• The Adventures of Tintin – A Novel, by Alex Irvine (Review) •

Do not make fun of my hair. It’s not good today=/ Hello guys! How’s it going? This is The Ginger Adventurous. And today I brought to you the review from the book: “The Adventures of Tintin – A Novel”, by Alex Irvine. I was with very good expectations about this book And I took the last one from the library YAAAY! It’s not in the best conditions but it’s what we have 😀 I saw somewhere that people were kinda of not confident about this book And then, I accepted the challenge and I loved it! The first chapters already conquered my heart, because it was the first time I was in Tintin’s mind! The narration is in 3ª person but Alex put what Tintin was thinking on this or that moment And it’s great! Because in the Comics you actually don’t “see” what he is thinking You know what I mean? Okay… Sometimes Tintin talks to himself aloud But he never describes when he’s angry Or when he’s scared of something or anything else, you know? But here, you follow Tintin’s line of thought and understand why he does something Because here, Tintin kind of talks to the reader and you know what he is feeling And you FEEL that too And you think what he’s thinking and YAY IT’S SO GREAT! The chapters are really small and follow the movie very well This is not the hard cover version… This is the normal version They didn’t make it here in Brazil, I think… Yeah, they didn’t They only thing that I’d like to complain is that the author changed some tiny little things, for example: When Barnaby Dawes goes to Tintin’s apartment and he’s shooted Tintin is not holding a gun, he’s holding a lantern. In case he needs a weapon to defends himself But it’s okay. Just tiny little details that you can just let it go AND YES IT WORTHS BUYING! It’s a very, super cool story And you’ll have a lot of fun reading it! And it’s not big. It’s something like… 230 pages. You’ll read it in a blink of an eye 😀 And guess what I just got! Come here 😀 I don’t know if you can see it, but it’s The Art of The Adventures of Tintin I don’t know why I am speaking like that XD Anyway… This is the Art of The Adventures of Tintin By WETA Look at thiiiiiiiiiiis! So big 😀 I’m gonna make a review of it I’m gonna read and then I’ll make a video Talking about it… YAY! I’m so happy! It’s so huge! 😀 So guys, thank you very much for watching this video. I really hope you liked it And don’t forget to subscribe to this channel, to like my page on Facebook And to follow me on Twitter and Tumblr and… Everywhere else! Thank you very much and see you later!

2 thoughts on “• The Adventures of Tintin – A Novel, by Alex Irvine (Review) •

  1. So cute! I loved this review! <3 <3
    Just a couple English corrections for you, if you're interested. 🙂
    At 2:00 minutes, you said the word 'shooted,' but it should be 'shot.'
    At 2:11, you said 'it worths buying,' but it should be 'it is worth buying' or 'it's worth buying.'
    There were one or two other mistakes, but they were very minor. 😀 English can be very confusing! XD I hope you have a lovely day and thank you for your content! I'm glad I found your channel. 🙂

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