▷ soldier, poet, king ◁ (meme commission for PureSpiritFlower!)

30 thoughts on “▷ soldier, poet, king ◁ (meme commission for PureSpiritFlower!)

  1. This has a really heartwarming and calming mood to it! The rhythm of the walk cycles and the rich detail in the portrait scenes go nicely with the gentle music. It has a really charming overall aesthetic. Also? A new three character meme? I've got to do this one myself someday for you know who!

  2. Ive been wanting to make this meme for a D&D campaign I’m in and this just inspires me sm sksksksks

  3. I'm glad that you are back! I really love the tweening with the animation in this and the characthers in there as well!

    I love this meme are your art style fits this so well!! You are so talented! Keep up the awesome work!! 😋👍

  5. this is amazing!! i can't believe how good you are with making smooth animations. you also did amazing at showing expressions in this, it tells so much about the character, even the movements told a lot! you did amazing and this is beautiful. i bet the commissioner will love it!

    *edit: fixed an error

  6. Omg one of my fav animators uploaded one of my fav animation memes!
    Also tHIS IS SO GREAT!!!!
    I love ur animations sm.
    Edit: You also just inspired me to do this meme as well! :3

  7. this is amazing
    probably my favorite video of yours yet
    every shot and frame was well thought out and beautiful. the colors were very very nice and the bloom effect added a lot to the overall appeal and feel of the whole thing. each character clearly has their own personality and story to tell, which you really represented with the different expressions and way they walk, and the details in their individual scenes. i gotta say i'm really interested in the story here. well done! your work has really improved these past few :0

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