Любовь на Два Полюса / Love Between Two Poles. Фильм. StarMedia. Мелодрама

STAR MEDIA presents YULIA MAVRINA OLEG KHARITONOV VLADIMIR YEPIFANTSEV YOLA SANKO, LINA BUDNIK My boss is going to send me to Paris. ANDREY MOSTRENKO, ALEKSANDR YAREMA In a parcel? To a study course. To make your office hens envy you?
You’re the best without it. Written by: LEONORA PASHCHENKO,
YELENA ZUYEVA What if I want more. Based on a novel by YEKATERINA RIZ Bull shit. You are not going anywhere. Can you do it faster? Or we’ll be late. Directed by: ROMAN BARABASH Director of photography: ALESKANDR SEDOV Production designer: LARISSA ZHILKO Music by: NIKITA MOISEYEV I’m ready. Sound engineers: ALEKSEY SHMYRIN,
ALEKSANDR TSELMER Brilliant! All will die at the party. Executive producer: VADIM ZHOUK Gals of fury, guys of envy. Come on. Asadov hates when someone’s late. Producers: LARISSA ZHURAVSKAYA,
on for all the world… …My younger son wants a new schoolbag. I’ve got no idea of what
to do with this child. Are you sure he may be entrusted
with this case? Have you ever seen him? I am. My instincts never fail me, you know this.
It’s going to work. I wish it did. He won’t escape. We hold him like this. Attention! Attention! Friends! When I look at you, I want to say, without exaggerating,
that my soul sings a song. Because you’re real, you’re honest men! I have no doubt that
the gangsters will be in prison. I drink to you! But don’t get drunk. I already am. Hey, hey… Easy. It’s a jubilee, isn’t it? A good man’s one. Yeah, an excellent man’s one. Excellent man’s one… How much money this excellent man
has forked out for the banquet, I wonder? Nika! What are you saying? What’s so special? It’s an anniversary indeed, isn’t it? We’re all boys together, aren’t we?
I really wonder. Tell me. So much loot? Stop talking! What kind of person you are! Why do you have to bitch everything up? Yes? Be careful. Her husband’s a prosecutor. Just relax; it’s going to be okay. It’s not the wild nineties now, is it? Vitia, you should see this. Wait a minute. I’m busy now. There’s your wife over there… I’ll call you again. What are you doing? Dancing. Are you nuts? Everyone’s looking at you! You wanted this, didn’t you?
For all to die of envy. Easy! I want to dance. What? Chilled out now? Now listen to me carefully. The wife of Major of Justice Viktor Arzaus
must always be at her best! If one more time again… Thank you. You’re too beautiful to cry. I’m married. Good morning. Morning. Are you Veronika Arzaus? Yes. It’s delivery of flowers. This is for you. – Is it from the Prosecutor’s Office?
– God forbid! Give them back. But… That’s all. Thank you… Good morning. Good morning. Morning. Hi. Here you are. Veronika, where have you been?
You’ve got lots of work to do! Liova, forgive me. I was invited
to a general’s jubilee party. Forgive me, I just relaxed a bit.
I’ll do everything, don’t worry. You’re… Okay, forget it. What about Paris? Nothing. Nobody’s going anywhere.
My husband forbids me to. Look, your Arzaus is a real tyrant! No, it’s just… He just wants to have all his belongings
about him. That’s the point. Forget it. I’ll be going, right? I’ve got fizzy water in the fringe. Take it. It’ll help you. Shtilman, I love you so much! And who is he? Nika! What? Who is he? You’ve picked up a man, eh? Barbara, leave the girl alone. Basia, don’t say nonsense. I see you did. Your eyes are glowing. There should be some reason for that. I was proposed to go to Paris
for a study course. Oh, no! Oh, yes! It’s great! Paris is… is an eternal holiday. Street jugglers,
street sellers of hot chestnuts, and even the policemen –
all emanate love there! What a wonderful city it is!
And the voice of Gilbert… Gilbert Becaud soaring over the city! Tosia, come here, quickly! Tosia! And for how long are you going there? Ah, the point is that I’m not. Why? Viktor keeps me from going. How “keeps from going”? Let him command his subordinates! The issue’s been already decided. Tosia, can you imagine, this martinet
won’t let Nikie go to Paris. Maybe, he’ll be missing me badly? Of course! There’ll be no one to cook
and wash clothes while you’re absent. Why do you dislike Viktor so much? He’s a boor! And Nika is nothing to him but
a spectacular supplement to his career. Look, maybe you should get a lover, eh? My goodness! What things
do you teach to the girl! To live to full swing! She but vegetates
there without love and passion! She obeys the regulations! Once
you deviate – you get an extra duty! I’m okay. Well, if you are… That’s right, Nikie, don’t listen to her.
She’d stuff you with pretty nice counsel. Your Viktor is really fine figure of a man. And a good husband too.
Yeah. Oh, I’ve made pancakes. Thank you, Tosie. Okay, I’m off to feed my husband.
Or he’ll eat me up without any sauce. He’ll choke up. You’re above his bend. A wife should be after her husband’s heart… Sure, after his heart… And there is only a next rank in his mind,
and office zeal in his heart. And meanwhile, the girl won’t go to Paris. Paris again! Basia, thank you for the necklace.
