were stories I just weren't as amazing to me so it was it was definitely a good read but 3.5 that's it so the total amount of books I read this week was 9 the total amount of pages that I read this week was 2422 that's insane and obviously I won I am so happy I got almost every single badge the only one that I couldn't get was the reading badge but that's because there wasn't any readings happening for me and I kept missing the virtual ones that people were doing I'm really happy that this week turned out the way it did I feel like I did really well and I'm really happy that it's kind of over and it's the stress is out of the way and I read a lot of the books that I feel like I had been putting off for a long time thank you guys so so much for watching and I will see you in my next one goodbye what beautiful creature

46 thoughts on “◦ 9 BOOKS + WINNING THE READING RUSH | Day 7 ◦

  1. You're a queen! I absolutely love your channel. I found you this year and am gonna try to comment on every video because I simply want to support you. You motivate me to read more and to always be positive. Lots of love to you and your fur babies

  2. I started rereading the Harry Potter series at the beginning of the year as well and just like you I was worried that past me had exaggerated the brilliance that was the series. Turns out all those rereads as a kid/teenager were right! It is fucking brilliant!! Ooooh. Ignite English. That spoiler card has me thinking the Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hermingway will most likely be the book in the box cuz that's the book that comes to mind for me when I think Lost at Sea. Although it might also be Moby Dick. But I think it's Old Man and the Sea. Drats! The minute you pulled out the bookmark and it said Life of Pi, I was like of course!! Why the hell did I not remember Life of Pi???? Sorry. It's a classic I haven't read yet so I can't say anything much about it :(. You and your boyfriend are so adorable!!! Oh trust me, the early movies were amazing!! The way Chamber of Secrets was adapted to movie was brilliant. You could tell that the screenplay writer and the director actually READ the books. By the time you hit Goblet of Fire though, it goes downhill pretty quickly! Like I'm still so pissed at all the changes they made in the films which URGH!!!! 9 BOOKS IN 7 DAY IS AMAZING BRITTANY!!! Yesssss!!! I too finished the reading rush!! Finished a little over 2800 pages and I am so relieved and happy that I made it! I also couldn't get the Read-In badge because there was none happening in my state and I had no idea that there were virtual ones happening. But now that I know, I can prep better for next year's. :).

  3. Hi, probably a random question but I’m going to Vegas in a month and was wondering if you had any recommendations for nice places to visit and good restaurants or touristy things??

  4. I totally feel you on your thoughts toward Harry Potter! I was pretty scared to pick it up after 10 or so years bc I also was so scared I wasn't going to love it that much, but luckily, it's still just as magical as when I was a kid!!

  5. I’ve really been enjoying reading Harry Potter with my Time Turner Book Club, can’t wait for Goblet of Fire in August! I definitely want to read Circe and Language of Thorns. I accidentally stumbled on a read in and I wasn’t participating! 😂

  6. I read Life of Pi many years ago and loved it. It is a book that has stayed with me ever since. Especially the ending is amazing 🙂

  7. A little TMI:

    I have sort of severe anxiety or whatever. ***Bretman rock voice/face**

    Brit, your vids cheer me up and you just inspired me to read Catcher in the rye again, and made me want to do lot more things and want to accomplish my goals. As lame as that sounds.


    *Excuse the grammar .. I'm working in it *

  8. Congrats!!!I read 6.25 books!
    I'm really proud.this was also my first time participating!
    I could have read 7 but I wasn't in the mood to read skellig lol😂

  9. I read Life Of Pi in school and I think that while the story could be slow at times, the end result was amazing and I am sooo glad I read it! I saw the movie like 3 years before reading the book but I'm glad I read the book! It delves into different religions and I absolutely loved the deeper meanings/connections that each animal represented to his real life. I think you should at least give it a try!

  10. Bf : you've been ignoring me for a week
    Brittany : im a book girl

    You guys reminded me of me & my husb 😂

  11. I had to read Life of Pi in high school and it is a bit slow at times, but it is a beautiful story for the most part

  12. I re read Harry Potter last summer. (I'm sixteen now and the last time I read it I was in sixth grade) I loved it way more the most recent time that I read it. I had new opinions and some of my old ones changed. I understood the hype more this time too.

  13. Harry Potter re-reads are SO good 🖤 and A Series of Unfortunate Events was one of my very favorite series growing up, and I’d love to re-read those sometime!
    And I freaking miss Borders omg, I loved it so much.
    “I am bookgirl… I’m gonna take my book, but I probably won’t be allowed to read.”
    freaking SAME. 😹

  14. Life of Pi was the most boring book I have ever read. I also thought the movie was boring but the book was 10x worst. Although I do think it's a very interesting story concept

  15. awww, my favourite reading memory is my mum reading my sister and I the philosophers stone every night as we fell asleep, and then I remember doing the same for the kids I babysat, wow my heart!

  16. How do you find readathons? I want to participate in one just do not know how to go about finding the right one out there? I just need a place to start. 🙂 thanks

  17. You and your boyfriend are so cute!!!!! I am so glad I discovered your channel recently because you are awesome! Great video 🙂

  18. Brittany Life of Pi is one of my favorite books! The storytelling is gorgeous! Give it a shot on audio!

  19. Love how 2nd grade brittney even wrote her name on the end pages. Lol I did that when I was a kid too girl! Love all the reading rush videos. 📚🏅

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