Модест Людвигович Гофман «Боратынский. Биографический очерк». Аудиокнига. 52/55

essay Eugene Baratynsky This entry is made for the project librivox librivox all records in the public domain For information and assistance, please visit the project web pages librivox dot body Eugene Baratynsky application biographical sketch part 8 1824 brought with it hope and made a lot of excitement and variety to life Baratynsky his letter to Zhukovsky received a further course report prince Golitsyn Emperor was favorable to the poet, and gave assurance of forgiveness Baratynsky spring came with the regiment in Wilman countries and in mid-May Finnish Governor-General Arseniy Andreyevich Zakrevskii later Earl I did not review in naval regiment on the banks of the lake near the desert town of Wilman countries to Baratynsky stood in the signs of ranks Sukhachev he was pale and his features expressed deep depression describes the poet in n Putyata saw him on this, see with Zakrevskii passed down the line of his adjutant and ducklings and Mukhanov which pointed to the poet, and that did not fail the hour to meet him He drew attention to himself as Baratynsky Governor General Zakrevskii incessant shovel lice and his case footnote since February 20 1825 and Turgenev wrote to Prince PA Vyazemsky 3 days I saw Zakrevskogo pay scum he is himself a note will be reinforced and lower PWM convincing way to ask for it It can no longer be located in his favor in this I have some hope for success is now Rumors about the location Zakrevskogo to Baratynskij and the participation taken in the last of the poet and came to Pushkin who promised to put a candle for Zakrevskogo if the rescue Baratynsky who took part in the fate of his friends could not console Baratynsky and we know a lot manifestations of this participation the end of the footnote Soon after the show at booth Baratynsky Wilman went to St. Petersburg where he tried the whole of June and July and returned in early August in Tyumen sadly it had to return to the poet in the Tyumen and doctors salaam after the spring and summer experience but soon he got joyful news for themselves at the request of the way from the general and allowed Zakrevskii Baratynsky be at com Helsinki headquarters and Putyata invited the poet to stay with him in Helsingfors in mid-October and the poet left Sorochan Salma Three months spent Baratynsky Helsingfors were for him perhaps the most happy and busy life Baratynsky lived in the same house with his new acquaintance Nikolai Vasilych their way from the second with whom he made friends for life in the lives of these three Baratynsky were friendly attachment to Delvig path and ati Kireevsky very early but at while in Delvig 1831 kidnapped death and friendship with Kireevsky was not prolonged friendship with the poet’s path from the second continued unabated for 20 years and all Recently he sent a friendly letter Baratynsky a few days before his death Putyata distinguished by great love and knowledge literature and could share with him all his poetic Baratynsky dreams and ideas all subjected to trial new friends and hot swap if enlivened the poet and made him not to complain about the fate of Shua sent to Finland Do you remember the poet wrote Putyata of adriana field how often among the gloomy picture grim nature of your ardent imagination fond of country blessed luxury south like the primitive son so menacing rocks after their mighty shadows our thoughts and desires aspired to the same goal in the same places River Danube Constantinople Greece from the ashes We were incessant subjects of our conversations unquote Helsingfors befriended poet and another adjutant general Zakrevskogo Buch new and later he wrote the path ati happy to bring a souvenir some frank hours spent with you and fly new Helsinki to society and general yard Zakrevskogo was much larger varied and revitalizing comfort Tyumen in Helsingfors at this time shone with the beauty Aurora Karlovna ball Neva married to Dima’s second marriage for Karamzin causes suffering and Mukhanova a lawless comet in the circle once the numerical stars Zakrevskogo wife Agrippina Feodorovna or as she was called by her enthusiastic friend Baratynsky and Putyata Magdalene Olsen fairy Zakrevskaya beauty dazzled the imagination of the poet and her strange character exiting the routine range in which an unusual way connected and put up the most contradictory properties children’s cheerfulness convulsive laughter and tears thirst for life and spiritual need with a cold death and the soul emptiness you life experience with children’s credulity and innocence Cleopatra could valley of this complex and strange character Baratynsky attracted to a woman which he said dangerous look, and the way he confessed and those that Zakrevskaya not leave his imagination poet sought and craved painful pleasure look at the fairy and listen to her but timidly approached her fear