I didn’t use it. It’s sad. But I’m not surprised. To wear such jewelry one must
have a man worth of it beside. And you don’t have the one. Okay, I should be going. Thank you. Tosia, I asked you about the large vase,
didn’t I? A large one! You’ll have it now. Don’t be so nervous.
You’ll have a large one now. It’s good you’ve come for lunch. Okay, let’s do it fast. Oh! Tosia made them specially for you. Pray that your Basia didn’t spit on them. No one knows what her previous
husbands died from. You’ve got only criminal stuff
on your mind. It’s not on my mind. It’s all around. It’s enough to get crazy. Vitia, and what about the vacation? I remember of the seaside. We will go there. When? I should catch a bastard first, and then Asadov will let me go.
He promised. You know, he liked yesterday’s party much. Did he? I have never heard so many compliments addressed to you. Vitia, will you give me flowers? On what occasion? On no particular one. Who’s that? Have no idea. Quite a handsome man. Is he, Nika? What? Veronika, call on my office please. Oh! Meet Kirill Aleksandrovich.
Meet Veronika. Good afternoon… Nice to meet you, Veronika. Well, I’m finished. Waiting for your call. Of course. I’ll call you. Nikie, what is it with you? Who’s he? Filin. Who? Kirill Filin. Heard of him? No, I haven’t. Should I have? Not necessarily. But you will hear this
name very often from now on. Why? Nikie, he has a partner
from Paris visiting him tomorrow. He needs an interpreter.
The fee is sky-high. What if I refuse? Why? Liova, who’s he? I’m not joking. A businessman, a restaurant keeper.
“Provence”, heard of that? – I have.
– It’s his place. Nikie! Nikie! Wake up! Yeah, different rumors
are spread about him. But, believe me, he’s a good man. Vitia, have you heard of Kirill Filin? How do you know him? He just visited Liova this morning.
So, I’ve got interested to know who he is. You don’t necessarily to. Why? Is he a mobster? Well, in theory, he is. And what did he want from Shtilman? Have no idea. Nika, what are you thinking of? His surname. It’s funny. It is, but not enough. Nevertheless, what did he come for? I told you I didn’t know.
I mean it. Well, don’t eat me! And Liova didn’t tell you anything, eh?
It’s weird. Well, enough! I shouldn’t have asked you. Keep away from him. He’s dangerous. Do you hear me? You came to see someone?
Or to just to spend some time at the door? To see. I was appointed
to meet with Kirill Filin. Of course. Come in please. Good Afternoon. Good Afternoon. Are you looking for someone? Yes, I am. Me! It’s me who she’s looking for, Yegor. Good afternoon. Hi. Have you visited this place before? No. My husband says
only gangsters visit it. Well, I don’t know what
to oppose your husband. Coffee? Tea’s better. Green one? With chamomiles,
jasmine, linden flowers? Ah… Just tea. Black one. No sugar. All right. Thank you. Here you are. How good is your French? Good enough. I can speak
two more languages. Perfect. Thank you. You are welcome. My partner, a wine-maker of Avignon,
is coming tomorrow. And I know only a few words
in French – “merci”, “pardon” and “cherchez la femme”. I see. As usual. Will I have to visit here often? What do you mean by “here”? The restaurant. You didn’t like your tea? I did. But I wouldn’t like
to be seen here. Unfortunately, you will have to risk. You know, Veronika, I pay very
good money for the work. I see. Anything else? That’s it. We came to agreement. We did. May I go? Of course. Good day. See you. What’s the reason for the flowers? Is there really any reason needed to give
flowers to a beautiful woman nowadays? So, I’m done with Filin and will take
a whole week off. No – two weeks! You brazen! Me? Do you understand
I risk my marriage? Do you? Don’t say nonsense. I mean it. I’m afraid to even imagine what
Arzaus might do to me if he gets to know! Big money is harvested only with big labor.
So, have patience. Really? Are you telling I’m not doing, eh?! And I absolutely dislike this Filin. Good. Less troubles you’ll have. And if he decides to run after you,
do control yourself. What? What do you mean
by “control yourself”? Liova, do you realize what
you’ve just said? You don’t? “Control yourself”! Do you really believe
I might like a specimen like Filin? One needs to be crazy for that! Or to be a woman. Hallo? Nika, what do you need money for? You’re the most beautiful lady
in our city without that. That’s the reason I need it.
To remain the most beautiful. Maybe I should refuse before it’s too late? No way! Maybe Arzaus and I’d better
to conceive a baby? Kids are not conceived; they are granted by God
as a reward for love. Basia, don’t start it. Nikie, you’ve got a new job, don’t you? She’s got a new man. Nika… Tosia, don’t you see she’s making up? I never make up. Nika… You’ve gone crazy indeed. Off with you two… Hi. It’s so good you’ve come. Anything up? No. I’m bored without you. I see. Oh! It’s tasty! When will you catch up all your gangsters? All of them – hardly. But one bastard is sure going
to be in the prison. The case is supervised
by the Regional Prosecutor himself. And what about the vacation? Vacations again! Look, don’t start it.
You shall have the vacation. Well, I just feel like
to be at the seaside. Oh… The seaside again… I’ll expose an illegal casino soon.
Right during the big game. You understand? Does it really exist in our city? Give me tea, will you? Good morning. Morning. Are you okay? Yes, I am. Gena, turn the music louder. It’s in honor of the foreign
guest, isn’t it? No. I just like it. By the way, about the guest. You know, Nika, Michel
is a very specific person. So, try to be a bit … sweeter to him. What? You, Nika, are just trying to be
too restrained and serious. I’m afraid he would freeze near you. Kirill Aleksandrovich, my not smiling
at you doesn’t mean I’m cold to everyone. Really? And what does this mean? This means I don’t like you. And smiling at you is beyond my duty. You pay to me for something
different, right? Right. Nika, you’re very beautiful, but… Not that stupid you would wish me to be. I didn’t said this. You thought. Why did you decide
to launch your own restaurant? It’s a profitable business. Really? I wouldn’t have thought it is. It means having lots of troubles, isn’t it? I mean… controlling bodies to control you,
staff to be trained… Right? Any business starts with this. I see. My mother used to work
as a cook for a plant canteen. When a child, I often visited her at work. I was treated with compote of dried fruit. And warm rye buns with raisins. Remember them?
They were called… eh… “Cheaters”? Yes, “cheaters”. So I was
eating these buns, these “cheaters” watching my mom
and her friends clean tables. And one day I wished to see white starched
tablecloths and beautiful chinaware. How old were you then? Ten. Ten? By gosh! I can’t believe a 10 y.o.
boy can have such dreams. What were you dreaming of when you were 10? Me? I… I dreamt to see the sea. My grandma gave me an interested thing – a model ship in the bottle with inscription
“Greetings from the Black Sea” on it. And she promised to take me to the seaside if I finish the third grade
with distinction. That’s the story. So, did you finish it with distinction? I did. But my mom got married
and left for the seaside without me. I was crying all month long and
at last decided that by all means, when I would grow up, I would launch
my own travel agency to help children go to the seaside. But I failed. Would you excuse me? Yes, honey? Yeah. Don’t worry,
I’ll do everything when I come back. See you. Love you. Kisses. And where did you, mademoiselle,… Madame. Oh, madame… Where did you learn
such a good pronunciation? Living long in Paris? Oh, no. I’ve never been to. I just listened
to songs of Edith Piaf all days long. And one day got a videotape
of “The Old Gun” with Philippe Noiret starring. There was no translation. So I aped watching it,
saying aloud after the characters. Bravo, Vero…nika… Vero…nika… Your name is wonderful. Wonderful and wonderfully difficult. You can call me Nika. Nika… Like Nike, the Goddess of Victory. I don’t lay such claims. You’re flirting, aren’t you? Haven’t even started to. So, have you told him? What? That you’re married? Does it really matter? Have you? Do you like him? Who? What a cheeky dame! Don’t worry, Gena. It’s going to be okay. Yes? Is it for sure? Thank you for the information. Nika… What did you do
in the “Provence” yesterday? Worked. I forbad you to visit this den, didn’t I? I cannot decide where the client wishes
to dine. He wished at the “Provence”. By the way, I noticed no gangsters there. Its owner being a gangster
is more than enough. It’s your buddies who squeaked that, eh? My friends don’t squeak. They report current-awareness information. And as for your Liova, I promise
to knock his block off. Doesn’t he understand
that a Major of Justice’s wife has no right to visit such places?
No right at all! Vitia! Where does he come in all this?!
Do you hear what you’re saying? I was showing the city to that French. He saw a signboard and wished
to dine there! That’s all! And he wasn’t offered
to visit casino after dinner, was he? What casino you’re talking of? The illegal one! Located right there! He wasn’t. What nonsense! Michel is a serious businessman.
No matter what your buddies report to you. Look, don’t be that rude! My friends are honest people! They are! Of course, honest people… And they diligently perform their duties. Honest people? Yes, they are! Really? Then you, perhaps,
could explain how they can afford gorgeous banquets
like the one we were invited, eh? Don’t you dare! Or what? Good afternoon Good afternoon, Nika. It’s not the best time and place
you chose to play cops and robbers, I say. It was you who appointed the meeting. I appointed it to give
you the money for your job. I didn’t want to do that during
the farewell dinner with Michel. You know, Kirill, I cannot come
to the restaurant anymore. My husband’s colleagues saw me there,