and She escaped from her spell spell with poetry I hasten to her writing Baratynsky ati the way from St. Petersburg in the summer 1825 you will suspect that I am somewhat fascinated somewhat true but I hope that the first hours of solitude return me reason I write several religions and fall asleep peacefully poetry is a wonderful mascot it weakens the very charming strangers harmful spell unquote Baratynsky was afraid of losing his mind in the valley but the fad and passion it saved not only a wonderful mascot poetry as well as his tendency to analyze their feelings Zakrevskaya reflected in the work Baratynsky very bright images and inspired the poet to the creation of many lyrical poems, and under the spell of this image is started Baratynsky February 1825 on his return from Helsingfors in Tyumen the poem points out of which a small fragment, he sent a way ati and wrote to his friend you will learn to understand itself Helsinki Kie impression she’s my heroine 200 poems have I written, come look, and I can not find a better cleaver of her criticism of shiva hobby Countess Zakrevskaya particularly strong in 1825 in the twenty-sixth was waning or gone out but a new force broke out in the heart of poets 28 29 years but then he was already married, and because Till to hide his feeling and it has remained a mystery even to his friends Helsingfors Baratynsky lot and poetry Helsingfors written almost all the food if the storm and many other lyrical poems and unbeknownst to him there were three and a half months spent there and left a vivid memory of the poet in in the end of January ’25 Putyata went to Moscow and shortly after FEBRUARY, 1 2 Baratynsky returned to his regiment in Tyumen made a trip to tack society on arrival in Tyumen Baratynsky he lived in the house of century Lutkov Skog and February 10 sent a letter to his mother in which no shadow of resentment or grumbling fate I write to you dear mamma suits me where my good Lutkov sky and his wife took me with them, I saw an old friendship again with real pleasure and could it be otherwise surrounded by their kindness, I spent five years with them always adopted as a best friend I owe them easing past his exile Gen. footnote Governor General arseny zakrevsky end of footnote General said goodbye to me in the most amiable manner, and promised me to do everything in his power to push me I think that he will keep his word If even in spite of his good intentions will not work, I will keep it forever to live appreciation for all the pleasure of my stay in Helsingfors spent three months there will be always pleasant for me recollections I left with his wife footnote Agrafena Feodorovna Zakrevskii end of footnote the next day after it nothing can be more fun our little journey together with us was so Miss Caroline footnote Ollivander about I told you, and one of his aides a young man with a great mind Footnote Prince lions Our lunch and dinner could not have been more pleasant, we parted good friends and this journey It opened in me, at least for a few moments of passion for adventure what you say about my life, everything is the same as many years unquote in the same cheerful tone all the letters are different to the way Baratynsky and those in which the poet speaks of the literary phenomenon and its works, but often returns as the Helsinki sky thought life and to its Impressed by his involuntary seclusion Baratynsky are now much calmer and more patiently waiting for the fate of change Meanwhile, efforts influential friends dressed Baratynsky unsuccessful and April 21 1825 was signed by the highest order for the production of Baratynsky an officer in the rank of ensign The order was signed in Warsaw was received in St. Petersburg on May 4, and by the way took him to Tyumen poet In a letter to Mukhanova way from talks about the impression made on what the poet is good news I can not recount to you the admiration Baratynsky when I told him about his production his happiness at this moment genuine participation is all surrounding it took to change his fate, and that proved to me how it was Emile love frank conversations about the past and future All this gave me a few pleasant hours of my life with joy I have also noticed that his faithful companion in misfortune Poetry will not be forgotten in their well-being even though he was beside himself I ran and jumped like a child but could not resist not to read me a few pages of and they compose a poem in which he scattered a lot of good and a lot of memories and in our lives Helsinki sky to network Poetry was a necessity of the soul of killed grief and eager to vent their feelings now it is done with the purpose of his life time will prove to gain or lose his talent to sit a change of circumstances unquote same joy breathes letter and showing off of Baratynsky present therein uniform and naval it is recognized that urine Mukhanova no joy footnote may 13 1825 