and I’m having family troubles now. Well, it’s your problem. Is my being at the dinner a must? It’s up to you. Although, I think Michel
would be disappointed if you skip it. But I believe I’ll be able
to explain this to him. Liova, how did it come that you know Filin? He’s my playfellow. Thank you. And? What? It’s high time for me to say “and?” Liova, tell me some more about him. Well… He studied at a school, got married,
then divorced – just as usual. Nika, he’s a guy of talent. He graduated from the university,
Physics Department. With honors. Then he was supposed to be sent
to Belgium under an exchange program… If you’re telling he
can speak French, I’ll… Well, he can… I’ll strangle you!… He also had several inventions patented… And when the wild nineties came everything
collapsed. Science among other things. Then Filin became a businessman.
He achieved success. I don’t know what he does, but I’m sure
there’s nothing illegal about him. Of course… What are you hinting at? Nothing. Kirie’s a real McCoy.
He’s helped many our friends to find feet. By the way, launching
our translation bureau is his idea. And he gave the money to get it run. And… Thank you, Liova. I’ve heard all I needed.
It’s time I’d be off. Wow! By George! By George! What’s his name? Who? The man you’ve fallen in love with? My goodness! There’s no holding
of you, old pander! Tosia, mind what you are saying! Basia, I’ve told you many times –
it’s nothing but a dinner with Michel at the restaurant.
A farewell one. Nothing? No! I’ve never seen you like that. You’re glowing from within! Who is he? Basia, I’m married. Mar-ried. Fine words butter no parsnips. Nikie, you… are going to go like that… with naked shoulders… to the restaurant? Maybe you’d put on some headscarf…
a beautiful one… Tosia… just like that.
And to the restaurant. And, by the way, I need you to… Don’t worry. Tosia and I will cover you
before your policeman. We will. Merci. Your husband must be jealous all the time? I give him no reason to. A beautiful woman is a reason herself. I’m pleased to hear that from you. Don’t play with fire, goddess Nika. Have him away. It’s urgent. I’m sorry to abandon you.
I’m really sorry. I can’t. Look, I’ll come back the day after tomorrow and we’ll check the theory once again. And we take the operation
in a couple of days… O, if you only knew how much
I want to seal this bastard! I… I’m even thinking of this when
in bed with my wife? Can you imagine? You think we’ll make it? We have no other choice. What about information leak? Absolutely negative. Don’t be a chicken. Come on. See you. I couldn’t imagine it can be like this. I’ll call a taxi. Nika? Are you okay? Yes. Why? One might choke up when seeing
you watching the fried eggs! Excuse me. That’s better. You look pale. As if you spent a night with a vampire. How can I leave you alone? Why alone? I’m leaving. Where to? A business trip. When? Now. No, Vitia, please. Don’t go. Please. Nika… Nika… I don’t want to remain alone. Nika… Nika… Nika… Don’t leave. Please, don’t. Don’t be childish. I’ve got an important business.
Just wait. Nika… Look, I’ll go this time to prepare a very
important operation and come back. I’ll capture a certain bastard and we’ll go to the seaside then. Okay? That’s better. I should go. See you. Hallo? A wrong number. Hallo? Nika, where are you gone?
Why are you off the office? Go to hell. Give me some time to rest. Well, I say… As if I’m not tired. Good afternoon, Nika. If you will excuse me, the restaurant
is closing for a special event. But I can ask Mr. Filin’s permission
for you to stay, if you please. No, thank you. You shouldn’t. Nikie, Nikie… I’ve brewed sweet-Mary for you.
And added some honey. Here, have it… Thanks. It’s a failure, as I can see, right? What failure? A complete one. It’s a
full-colored hysterics. How else you can treat this? I feel badly. Honey. Sweet honey, Nikie, don’t cry. Don’t cry, darling, please, don’t. Hi. You were supposed to come back tomorrow. Shall I cook something? No. No need. I’m leaving. Where to? Ah! Today is my day! Mine! What’s up? I’ve been waiting this day for half a year. Working like a dog. And I shall have him today! Sure I shall! Who? Filin! It’s over! A criminal businessman is over! Kirill Filin! He has a big game tonight
at his illegal casino. My man arranged it. You see? He’ll spend next ten years behind the bars! Just wait! I shall unmask
all these fat cats! Yachts, limos, casinos, strip bars! An average man can’t even breathe here now! That’s okay. We shall win! So… See, the clock’s dead. It is. Okay, I’ll fix it later. That’s it. Wish me luck. (Operator): “The subscriber’s
phone is off or is…” (Operator): “The subscriber’s
phone is off or is…” All bets are off. No more bets. Black 15. Thank you.
You win, Sir. Congratulations. Hallo, Gena, It’s Veronika. I hear it’s you. I cannot reach Filin. So what? Please, listen to me carefully. You’re going to
have a round-up at your restaurant tonight. Are you crazy? There’s a big game at your casino tonight. And the prosecutors know of this.
They want to catch you red-handed. What a bull shit are you saying? It’s not a bull shit, Gena!.. Your bets, gentlemen. All bets are off. No more bets. Good afternoon. Good afternoon. A registered mail for Mr. Vikror Arzaus. Ah, thank you. I’ll give it to him. Wait a second. Sign this please. Here? Yes. Thank you. Good bye. Thank you. To the wall! Arms on the nape! What’s up, Mr. Arzaus? Here’s the City Prosecutor’s
warrant of search of this building. All stay where you are!
Arms on the nape! Don’t move! Mr. Arzaus! You’ve come to congratulate me
with my engagement, haven’t you? I’m flattered with such attention. Join us, Mr. Arzaus. It’s for you, Igor Mikhailovich,
to understand that squealing is bad. We go back to “Provence”. Hallo, it’s me. What’s going on? YOU asking me? A banquet! Filin’s celebrating
his engagement! I’ll personally break his legs
when find out one who’s sold me! Nika? Thank you. You are welcome. Let me go. Let me go! You’re a monster… Maybe I am… You’ve left your fiancée right
on the day of your engagement! Forget it… The engagement was forged specially
for the Prosecutor’s guys’ visit. It was a show… for them… Nika, do you realize what you have done? I love you… Hi. Hi. Has Riushka already left? Who? Kirill. I’m Vassilissa, or Vassia.
Did he tell anything of me? He didn’t. It’s strange. Don’t worry. I’m his daughter. Daughter? Well, not really. I’m
the daughter of his wife. Wife? An ex. I see. I’m Nika. I see. Are you marrying him? No. I mean: why? What makes you think so? You just the first one he brought here. Hungry? Aha. I love Riushka. We’ve got full mutual understanding. He must be indulging you. No. He loves me. You are beautiful. Is it a compliment, or you just currying
favor with me? Just in case. Currying favor… Lucky Riushka is! You think he is? But you’re married, aren’t you? Why the things are so lousy, I wonder? Anything but. I’ve got a toast. To the failed operation. To the failed Lieutenant
Colonel of Justice… To love… You lustful bitch! Bitch! YOU’ve ruined it! All of it! Sleezy whore! Hate you! Hate you! You thought no one would know it, right?
Right?! Bitch! But I have! Kirill, maybe we should get
to the business, eh? Where is she? Nika, answer the call. Enough. It’s done. We’ve made it.
Forget her. What’s done? What’s made? By George, man! I’ve already sent the pictures!
Yesterday. What for, idiot?! Did I ask you to?
I didn’t command to send them! It’s YOU who’s idiot. Just forget her! This woman’s became everything in my life! He’s a prosecutor’s wife. You’ll bring a new disaster upon us. We’ve hardly pulled through one trouble… What’s going on?… Stop whimpering.
Stop whimpering, it’s not a funeral. How did it come that… Nikie… Nikie… Nikie, was this Arzaus? Was it him? I’ll go to the police and report. Let them come and record the injuries. A prosecutor’s investigator indeed! This bastard belongs to prison! Please, don’t… It’s my fault… Doesn’t matter yours or someone else’s – no one has empowered him
to let loose with his fists! I did. Tosia… please. What? I wish to stay alone. Nika. Leave, Kirill Aleksandrovich. Nika… Look… What else do you want? You’ve got what you wanted, haven’t you? Wait, I… I’ll try to explain… I don’t care. When I saw you there, at the restaurant. You were different… the wife of an enemy…
who declared hunting me… I couldn’t even imagine things like these. We were at war, and any means
are good when at war. You’re a bastard. Things happened to me that
were not supposed to. With me, at least. Long ago I’ve forbidden to myself… Forbidden to love… Nika, I was fighting… But lost. Completely. Go away. I love you. What?! Found the one to wreak your
anger on?! Myrmidon of justice indeed… The worst gangster would have never
done that… Beating a woman!!! She betrayed me. It’s worse than a stab in the back. Let him go. Let him go! She’s no woman… She’s a bitch! Come on! Cuff me, major! At last you’ve got a sure cause
to arrest me, haven’t you? I don’t mix personal with my job. But I’ll get you in prison anyway. There are reasons for. Hold! Hold! After him! Vehicle No Y316AK, I command you to stop. Vehicle No Y316AK, I command you to stop! Wow! It’s Filin! Call the prosecutors’. Don’t move! Get out of the car! Hands on the hood! I give up. Put your hands on the hood! Now. Easy, easy. Chill lout. Go. You’ve caught it at last. Go. Hallo? Nikie… Thank God… How are you? I’m okay. Nikie, Basia visited the
Prosecutor’s Office this morning. She wanted to see your… And they told your Arzaus
is on the sick leave. He was attacked this night
and heavily beaten. Nikie, do you hear me? Tosia, I’ll call you back, okay? Okay, sweetie. Have some rest. Well, it’s… Nika… You know… I would have never
come to you on my own… Then leave me. Filin’s got arrested. He was speeding around the city, drunk. They did right to. But… He’s in nowhere to be found.
He’s gone. Evaporated. No one knows anything. I don’t care. Nika… His car is in the penalty box. They could plant anything into it… Drugs, weapons… and have him imprisoned… all the more after the last failure… Where do I come in all this? I’m sure Arzaus is somehow