and Turgenev wrote to Prince Vyazemsky I received a letter from Baratynsky and cry proshibla me his joy and expression of joy the end of the footnote Finland became especially dear to the free Baratynsky Get the right service selection and even Petersburg have stopped now exceptional value and interest which had previously accustomed to Finland and fell in love with a sad country which developed his creative soul and expressed in harmonic sounds sad accustomed and attached to people around him for more than five years and who divided his joy and adversity often Finding such devotees true friends how Putyata Baratynsky in her for a long time as this joy was ready stop a moment and reluctantly thought Petersburg where to send his regiment to guard duty poet wrote 5 when I think about St. Petersburg I was shaking fever a summer 1825 Baratynsky held in St. Petersburg, where he said led a dissipated life he went on to get involved and gain a foothold sky in mid-August, I went with pleasure stu Finland which he wrote to his mother from Vyborg August 16 the twenty-fifth year for me was expulsion but that seems to me now the sweet and serene haven but I did not have to be a poet in his refuge mother’s illness forced him to take a vacation for four months and go to Moscow in October 1825 the poet came to Moscow visited previously in expensive for him memories Helsingfors in Moscow there was a hard task to give him a lot of sad minutes before him and made him say in a letter to Putyatin I do believe that now it begins the era of the hardest of my life date of the poet and his family did not have as much joy as woefully He found his mother in the most miserable condition which caused him to think about the need to quit the service in Finland but apart from the fact that Finland Baratynsky loved and considered her his refuge Finland had been internally closely related creativity and leave the gloomy country Therefore, I think that he was leaving at the same time and his muse after a long and severe vibrations poet finally decided and submitted his resignation but so heavy was this move which cost him mental anguish is a sacrifice for him can be judged by his next letter to the path ati I can not hide from my conscience that I have for some needs of my mother and painful and tender to me and I almost did not save her life to part with it but what I have in mind what Existence it is impossible to describe I told you some of the details now all too worse to live at home for me to live in some noxious atmosphere that infused the poison, not only in the heart but also in the bone I decided to confess but not without effort what to do disgusting to be a monstrous egotist I think asking for the translation of the regiments drove flat guides in Moscow goodbye freedom farewell poetry excuse my dear friend that I lean on your soul, but your grief right I had to pour out some unquote by the poet to dissuade from doing so, and his friends, and Baron Delvig wrote to him on February 8 ’26 What do you want to do with your Her head why resigned Why plotted to drown in Moscow dirt if you have trash Natalia brought you to the muses to you trade them to Moscow and Khrushchev toothless how can you be a comforter mother when every moment spent thee in Moscow should widely and heavily fall on your soul and boredom disfigure your figure Get out of the den unquote footnote shown us excerpts from letters Baratynsky Delvig and Baron were not included in any of the meetings of the works of both poets But the letter was late Delvig 31 January 26 Baratynsky retired with a heavy presentiment entered a new period of his life that it seemed to him It will be monotonous like Russian plains representing one always have a sweet picture saying goodbye to Finland Baratynsky yet said goodbye and his young part 9 poet premonition came true, all subsequent life Baratynsky not rich distinctive colors poor external events and determined by only an important event In 1826 his marriage to Anastasia or ram Engelhard May 10 twenty-sixth year of Prince Vyazemsky Pushkin wrote that Baratynsky marry my neighbor Engelhardt girl amiable smart and good but does not allegorical outwardly unquote disbelief to keep an eye on friends and so his desire not to condemn oneself to this allegorical outwardly girl insisted Engelhard did not differ beauty and even the mind and the more frightened than attracted friends Baratynsky comes from a good educated family her father was Engelhardt known author notes Anastasia L. differed love for art only developed a poetic sense great mind what they say and all his contemporaries and solid indomitable will inflexibility of will and character in a strange way connected to it with a soft heart responsive this special tenderness and charm which she won himself rebellious poet and muse, has created his calm quiet comfort in life but a wonderful family Nina L. Anastasia in society