involved in this. And this all is because of you. Filin was a real McCoy… before… a clear head…
lucky in everything he would touch. And when you appeared in his life… I see now. What? The reason of your worries. You’re afraid to lose
your cushy job, right? You silly bag!.. He’s my friend. And for him I’m ready to… We need to know where he is.
And get him out. Or else he’s ruined. Nika… those pictures was… my idea… We needed to have at least
something compromising Arzaus… To neutralize him. Nika, look, I think Filin… invented this show for some purpose. To get imprisoned. And ruined.
Buried forever. Filin is a criminal. He run an illegal
casino, so is to be punished. Is there any difference what grounds
he’s been arrested on? My gosh! Why all gals are so stupid?! One day she calls to save him,
and now she refuses to help him! Do you really think they want to put him
in prison for a breach of the laws? Like hell! They want to take
over his business! And he resists! Nonsense. Nonsense? Those damned legalists themselves
would go for gambling. And you know what money would be
staked by the Prosecutor’s guys? And then they received an order
from above to close Filin! So they got scared that he might leak
and pull them along with him… It’s… This is Asadov. And this is… Regional Deputy Prosecutor.
And this is the Head of Customs Office. Now I see… Make a coffee for me. What? Make a coffee, please? Know how? What the hell! Under the law!
What law is it to have Filin in prison, eh? What prison should he be taken to, eh? He’ll get out of a scrape again! Why shouting? To make you, Vitia, stuff your principles… you know where to! It was a real luck that those traffic cops were informed and smart enough
to call our office first. Vitia, it’s turning out
for the best, isn’t it? No, it isn’t! Damn, Vitia. Otherwise you’ll be catching
him the rest of your life! While he’d be enjoying whisky
and chicks on yachts! Look, just shut up! Or what? Enough! Break! Break! The regional guys are going
to be here in half an hour. Deputy Prosecutor himself ordered
to bring Mr. Filin to him. And what is he going to charge him with?
Drunken driving? This is not your business. We did our job…
and the rest… is beyond our care. Done. Hallo? Hallo? Sveta, hi. It’s Nika. Oh, hi, Nika. Does my husband happen to be at yours?
I can’t find him anywhere. He and Misha went to our summer house.
To do brainstorming. They seem to have caught some guy.
Don’t you know who might it be? I don’t. Thank you. Bye. Bye. We go. To the countryside. Nika, should I go with you? No. I’ll do it on my own. Cry out, if anything. Gena, they are prosecutors, not maniacs.
Wait for me here. It’s so good to drink when the mission
is accomplished, I must say… Hi, guys. What’s the cause for the celebration? Where did you spring from? And what do you want here? You don’t know? And you don’t know? You, of course, don’t know either. Nika, you’d better leave. I will… Only after Filin is released. Missed a lover? How sad! I see now who sold us! Shut up. Don’t tempt fate, just leave. And Filin shall be behind
the bars. For long. Really? Then he’ll be there not alone. You knew!… Bastards! With my hands! Why? Because I love him. I’m sorry. Nika, wait… don’t go… please… I need you… And I don’t need you. Why? Because I don’t care of a man
doing everything to get to prison. ONE YEAR LATER We were invited to the opening of the
“Children’s Tourism and Travel Center”. Is it true that you have sold all of your
business for the sake of this project? It is. Nothing but the truth. But the restaurant “Provence”
is still in your possession, isn’t it? I’m a gourmand. By George! Just look who’s there! Liova,
explain me please the meaning of all this. What secrets are you hiding? What’s up? Patience, ladies, have patience. Shtilman… I’ll strangle you some day. Fie, mon cher ami… You’ve brought this
spirit of crime right from Paris, eh? If I had known you would,
I’d have never let you go for so long. You see, hell is paved… Hi! It was really cool! Riushka and I were close to get
mad when you disappeared. Thanks to Liova – he told
you were off to Paris… no one would think you’d
be off for the whole year. Hey, Nika, do you hear me? Would you excuse me? Attention, please! Ladies and gentlemen,
I would like to thank all my friends – both old and new – for their assistance
in the implementation of this project. It’s so good when one has a dream. However, alas, one doesn’t always
have an opportunity for it to come true. But sometimes God answers our prayers. And now I would like to introduce
the author of this project to you. Good afternoon, Veronika. We would like to hear
a few words from you. Thank you… all of you. And… congratulations! Is there anything else you want to tell me? And you? Forgive me. At last a man seems to have emerged
that would be worth of Nikie wearing our family jewels beside. Yes. Yes!

100 thoughts on “Любовь на Два Полюса / Love Between Two Poles. Фильм. StarMedia. Мелодрама

  1. Фильм неплохой! Уже смотрела! Но не переваривую Юлию Маврину!

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  4. На все комментарии – а ЗАЧЕМ было выходить замуж , не любишь мужа УЙДИ…это не оправдание- не любит, внимания не обращает…УЙДИ

  5. Очередная сказка про ,,золушку ,, ….ну что же….не плохо не плохо

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  8. Сценарист – женщина? причем, не особо парилась и мудрила на сценарием:))) Муж прям дебил-дебилом и мужлан. Бандит – прям мужчина мечты! :))) А героиня и вправду вела себя как "сучка похотливая" и слабоумная. Цветочки подарили, внимание уделили и сразу ноги раздвинула….Так в жизни не бывает….В сценарии полно несостыковок. Очень жалею о потраченном времени. От меня крепкий дизлайк!

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  13. Дорогие мои, заходите и подписывайтесь на мой канал. Обещаю будет интересно. Поддержите начинающего Таро-блогера. 🎴🙏

  14. Жена настоящая предательница! Мало того, что с преступником перепихнулась, так еще и карьеру мужу испортила.

  15. "Витя,подари мне цветы!" А тот ширинку застегивая "По какому поводу?" Тьфу, скот! Еще кто то осуждать ее тут смеет! Такие же,видимо,животные…..Сначала отругал ее на банкете,а,когда начальничек кучу лестных отзывов отвесил, вдруг понял,что жена его умница красавица и в койку затащил! Солдафон,блин. Таким только на работе женится.

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  18. Давно я такой шляпы не видела, это каких баб то снимают такие сказки ? Потом мужики удивляются откуда столько дураков, херни по насмотрятся.

  19. Очень хороший фильм! И мужики, запомните, еще по Шолохову: Баба, как кошка, кто приласкает, к тому и идет!

  20. ….очередное мыло мыльное…..потихоньку приучают нас:проституты везде и во всём -это нормально!А тут и вовсе простипома благородных кровей с фамильными побрякушками,….под стать ей проститут с физико-математическим умом!!!…фууу,блин……..ни чета этим проститутам благородным простой народишка со своими чистыми человеческими качествами……

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  23. Хороший фильм) Нику можно понять, у каждого должен быть выбор. Но мне жалко ее мужа, он справедливый мужик, честно исполнял свою работу, не путал работу и личное…единственный минус…он не романтик))

  24. Прокурора рот ебал. Все прокуроры пидарасы

  25. КОГДА ТЫ В ФОРМЕ ( ментовской или прокуратурской). нельзя ПИТЬ. !!!!!

  26. В смысле в общественном месте. А дома можно , хоть в кителе и в трусах:)))))))

  27. Мужчина добытчик, хранитель домашнего очага, должен зарабатывать дарить цветы женщине, делать ей подарки, делать ей детей, а что тогда женщина мужчине должна, только писю и всё, абсурд какой то!!!

  28. Кто бы что не писал,но Эпифанцев супер-актер,ей и ему эти роли к лицу.Красавчик,я его обожаю и она великолепна.Кто плохо о них пишет,тот ничего не понимает в красоте внешности и в красоте их актерства. Ребята,я вас обожаю,особенно талант Эпифанцев.

  29. "Если женщина что-то просит (цветы, поездку на море и тд), то ей надо непременно дать, иначе она возьмёт сама", – любимая фраза моего мужа. Причём у другого, более сговорчивого мужчины – это я уже от себя про героиню фильма 😀
    Аптекарь – отрывок из к/ф "Человек с бульвара Капуцинов" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eVYA1DM2QaM

  30. Фильм.супер! Любовь прекрасное чувство и когда она приходит….голову сносит…

  31. Не увидела ничего не обычного,почти 90% ментов таковыми мужьями и являются,а жены их терпят!Как правило они жестоки,ценичны и одержимы! Фильм одноразового просмотра!

  32. Этот фильм напоминает букет моих чувств и страсти в прошлом, так хочется вернуться в это время

  33. Муж огромный мудак Но он платит, а значит заказывает музыку. Женщинам нужно быть самостоятельными.

  34. Знаете, женщины в возрасте никогда не жалеют о том , что с кем—то переспали, но всегда жалеют о том, что с кем—то НЕ переспали

  35. Вот всё таки как мужики энергетически чувствуют, что женщина уже готова не только понять, пожалеть, но и отдаться? И готовы в такой момент не только трусики снять, но и в самую душу влезть, а мы их в такой момент и по голове гладим, ласкаем. На полу осколки, сброшенные документы. Чулки порваны, сама, как Петрушка и нормально. Радостно, что у мужика крышу от страсти снесло. Да, такое бывает только по любви. За это всё простила.

  36. Актерская игра на высшем уровне!!! Офигенно играют страсть!!!)

  37. какую чушь я посмотрела…и актриса какая то странная-весь фильм пыталась найти что то симпатичное в лице но увы…притензия на красавицу а черты лица далеки от идеала .

  38. Какой патриотичный фильм: бандит – герой положительный, а в правоохранительных органах упыри работают. Супер.

  39. Фильм супер!Показывает что свою любовь можно найти когда угодно, актеры потрясающие,фильм даёт задуматься что нельзя не уделять внимание своему любимому человеку!Если ты конечно не хочешь его потерять

  40. Муж её любит, просто он ещё любит свою работу, а женщине от таких как филин лучше подальше быть иначе просто будут все тебя считать дурой

  41. Жесть, какое гав…о снимают.
    Артисты👍👍👍,но сюжет ужас,детский сад

  42. Жену надо ""ВЫГУЛИВАТЬ"",иначе с цепи сорвется, и ""ПОЙДЁТ ДУША В РАЙ, А НОГИ В МИЛИЦИЮ""

  43. Юлия Маврина как всегда восхитительна! В нашем фильме, кстати, у неё тоже интересная роль!