often produce a different impression I did not know how to get along with people and their turbulent quarrelsome disposition, and jealously guarding them their exclusive rights to the poet It contributed to the fact that Baratynsky became more and more disagree with your best friends and left them on Pushkin Kireyevski etc. footnote as mother Kireyevsky AP Elagina wrote in 1860 Baratynsky Are my children forever my dear Eugene Abramovich inherited incomprehensible to me his mother’s hatred In another letter she says I Past lives are not without bitter experiences Use Baltiysk I knew about the death of Nastasya Lvovna and I was sad to think about the past but now it is known to all unquote we unfortunately not all known to break relations with Kiev Baratynsky and his other friends By the way, note that the archive maras from which we have quoted these letters There are 11 unpublished letters Avdotya Petrovna ate Gena and in these letters miraculously reflected her mental clarity and peace of mind the end of the footnote the 9th of June 1826 was the wedding of the poet Engelhardt and finally filled with cherished dreams Baratynsky soothe your weary head on his chest newfound fate at the end of this year, the poet wrote n m can tire his old comrade in Finnish life so my cute and you have grown and I’m married happy you know that my heart always yearned for a peaceful and moral life past my existence disorderly and capricious always contrary to my opinion and properties Finally I breathe air indecent but I will not ascribe my happiness my philosophical rules no my dear important thing is that God gave me a wife I wish happiness and found it, I was like a patient who wanted to visit beautiful remote edge He knows the best way to it but can not get out of bed I came to the doctor regained his health, he sat down and went The distal end of the road happiness philosophy doctor my Nastya unquote and really good wife Baratynsky gave him all possible happiness and they lived peacefully happy family life which occasionally minor misunderstandings pounce shadow but were unable to dampen and and wife Baratynsky Paul talks about the soup in his family chronicle these two as called for my mother full of poetry melancholic image souls in one another not chayali тихий спокойный семейный их очаг не омрачался никогда и тенью каких-либо взаимных пререканий одела выходило очень просто при отсутствии материальных лишений и забот о насущном хлебе жизнь служила им обширным полем для всестороннего духовного развития и как сказал пушкин чувству добрых возвышенный взгляд одного из супругов на земное бытие воплощенные и в его поэтических творениях дополнялся таким же взглядом другого и оба они видели в домашнем очаге единственную свою от роду единственное счастье unquote footnote to семейной хроники павлищева далеко не весь материал отличаются одинаковой достоверностью и в частности не всегда точны сведения о н л баратынский которую повысив хорошо знал в детстве она ему за меня ломать этот рассказ однако находит подтверждение и в современных свидетельствах the end of the footnote баратынский окружил настасьи львовну нежными заботами отворил ее и не изменил своего нежно любовного отношения к ней до самых последних дней своих сокращенных волнениями за горячо любимую им супругу за несколько месяцев до смерти поэт горячо обращался к ней со стихотворением в котором говорил когда дитя и страсти и сомненья поэт взглянул глубок она тебя решилась ты делить его волненья в нем таинство печали полюбят ты смелая и кроткая со мною в мой дикий от сошла рука с рукой у раи зрела в нем чудесная любовь о сколько раз к тебе святой и нежный я приник all головой моей мятежный с тобой себе и небу веря вновь в женитьбе баратынский стремился найти успокоение и отдых и безропотно подчинился короткому и мягкому деспотизму своей супруге она была также высшим судьей и ценителям его произведений и часто поэт перерабатывал свои стихотворения по ее внушению но порой такое полное подчинение жене бывало тягостно поэту и он таил в себе думы которые оберегал от нее не удовлетворяясь одними тихими радостями family life старательно заглушал в себе баратынский голоса как он выражался дикого ада и подавлял мечтание свободы побеждая умом чувства и увлечение без законными светилами всего тяги стене и для него было разлука с друзьями и он писал в начале двадцать восьмого года путь ati я теперь постоянный московский житель живу тихо-мирно счастлив в моей собственной жизнью но признаюсь москва мне не по сердцу вообразить что я не имею ни одного товарища ни одного человека который мы мог бы сказать помнишь с кем мог бы потолковать на вспашку это тягостно жду тебя как дождя майского здешняя атмосфера сухо пыльно неимоверно женатые люди имеют более нужды в дружбе нежели холостые unquote and конец девятой части биографического очерка читал марк чуйский в массачусетс и

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