  44. Пересматриваю уже какой раз… Какие они красивые…..

  45. Когда уже хоть у одной героини всех этих однотипных мелодрам муж будет простым работягой? 
    А не бандит, не банкир, не депутат! Вот бабам мозги-то промывают!

  46. Жены, бросайте все своих мужей, ищите лучшего – и обязательно будет счастье! Фильмы не врут!:)

  47. Женщина одна, у которой беспросветная жизнь, которая мечется между плитой, детьми и мужем лентяем тоже сказала, что таких как Ника убивать надо, видите ли она такая сякая! А её мужу грубому, безработному и вечно пьяному, интересно, не жирно иметь верную жену?

  48. Хороший фильм.все ахают о Епифанцова) хорош,а мне нравятся типаж мужчин как Гена (фамилию не посмотрела)такое живое лицо и глаза притягивают)

  49. Побольше бы таких мужчин как Филин. Фильм смотрела на одном дыхании и так раз 5.

  50. Приятный и лирический конец у этого фильма, – спасибо за подаренную сказку, пусть у каждого из нас сказки превращаются в быль!. Епифанцев как всегда бесподобен…

  51. Актёры хорошие, фильм так себе.Вторая половина фильма вообще предсказуема и уже неинтересно. Короче, не хватило достойного финала.

  52. Эта шалава недостойна быть женой майора юстиции, ей бы впору быть женой бандита. Опозорила мужа на вечеринке, а все потому, что пить меньше надо. Ведет себя, как девица легкого поведения, как продажная девка. Мне обидно за Виктора, он достоин более серьезной и порядочной жены, которая умеет вести себя в обществе.

  53. Очень понравилось. Фильм отложился в памяти, смотрю второй раз

  54. ни муж неправ,ни жена!но она больше.как можно так себя не уважать…???

  55. Много ли мужчин,которые способны искренне любить и видеть в жене женщину,девушку,девочку…..эх,увы

  56. Люблю, когда играет Юлия Маврина.Необычная актриса, красивая, талатливая

  57. Если героиня не любила своего прокурора, зачем вышла за него замуж? Бандит ее с самого начала решил использовать, чтобы иметь козырь в войне с прокурором, а то, что в его подпольном казино заседали прокурорские шишки, не отменяет того, что он сам занимается криминалом. По факту, что нам показывают? Жила-была дамочка, в браке ей было скучно, потому что муж с утра до ночи работал и не дарил без повода цветов, а она вся такая воздушная, желала порхать и плясать, очаровывать. Плевать, что плясать ей приспичивало по пьяни и не в том месте, она даже не думала о том, что ставит мужа в неудобное положение своей выходкой, ведь ей же скучно на этом юбилее, а если дамочке скучно, то она в своем праве! Мужу было некогда очаровываться, а бандит два раза цветы подарил, поговорил про детскую мечту и страстно отодрал в комнатке для наблюдений. И дамочка тут же влюбилась и слила всю операцию, которую муж готовил полгода. Муж, который в один момент потерял все, узнав о том, кто все это устроил, дал пощечину жене. Но при этом остался порядочным человеком, который не играет грязно – не стал смешивать личное и работу, не хотел сажать преступника без доказательств, отпустил, когда увидел компромат на своих коллег и не стал участвовать в отжатии бизнеса. Но он плохой, цветов же не дарил! А бандит, который изначально использовал скучающую дурочку для компромата и занимался криминалом, он хороший, ведь два букета же презентовал! И все восторгаются предательством жены, которая мало того, что изменила, так еще и сорвала операцию. Ах, она ведь влюбилась! Влюбленность теперь оправдывает любое предательство и подлость? Люди, вы в своем уме?!

  58. Елефанов ты не актер а просто человек с большой буквы Вова и с красивой открытой душой видела все твои ролики откровеные и очень класные! Иванова надежда.украина

  59. Вот слюка предать родного мужа.у казахов есть пословица .не верь коню под седлом,не верь жене под одеялом.ну типа того переводе.😂😂😂

  60. Классный фильм!!!!! Игра актёров просто великолепна!!!!!👍ещё раз пересмотрю, сегодня же!😀 Когда полиция гонется за Филиным, на машине герб Иркутска! Вот же приятный момент,😍 я сама с Иркутской области, видимо в съёмочной группе есть иркутянин,респект тебе!👍👍👍👍👍 Фильм обалденный, а главное не затянутый и с понятной концовкой(не люблю не законченные фильмы,где надо додумывать) рекомендую!!!!!!

  61. 8:20 как ему удалось забрать её туфли из зала? Там же полно прокурорских, а они объявили на него охоту.

  62. Фильм хороший. Красивые мужчины и актриса достойная. Фигура у неё конечно шикарная.

  63. шкура продажняя,сучка похотливая , не нравиться муж ,разведись и делай ,что хочешь

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